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Result of my PR efforts during SXSW.

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PR Performance

  2. 2. CUPID
  3. 3. “ It’s the kind of thing we can imagine 20 years in the future, but not now, not yet.” Russell Brandom | THE VERGE The CUPID drone strikes with 80,000 volts to the chest
  4. 4. “ You’re going to want to steer clear of this CUPID.” Zach Honig | ENGADGET Watch a man get stunned by the Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone (stun copter!)
  5. 5. “ The demo was a ton of fun.” Davey Alba | POPULAR MECHANICS SXSW 2014: Chaotic Moon demonstrates CUPID, a drone that can tase you
  6. 6. “ At Chaotic Moon in Austin, Texas, amazing things are being made.” Brent Rose | GIZMODO Meet CUPID: the drone that will shoot you with an 80,000 volt taser
  7. 7. “ It’s refreshing that someone is thinking of the real future.” Chris Matyszcyzk | CNET Useful! The drone with an 80,000-volt stun gun
  8. 8. “ A new personal drone experiment is showing us just how terrifyingly effective consumer-grade drones can be.” Adario Strange | MASHABLE Flying taser drone delivers 80,000 volts of paralyzing fear
  9. 9. “ Drones could deliver pizza—or 80,000 volts of electricity.” Kyle Chayka | TIME Watch this drone taser a guy until he collapses
  10. 10. “ You are about to get stunned by a drone.” Laurie Segall | CNN MONEY Watch this drone stun a man
  11. 11. “ Attack of the drones.” Pimm Foxx | BLOOMBERG TV Meet the drone that shoots stun darts at people
  12. 12. “ The 26-year old intern who was tasered by a stun-gun equipped drone during SXSW says he felt “pretty good” about being zapped by his employer.” Susanna Kim | ABC NEWS Texas start-up tasers intern via stun-copter to spark discussion about tech at SXSW
  13. 13. “ If you ever see these hovering near you in the future, just say what the intern should have said: “Don’t tase me, drone.” Michael Roppolo | CBS NEWS SXSW 2014: Chaotic Moon demonstrates CUPID, a drone that can tase you
  14. 14. “ We’ve seen the future and it tases you from the air.” Kai Ryssdal | PUBLIC RADIO’S MARKETPLACE Don’t tase me, drone
  15. 15. “ It is as crazy and terrifying as it sounds.” Caroline Moss | BUSINESS INSIDER A stun gun drone designed to incapacitate criminals is the scariest thing at SXSW
  16. 16. “ As a huge fan of both drones and stun guns, I can’t help but get excited about the latest development in aerial weaponry: the stun gun drone.” Andrew Couts | DIGITAL TRENDS The CUPID stun gun drone will hunt you down, zap you into submission
  17. 17. “ CUPID’s implications are far-reaching.” Jack Smith | BETABEAT Terrifying taser drone comes equipped with 80,000 volt stun gun
  18. 18. “ Somewhat to our relief, Chaotic Moon isn’t planning on building autonomous taser-toting drones.” Chris Davies | SLASH GEAR Stun-gun drone demos 80,000 volt perp put-down potential
  19. 19. “ Chaotic Moon wants to strike fear into the hearts of criminals.” Andrew Roberts | UPROXX SXSW gets invaded by a new stun gun drone that will control our nightmarish future
  20. 20. “ With criminals using drones for their own nifty purposes, maybe it’s only fitting that police have a new toy to play around with too.” Ben Cosman | THE WIRE Meet the stun gun drone that shoots first and doesn’t ask questions later
  21. 21. SHARK PUNCH
  22. 22. “ It’s currently only playable at SXSW, but maybe one day, we’ll all get to punch sharks.” Kirk Hamilton | KOTAKU An Oculus VR game about therapeutic shark-punching
  23. 23. “ Pure, addictive bliss.” Joseph Volpe | ENGADGET Punching virtual sharks with the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion
  24. 24. “ Hysterical fun.” Davey Alba | POPULAR MECHANICS We strapped into an Oculus Rift with a Leap Motion Controller and punched sharks at SXSW 2014
  25. 25. “ Could rival the final scene of Jaws.” Jared Newman | TIME Oculus and Leap Motion combine for virtual reality shark punching
  26. 26. IMPACT
  27. 27. Timeline of articles 20 15 10 5 Number of sources covering us MAR. 7 MAR. 9 MAR. 10 MAR. 12
  28. 28. REACH 158,878,316
  29. 29. YOUTUBE VIEWS 204,107+ Not all sites post data about views
  30. 30. SHARES 19,523+ 1/3 of sites don’t report share data
  31. 31. COMMENTS 695+
  32. 32. BOOM