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Building Applications for Your Business Using PowerApps and Flow


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Building Applications for Your Business Using PowerApps and Flow

  1. 1. Only so many problems can be solved with off-the-shelf SaaS Custom software development is time consuming and costly Everything else is a missed opportunity to digitally transform the business.
  2. 2. Business application platform A single, unified extensibility platform Common Data Service Connectors + gateways Power BI PowerApps Microsoft Flow
  3. 3. Common Data Service Connectors + gateways Power BI PowerApps Microsoft Flow
  4. 4. Common Data Service Connectors + gateways Power BI PowerApps Microsoft Flow
  5. 5. The platform for business apps driven by analysts and power users CITIZEN DEVELOPERSPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPERS INTERNALAPPSEXTERNAL Objective C .NET Xamarin Cordova
  6. 6. Complexity of solution Complexityofcreation Embedded forms Stand-alone apps Extending PowerApps High productivity app development without “cliffs”
  7. 7. Build modern business apps fast Compose analytics, user experiences, and automation using an integrated set of services from Microsoft More efficient developers(*) Seamlessly extend capabilities for power users and leverage powerful Azure platform services Business application platform Empowered power users People who understand their business needs best can now build apps quickly without writing code Connected data across apps Whether built on the Common Data Model or integrated with existing systems, get more value from your data Azure AppServices Azure Service Fabric Azure Functions … Azure Logic Apps Azure API Management BizTalk … Azure Data analytics Azure Internet of Things SQL Server BI …
  8. 8. Connect to data & systems you’re already using; create the data you need Microsoft PowerApps is a service for creating and using custom business apps across platforms Create apps, forms, and workflows without writing code Use apps on web and mobile
  9. 9. Quickly generate and customize apps based on Excel files, SharePoint Online lists, Dynamics 365, Salesforce records and more. You can even connect custom APIs. Even connecting to data in your on premise systems through a common Data Gateway. Your apps will be able to fully interact with underlying sources and will respect the permissions you’ve already established in them. Connect to the systems you’re already using
  10. 10. People in over 213k+ organizations are using PowerApps and Flow We have over 1M+ monthly active users
  11. 11. People in over 213k+ organizations are using PowerApps and Flow We have over 1M+ monthly active users
  12. 12. NASCAR event management
  13. 13. National Trust site inspection app
  14. 14. G&J Pepsi store audit app
  15. 15. “Microsoft PowerApps is a slick, mobile-optimized, and integration- rich low-code development tool.” “A power users dream.” Rob Marvin, Associate Editor June 2017
  16. 16. Common Data Service Connectors + gateways Power BI PowerApps Microsoft Flow
  17. 17. Common Data Service Connectors + gateways 100M+ monthly active users Power BI PowerApps Microsoft Flow
  18. 18. SharePoint PowerApps & Flow
  19. 19. Empower users to build mobile apps from SharePoint data Get started quickly with auto generated apps Share apps easily and run them anywhere, mobile & web PowerApps & SharePoint
  20. 20. Every list form is now customizable with PowerApps Point-and-click rule builder for easy formatting and actions Leverage over 160 apps and services directly in your list Announced: Custom forms for lists
  21. 21. Microsoft Flow & SharePoint Automate tasks with 100’s of pre-configured templates Use Flow directly from SharePoint lists and libraries Easily customize flows to fit your business processes
  22. 22. Enhanced document library support with new one click approval Trigger flows from OneDrive Available December Content Approval flow integration Announced: Content approval based on Microsoft Flow
  23. 23. Enterprise Ready Centrally view app telemetry and manage apps Set DLP policy on data and connectors Compliance with 13+ standards inc. HIPAA, EU Model Clauses & SOC
  24. 24. Easily publish and share PowerApps within an organization Embed PowerApps in Microsoft Teams Embed PowerApps in Power BI dashboards PowerApps everywhere
  25. 25. Pro developers welcome… Build apps that go beyond what you get in the box Build reusable custom app components & connectors Leverage the full power of Azure capabilities
  26. 26. CRM ERPDynamics 365
  27. 27. Extending Dynamics 365 with PowerApps & Flow Build visually rich role and task specific apps Extend the capability of Dynamics 365 apps across multiple data sources Integrate 160+ apps and services into your business processes
  28. 28. Enabling Digital Transformation from the ground up​ ​Empowering more people to build more powerful apps​ ​Providing unified access to data and intelligence​
  29. 29. Server-side logic bound to entities, works across all apps Easily create validation and set field defaults Update related entities with synchronous workflows Looking ahead: Server-side logic support for PowerApps
  30. 30. A new style of app built from entities, forms and business processes Form design auto adapts to customizations & extension for logic as well as visuals Easily share forms, dashboards, flows, and more across multiple apps Looking ahead: Model-driven apps coming to PowerApps
  31. 31. Visual indicators that tell users where they are in the business process Reduce the need for training Configurable to support common line of business methodologies Looking ahead: Business Process Flow support in PowerApps Pic of process flow explorer - Cathy
  32. 32. 4 Define Business Process Flow 2 Add Workflows 3 Design the forms Create Application 5
  33. 33. Common Data Service Connectors + gateways Power BI PowerApps Microsoft Flow
  34. 34.
  35. 35. Questions? Chris Bortlik Twitter: @cbortlik
  36. 36.  One of the nation’s largest dealers that helps people with credit issues purchase a great vehicle.  Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, they operate over 144 dealerships across United States.  They spend 1.4 billion annually on buying cars at auctions. COMPANY BACKGROUND DriveTime
  37. 37.  DriveTime inspectors would perform car inspection at auctions using pen and clipboards, and report back auction activities when they got back to a desktop.  DriveTime headquarters had no insight into the auction activities at real time.  Auction inspectors had no access to real time vehicle evaluations. BEFORE POWERAPPS DriveTime
  38. 38. POWERAPP SOLUTION - DESKTOP Online Buyer App Allows buyers to participate remotely in auctions
  39. 39. POWERAPP SOLUTION - MOBILE In-Lane Buyer App Allows buyers at live auctions to inspect car, get real time pricing, and capture bidding information.
  40. 40.  Standard Bank offers COMPANY BACKGROUND Standard Bank
  41. 41.  Inspection done on a clipboard  Fragmented inspection process across various job functions – facilities, technicians etc …  Issues could take up to 2 weeks to get reported  No central data repository to run business intelligence on top of BEFORE POWERAPPS Standard Bank – ATM Inspection
  42. 42. POWERAPP SOLUTION ATM Inspection App
  43. 43. A Canadian multi-national power generation and energy trading company that manages over $9 billion in Canadian dollars. Over 2,000 employees in over 70 facilities across Canada, the United States, and Australia. COMPANY BACKGROUND TransAlta
  44. 44. POWERAPPS SOLUTION Economic Callouts App The app allows turbine repair schedulers to calculate the costs required to safely perform work on a piece of equipment over the course of the weekend. The Operator may determine it is financially viable to proceed or may defer to have the Wind Technicians arrive for work on the next business day to complete the work. Efficient scheduling of win turbine repair technicians
  45. 45. POWERAPPS SOLUTION Hydro Monitoring Tool
  46. 46. POWERAPPS SOLUTION TransAlta Current  A one stop shop for news around TransAlta.  Allows TransAlta headquarters to push news, information, safety alerts to their mobile work force.  The content for the app is powered by data curated on SharePoint Online.  Built over just 7 working days  Used by 2200 employees today on a device of their choice
  47. 47. POWERAPPS SOLUTION TransAlta Current
  48. 48. POWERAPP SOLUTION A set of employee experience applications