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Published in: Marketing
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  1. 1. P R E S E N T E D B Y S C R O L L D O W N A N D P R O S P E R 023 050 096
  2. 2. Whistle Carter’s medical scare encouraged his entire family to lead healthier lifestyles, including their pet. The Whistle Dog Collar keeps canines as active as their owners. DOG’S ACTIVIT Y METRICS morning daytime night
  3. 3. Food Tracker App Lose It! helps Carter stick with a healthy diet by letting track nutrition through predetermined meals, manual inputs or even by scanning barcodes on identifiable packaged goods. CARTER’S DINING SCHEDULE BRE AKFAST C ALORIES C ALORIES C ALORIES Scrambled Eggs Orange Juice Brewed Coffee 306 112 4 Chicken Salad Sandwich Iced Tea 423 88 Basketball Bicycling 330 330 AMOUNT AMOUNT AMOUNT 3 8 fl oz 12 fl oz 1 1 cup 60 min 30 min LUNCH E XERCISE 421 511 661