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metacognition+reinvention: NYU Stern 4/24/13

Presentation on personal change management that I delivered to a group of students at NYU Stern School of Business on April 24, 2013.

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metacognition+reinvention: NYU Stern 4/24/13

  1. 1. Christopher BishopSenior Communications SpecialistIBM Global FinancingNYU SternApril 24, 2013Personal change management:the 21stcentury career paradigm1
  2. 2. Agenda• Why me?• Socio-cultural perspective• Secret formula2
  3. 3. AGEYEAR1970 1980 20091990 2000GraduatedfromBenningtonMcKendreeSpringJingleproducerWebproducerBusinessStrategistCommsSpecialist2030405060Academia70?3NYCsessionmusician
  4. 4. AGEYEAR1970 1980 20091990 2000GraduatedfromBenningtonMcKendreeSpringJingleproducerWebproducerBusinessStrategistCommsSpecialist2030405060Academia70?4NYCsessionmusician
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  6. 6. AGEYEAR1970 1980 20091990 2000GraduatedfromBenningtonMcKendreeSpringNYCsessionmusicianJingleproducerWebproducerBusinessStrategistCommsSpecialist2030405060Academia70?6
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  8. 8. AGEYEAR1970 1980 20091990 2000GraduatedfromBenningtonMcKendreeSpringJingleproducerWebproducerBusinessStrategistCommsSpecialist2030405060Academia70?8NYCsessionmusician
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  10. 10. AGEYEAR1970 1980 20091990 2000GraduatedfromBenningtonMcKendreeSpringJingleproducerWebproducerBusinessStrategistCommsSpecialist2030405060Academia70?10NYCsessionmusician
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  12. 12. AGEYEAR1970 1980 20091990 2000GraduatedfromBenningtonMcKendreeSpringJingleproducerWebproducerBusinessStrategistCommsSpecialist2030405060Academia70?12NYCsessionmusician
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. 15Five historical cycles …InventionInnovationThe IndustrialRevolutionAge of Steamand RailwaysAge of Steel, ElectricityHeavy EngineeringAge of Oil, Automobilesand Mass ProductionAge of Information andTelecommunicationsFrenzy SynergyDeploymentMaturityPanic1797Depression1893Crash1929Dot.comCollapse2000• Formation of Mfg. industry• Repeal of Corn Laws openingtrade• Joint stock companies• Industry exploits economiesof scaleCurrent period ofAdoption• Separation of savings,investment banks• FDIC, SEC• Build-out of Interstatehighways• IMF, World Bank, BIS12345Source: “Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital”, Carlota Perez, 2002Panic1847177118291875190819711873192019741829Crash
  16. 16. Increasing technology advancementsfoster decentralization16
  17. 17. Increasingdecentralizationmakes motivation,creativity andflexibility moreimportant than ever17
  18. 18. Workers are not being rewarded for carrying outorders, but for figuring out what needs to bedone…who needs to be on the team, doingit…and then doing it again18
  19. 19. Estimates are 85% of the jobs you will bedoing haven’t been invented yet…19
  20. 20. You’ll be using technology that doesn’t exist …20
  21. 21. To solve problems we don’t yetknow are problems.21
  22. 22. •Social network manager•Mobile and cloud software engineers•Sustainable energy technician•3D printer operator•iPad app developerMany of todays top in-demand jobs did not exist in 2005!22
  23. 23. U.S. Department ofLabor predicts thattoday’s learners willhave 10-14 jobs…by age 38!23
  24. 24. •Creative problem-solving•Comfortable with ambiguity•Passionate•Self-directed•Resilient•Able to learn, unlearn, relearn•Work across disciplines•Global perspectiveTo be successful…24
  25. 25. Changes driven by technology…will create new careers in every discipline!25
  26. 26. Medicine…26
  27. 27. Transportation…27
  28. 28. Education…28
  29. 29. Entertainment…29Government…Energy…Finance…
  30. 30. Robots using 3D printers to build a future moon base30
  31. 31. Secret Formula1) Antenna• what you want to do• what is happening in the world2) Brand - defining and assessing your own brand3) Network - finding people with similar interests31
  32. 32. 1) Antenna• Monitor the world• Focus on your ownskills, needs• Map the two againsteach other• Trust your instincts• Chase the maelstrom• Follow your bliss32
  33. 33. 1) AntennaExternal•Elite newspapers• WSJ, NY Times, Financial Times•MIT Tech Review•BBC World Service•Futurist authors•Wired•Huff Post33Internal•Self assessment – likes, dislikes, talents, challenges•Trending – how has this changed•Ask friends, family, professors
  34. 34. 2) Brand•Essence of who you are•What makes you unique•Everything you say & do•Establishes your expertise34
  35. 35. 2) Brand35• Write down your 5 most valuablecharacteristics- ad for “you”• How would you then market yourself - whatmakes you unique?• Remember that your brand is represented byeverything you do
  36. 36. •It’s not what you know, it’s who you know•Lifelong job•Strangers with expertise•Share your perspective•Use the tools!3) Network36
  37. 37. 3) Network• First dissect your network: who do you know based on what?• Find people who can help you directly and can also connectyou with others: “Getting the job is the job”• Send intro emails, make calls, ask someone to introduce you• Use the tools: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube• Find groups discussing topics you like and join in• Try to add at least 2-3 people a week to your network37
  38. 38. What’s next?• Go forth• Have fun• Change the world• Keep me posted38
  39. 39. christopherbishop123@gmail.com Life: Christopher ExpressTHANKS!39
  40. 40. CurrentNanopharmacist40Future• Pharmacy • Mechanicalengineering
  41. 41. CurrentHolographic contentdesigner41Future• Storytelling • 3D imaging