East Health Outcomes Research Network
                 An East European Full Service CRO with an Impeccable Record
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East Horn Services (2)


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A list of the full range of EastHORN\'s clinical trial services

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East Horn Services (2)

  1. 1. East Health Outcomes Research Network An East European Full Service CRO with an Impeccable Record in Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials from Phase I to Phase IV. Not only has EastHORN NEVER failed to reach a recruitment target; in multi vendor trials EastHORN has rescued studies by providing additional patients to supplement other, under performing vendors (averaging 140% of initial recruitment target). EastHORN staff is highly experienced and studies to date include: Oncology Cardiovascular Gastroenterology Diabetes, Respiratory, Breast Cancer Deep vein Thrombosis Upper GI Bleeding Immunology, CNS, Colorectal Cancer Hypertension Ulcerative Colitis Prostate Cancer Pulmonary Embolism Crohn’s Disease Paediatric & Medical Devices Please see our website for further examples of our therapeutic experience. www.easthorn.eu EastHORN is able to provide all the regulatory and medical writing services required for undertaking a clinical trial in CEE. We work closely with the regulatory bodies in each country using native English speaking staff and a dedicated start up team for each study. A large percentage of our staff are medically qualified and experienced, therefore able to help in protocol design (and translation) if required. EastHORN takes great pride in its relationships with sponsor companies, sites and investigators and this is highlighted through our clinical trail patient recruitment results. We would welcome the opportunity to help you in the development of your clinical projects, large or small. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more about us or to arrange an informal meeting. Chris Birch – Global Business Development Director Chris.birch@easthorn.eu +44 1280 816919 (office), +44 7973 287751 (mobile)
  2. 2. List of Services Phase I – IV Clinical Trial Management Regulatory Services 28 bed Phase I Unit – Prague – Czech Republic Regulatory Board submissions Site Ethics Committee Submissions Medical Writing Site & Investigator Contracts Experimental Drug importing (Russia) Study materials Protocol review or writing Pharmacovigilance Translations Study Documentation including all trial related documents Client Managed Clinical Staff (informed consent, patient Information leaflets) Project Management Investigator Brochures Lead CRA CRF design and printing Clinical Research Asociate Integrated Trial Reports Clinical Project Assistant services Local Trial Marketing Post Marketing Pharmacovigilance Talinn Maintenance of the electronic and paper ADR Database Riga Moscow Validation of the ICSRs and reporting of the applicable Vilnius cases via applicable means Warsaw Periodical clinical evaluation of ADRs in ADR database Prague Kiev Literature reports Bratislava Budapest Preparation of PSURs Zagreb Reporting to EudraVigilance system, registering to EV system. Belgrade Bucharest Sarajevo Sofia Providing QPPV services Skopje Biostatistics and Data Management EastHORN Clinical Services in CEE, U Družstva Práce 43, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic Tel.: +420 244 462 241 Fax: +420 244 462 271 www.easthorn.eu