International Touring for Musicians


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International Music Touring Key Issues

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International Touring for Musicians

  1. 1. Music Industry International Touring Chris
  2. 2. Music IndustryInternational Touring GeneralTouring abroad is generally more challenging than at home.Tour Managers face a wider range of problems however manydevelopments aid the international tour manager and theirartists.
  3. 3. Touring Abroad AdvantagesMobile phones, tri band networks, laptop computers,bookkeeping software, a single European currency andincreased availability of inexpensive air travel.Fluency in a second language will also be an obvious asset.
  4. 4. Touring Abroad Why?Why tour abroad?• Support release of recordings/product abroad.• Desire larger/broader audience.• Prestige-international exposure.• Generate more work.• Tax advantages.
  5. 5. Touring Abroad Issues for Tour Managers 1• Plan - allow much more time for planning than domestic tours, some festivals book two years in advance.• Setting the fee - based on local economy, inflation, instability.• Travel - transport costs of personnel may vary, seasonal fluctuations, longevity discounts.• Programming - programme planning may take place earlier for a domestic tour, costlier work, extra artists & support.
  6. 6. Touring Abroad Issues for Tour Managers 2• Communication - telephone & fax essential, contract negotiations, extra admin budget, log distance calls.• Miscellaneous - expenses often double on tours abroad -inoculations, working papers, visas, airport taxes.• Research and investigation - talk with other TM’s
  7. 7. Touring Abroad Funding• Philanthropic organizations (Amnesty International, VSO)• British Government.• Consulates & Embassies (also give latest information on ‘stability’of countries)• British Council fund goodwill tours.
  8. 8. Touring Abroad Fee Payment• Taxes need up to date information about ‘local’ taxes, non- profit status may not be recognized, and government reimbursement may take time.• Advance payments local regulations may prohibit AP’s• Foreign currency, some promoters may demand to pay in local currency, include a clause stating the exchange rate at time of signing the contract.• Possible provision for renegotiation in the event of currency ‘swing’
  9. 9. Touring Abroad Technical Issues• Equipment - list of equipment, personnel available, hire, cut down freight costs, age of equipment.• Customs suspicious of transport of equipment, correct documentation essential, fee payment to customs agents to avoid delays.• Travel arrangements, check reservations, special group arrangements, lounges & ticket reference numbers.
  10. 10. Touring Abroad Technical Issues Cont.• Freight brokers for travel to multiple countries, tight schedule, prepare CARNET reserve and take care of space on freighters, passenger aircraft, and train and truck transportation, prepare paperwork for border crossing and customs clearance, set up ground transportation from venue to venue.
  11. 11. Touring Abroad Travel issues• Longer travel times.• Airline delays.• Time zone changes-jet lag & dietary adjustments.• Technicians - longer set up times.• Ground transportation, varied depending on country toured, preparation for tickets, tokens, maps & route.• Airport departure taxes, currency transfers, currency declaration, baggage allowance & surcharge.
  12. 12. Touring Abroad Itinerary The Bible• The tour manager is generally responsible for the production of a tour itinerary: distributed to each person on the tour before departure.• The itinerary serves several functions: most significant, to forestall multiple questions whilst on tour.
  13. 13. Touring Abroad Itinerary The BibleContentsThe itinerary should contain; dates, times, get-in, sound check,stage time, flight arrivals, departures, interviews, venues,addresses, personnel contact numbers, promoter details, maps,foreign customs, local information, sightseeing, local history &fax numbers.
  14. 14. Touring Abroad CARNET• International customs document that permits duty-free and tax-free temporary import of goods for up to one year.
  15. 15. The End