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Getting Ready for Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex

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Getting Ready for Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex

  1. 1. Getting Ready for Project Cortex & SharePoint Syntex Your knowledge network in Microsoft 365 Chris Bortlik Principal Technical Architect Microsoft Technology Center @cbortlik
  2. 2. Welcome to our Microsoft Teams Meeting Please let us know if you have any special accommodations we can help with If you can use a headset instead of a speaker phone that will generally allow all participants to hear you better Please use Video if you have it, makes it fun for everyone! Please say your name the first time you speak and if you have not spoken for a while If you have a question you can also post it in the chat. We will be monitoring the chat and make sure we address it. Please mute yourself when you are not speaking, if your environment has background noise that can be disruptive.
  3. 3. 2020
  4. 4. Insights Knowledge Experiences Content Graph
  5. 5. InsightsKnowledge ExperiencesContent GraphAGILITY RESILIENCE
  6. 6. Workplace insights Expertise & answers Content services Knowledge discovery Connect people with knowledge, experts and insights
  7. 7. What our customers are telling us Modernize content services with Microsoft 365 Labor intensive, error prone data entry & interpretation Compliance, records & retention management Disconnected silos across LOBs & legacy systems Managing and applying metadata & taxonomies Microsoft 365 solves these challenges Content understanding Content processing Content governance
  8. 8. Savings through improved governance and control Content classification and curation: $1.2 million to $3.3 million Improved discovery: $42 million to $127 million Reduced legacy tools & professional services: $864,482 to $1.2 million Source: Forrester (July 2020) New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ of Project Cortex
  9. 9. Introducing Microsoft SharePoint Syntex Content services that work the way you do…
  10. 10. SharePoint Syntex Connect and manage content to improve security and governance with integration to Microsoft Information Protection. Create no-code AI models that capture expertise to classify and extract information to automatically apply metadata for knowledge discovery and reuse. Automate capture, ingestion and categorization of content and streamline content-centric processes using Power Automate.
  11. 11. Evolution of content AI Traditional AI  “Black box” AI  Large training sets  Human expertise reviews results later Machine teaching  Human-centric AI  Small sample sizes  Experts review results early Large content set AI identifies patterns AI applies tags Experts QA the AI model Experts tag a small sample set AI encodes human expertise as tagging rules New content is tagged
  12. 12. Better together: People + AI Interactive New AI services and capabilities to make it easier to build content understanding and classification apps directly into the content management flow using Microsoft SharePoint Syntex Object detection Form processing Document understandingManual Process digital content - photos, scans, receipts, business cards, videos with OCR & text Capture content types and metadata from purchase orders, applications, other structured documents Capture content types and metadata from contracts, resumes, other unstructured documents Any content, aided by use of managed terms and content types Pre-built, automated Custom, assisted Custom, compliant
  13. 13. Model type based on file format & use case Document Understanding • Created in content center • Model created in native interface • Used for unstructured file formats • Trainable classifier w/ optional extractors • Can be applied to multiple libraries Form Processing • Created from document library • Model created in AI Builder • Used for semi-structured file formats • Settable classifier • Restricted to a single library Train on 5-10 PDF, Office, mail files, including negative examples Train on PDF, JPG, PNG format, totaling 50MB/500pp
  14. 14. Document libraries  Content storage and management in Microsoft 365 Modern, thumbnail-centric view with viewers for 300+ file types delivered through Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Uses responsive design and accessibility standards to look great on any device Sync files to any device with OneDrive Move files among libraries with metadata, versions and policy Bulk editing, check-in/check-out and approvals, signals, modern document set
  15. 15. Project Cortex: strengthening metadata foundation Tag content automatically with extracted & managed terms for search, business process automation & compliance Coherent/consistent across Microsoft 365 Search enrichment find content based on terms Consistent tagging experience with contextual term suggestions and auto tagging Improved enterprise content type publishing, discovery, and enforcement with unified taxonomy services Strengthening the metadata foundation
  16. 16. New capabilities with Project Cortex Understand the composition of your term store to better manage Define richer import files with a new format based on SKOS, with support for properties & multiple term sets Ensure that your critical content types are automatically added to new lists in hubs (and their associated sites) Content type push New import formatTerm store reports Match extracted content to managed terms for consistent metadata application Taxonomy extractors
  17. 17. New taxonomy & content type user experiences Modern admin experience for taxonomy & content types Updated controls with improved search, filtering and term suggestions
  18. 18. New taxonomy & content type capabilities Term store analytics Reports on term store composition & trends on operations Content types available from modern library UX; support to push via hub sites Availability of custom content types; enforcement on new libraries
  19. 19. New taxonomy Graph APIs – coming soon Preview documentation Sample code, operations, enumerators and more for Graph APIs
  20. 20. External content Project Cortex architecture Where end users discover knowledge Built in intelligence Managed metadata & computer vision Microsoft 365 Including security and compliance How end users process new content Where end users discover connections Microsoft Graph AI Where Project Cortex makes connections Topic pages Topic center Content centerTopic cards Where Project Cortex gets data Capture engines Forms processing Machine teaching Project Cortex Content connectors Microsoft SearchMicrosoft 365
  21. 21. Microsoft Graph content connectors Microsoft Graph APIs Documents Conversations Portals Timeline Extend Microsoft 365 experiences Build your experience Connectors Search Custom search portals Line of business apps/solutions Your enterprise data sources Microsoft built connectors 130+ connectors available through partners Microsoft Graph
  22. 22. SharePoint Syntex - Compliance integration  Leverage MIP label policies for sensitivity and retention Retention label defines record policy based on document age or external event Sensitivity label sets DLP, encryption, sharing, conditional access policies Labels can be applied interactively by users Labels can be applied automatically by SharePoint Syntex AI models Analytics and file plans provide scaled management of label usage and policies ContentType:Contract
  23. 23. Microsoft 365 content compliance  Integrate security and compliance with SharePoint Syntex Information Protection Built-in labeling and protection experience in Office apps, Office 365 services, other Microsoft services like Power BI, Edge, and Windows Built in encryption and key management Assure proper oversight and control of content at rest, in transit and as-shared Information Governance Intelligent and built-in retention and records management Advanced eDiscovery Quickly find and respond with only the relevant information Advanced Audit Power fast and effective forensic and compliance investigations with user an admin activity data retained up to 1 year
  24. 24. RESULTS: Improved precision and consistency Manage metadata, taxonomy and content types PROCESS DISCOVER GOVERN Seamless tagging with contextual suggestions Integration with content understanding and complianceMIP sensitivity and retention labels
  25. 25. Woodgrove Woodgrove
  26. 26. Microsoft SharePoint Syntex General availability • October 1, 2020 Pricing • Add-on to M365 E3/E5 Plans, priced per user • Includes 1MM AI Builder monthly credits for form processing, 300 users minimum • 500 items indexed by content connectors per user, pooled Learn more •
  27. 27. Project Cortex Roadmap Available soon • SharePoint Syntex • Document understanding • Build AI models to extract metadata from documents such as agreements & forms • Content center • New destination & functionality • Taxonomy • Advanced capabilities, Graph API • Knowledge: • Topic experiences • Topic pages and cards in SharePoint • Auto identification of projects • Control sources of automated indexing for topics in your organization Early next year • SharePoint Syntex • Enhanced capabilities • Expanded model types, central model management • Advanced content experiences • Solution & business process focused • Taxonomy • Seeding into Knowledge, improvements across Microsoft 365 • Knowledge: • Topic experiences • across Microsoft 365 • Auto identification of more entities, across connected data Top of mind • Interconnected experiences of topics, expertise and metadata • Content Assembly & Adaptation Experiences • Automated Q&A
  29. 29. Catch up on Ignite 2020 sessions Ignite 2020 ( Keynotes Enabling collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Project Cortex, and more (Jeff Teper) Sessions Project Cortex: Knowledge discovery and content intelligence in Microsoft 365 (Naomi Moneypenny, Chris McNulty) Ask the Experts: Project Cortex: Knowledge discovery and content intelligence in Microsoft 365 (Naomi Moneypenny, Chris McNulty) Manage information lifecycle and records intelligently with Microsoft Information Governance (Tina Ying, Roberto Ygelsias) Virtual Hub / Employee experience / Knowledge ( 30 sessions related to Knowledge in Microsoft 365
  30. 30. SharePoint Syntex resources Blog announcement: SharePoint Syntex page: Video: Demo:
  31. 31. Project Cortex Office Hours Project Cortex Resource Center Mar 25 Overview Apr 8 FAQ Apr 22 Readiness and Preparation May 6 Knowledge experiences May 20 Content understanding and MMS Jun 3 Admin & configuration Jul 22 Microsoft Inspire news and updates Aug 12 Business case for Project Cortex Sept 30 Microsoft Ignite news & updates Oct 14 Industry roundtable Sign up at for details on upcoming calls Visit the Project Cortex Office Hours page to download meeting invites and get meeting recaps
  32. 32. Chris Bortlik Principal Technical Architect Microsoft Technology Center @cbortlik
  33. 33. @Knowledge: Add question and answer as part of Construction Operations Reliability