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Freelance Musician Customer Care


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freelance musician, introduction to concept of customer care, entrepreneurial activity

Published in: Education, Business
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Freelance Musician Customer Care

  1. 1. Freelance Musician Customer Care chris baker
  2. 2. Customer Care Lesson aims To introduce the concept of customer care in business to students. To give students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of customer care in a business.
  3. 3. Customer Care Lesson Outcomes • All students will understand what is meant by customer care in business and why it is important to business. • Students will have taken part in deciding how to find out what customers need. • Most students will also have developed questions to ask customers as part of market research. • Some students will have looked at the wider advantages of good customer care to a business.
  4. 4. Materials Needed • Blank paper • Simple Questionnaire Design and Analysis from Teachers’ Toolkit • RBS interactive activity • Merrill Lynch principles
  5. 5. Customer Care Activity 1 • Students discuss in pairs. • When you have been shopping, where have you found the best customer care? • Class share examples to establish experience of customer care and generate ideas to work on during the sesson. • E.g. help with finding the right size clothes, help deciding on the right colour, help with ordering etc.
  6. 6. Customer Care Activity 2 • Students work in groups. • Run through the following role-play scenario: • Two customers together. Two bank assistants: one assistant, one manager. Bank paying-in machine has “swallowed” a card. • How would you deal with the situation? • Use the following questions to stimulate class discussion: How did each side feel? • Cont’d
  7. 7. Customer Care Activity 2 • • • • What do you need to know about your customers? What about a knowledge of the law? Is it needed? How much?
  8. 8. Customer Care Activity 3 • Students discuss sections there are in a bank building catering for customers. • Students identify functions that take place in a bank. • Record these. • In pairs students sketch the basic shape of the building & decide where to place each to be helpful for customers. • Students identify verbally or in written form why they chose the areas they did.
  9. 9. Customer Care Activity 4 – 10mins • Students come up with methods of finding out what customers want. • What questions would you ask your customers to help you decide the layout of the bank?