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Music CV Exercise


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Music CV Exercise

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Music CV Exercise

  1. 1. Freelance Musician Music CV Chris
  2. 2. CV before you start• What do you know about the organisation/industry youre writing this for?• What are the requirements of the opportunity youre applying for?• How do your skills and experience match the recipients needs?• Think from the point of view of the person that will read it.• Is the layout CV is appropriate for this industry?• Ask if your CV shows clearly that you have the skills needed.• Identify each recipient’s needs .• Communicate how you can meet them.
  3. 3. design
  4. 4. what can you find outJob Ads - the person specification‘ states skills the employer is seeking. Careers Websites - occupational profiles on the Prospects website give accounts of duties for each role. Company Websites - some company websites have specific information that describes the qualities they are seeking. Informational Interviews - to talk to someone who is working in the industry or role you are interested in. Professional Bodies - specialist organisations that work to further the interests of members in specific professions.
  5. 5. style & layout
  6. 6. layout• As important as the contents.• If your CV does not grab attention immediately it will not be read. Remind yourself of who youre sending this to.• Different industries respond to different formats.Tips:• No more than two pages only.• Place sections in an order that ensures that your strengths stand out.• Be consistent - font, spacing, text alignment.• Have clear headings.• Avoid long paragraphs.• Use white space between.• Be sure the document photocopies well and is email-able.
  7. 7. what to includePersonal Details• Include your contact details.• Your address, home telephone number, mobile number and e-mail address are standard.• Include your website address, blog or MySpace page if you have one, if relevant to the opportunity and industry you are aiming for.
  8. 8. what to include - education Qualifications in reverse chronological order, listing the most recent first.• List each qualification together with the date they were taken, the institution you attended. Example:• 2004-2006 London College of MUSIC, London, UK Diploma in Digital Sound Production, New Music Design (5.1) 2003 Westminster College of Further Education, London, UK BTEC National Diploma in Music (Distinction)• If you have not yet gained relevant work experience, or have gained skills and experience through your course that differ from those gained at work, you may wish to include some details under your qualifications.• This could include the modules you studied, skills gained, your final project, or collaborative projects with employers/external organisations. Example:• London College of Music, 2002-2005 BA Popular Music Skills learned include; music industry, music performance, sound production, arranging, music technology, harmony & theory.
  9. 9. work experience
  10. 10. work experience & placement• Most recent first.• Include-company name, dates of your placement or employment, your job title• Descriptions of responsibilities and skills developed - highlight the transferable skills gained.• Can be organised in a few different ways.• Consider which format will allow strongest or most relevant experience to stand out when an employer first glances through your CV.
  11. 11. references• Optional whether you give details of your references on your CV• Or indicate references available on request.• Two references are standard.• If you do not have two work references a college tutor is a good alternative.• Inform referees when you are planning to use their names to support your application.
  12. 12. what else?Profile A positive, statement at the beginning of your CV, summarising your key qualities skills, experience, knowledge, suitability for the position, aspirations, unique selling point. Consider what makes you special and frame it as a combination of:• Skills• Attitude• Motivation• Research/Knowledge• Influences• Ideas/creativity• Practical – organisation of time, projects, etc.• Goals – future plans
  13. 13. interests
  14. 14. interests• Show your personality, your artistic style, your activities and interests that relate to your industry, the activities that motivate you, or those that you feel make you memorable and fascinating.• If you do not feel interests are ‘interesting’ or appropriate, it is fine to leave them out completely.Examples: "I am an enthusiastic photographer and amateur film maker, enjoying documenting every day events around me." "I have been playing slide trombone for 5 years and have performed with a band in several venues across the country. Being part of a band has taught me how to work creatively with other people."
  15. 15. key skills• Short list near the top of your CV that are important for the position.• Draw the recipients attention to the fact that you match their needs.• Can include technical skills, creative skills, IT skills and transferable skills.• E.G. enthusiastic, communicator, curious, idea generator, open minded, imaginative, flexible, able to work to deadlines, sense of humour, experimental• E.G. focused and rational while working under pressure, creative and strategic in approach to project management.• Fluent in English and Italian.
  16. 16. music c.v. activity1. From music website.2. Select a realistic non-performance job advertised on the site.3. Using the internet conduct background research on the company advertising the job.4. Using the internet research the skills required & the job role.5. Using the collated information construct a music CV that is specifically tailored to act as an application for this job.6. Hand in a copy of your CV to me at the end of this session.7. Bring a copy of your CV to your Interview assessment.8. You will be interviewed & assessed for this role next week