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Computer Support For Small Businesses Mb


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A simple way for small companies to gain a "virtual IT manager". Includes anti virus and data back up. All in one package

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Computer Support For Small Businesses Mb

  1. 1. Computer Support for small businesses Keep it Simple!!!
  2. 2. Computers down • Most modern companies cannot survive without a computer • No computer can mean loss of revenue • Most computer issues are down to user error or neglect, software related and relatively straightforward to fix - for an expert!
  3. 3. IT Issues for small businesses • Small numbers of PCs/devices makes having an IT manager impractical for a small business • Back to base is not ideal unless hardware needs fixing and call outs are expensive as well as time delaying • IT maintenance contracts can be expensive and extras can rapidly up the costs • Telephone helpdesks – being guided over the phone to fix a problem is slow and depends on the users computer knowledge • Do I honestly back up documents and data as often as I should and do I keep a copy in another location???
  4. 4. Solutions • Prevention is better than cure – my device’s health is monitored remotely • Rapid response to fix problem to reduce downtime • If internet access is available for the PC a remote operator accessing my PC can diagnose and fix faults much faster • Back to base services I would expect to reduce downtime as much as possible • Able to download my documents/data from anywhere in the world should I lose it • Simple fee structure which covers devices and not locations – IT is now mobile!
  5. 5. iBizetc – Computer Support • Provides IT support for devices – PCs, tablets, PDAs • Automatic Data back up service • Anti Virus & Malware protection • Online support and information • Remote fixing of software related issues • Collection, fix and return service • Contactable account manager email or phone
  6. 6. How it works • Each device has a small “App” downloaded onto it which enables us to remotely monitor your device whenever it is connected to the internet. • Remotely we ensure that your computer is kept up to date with software upgrades e.g. Windows update • When online all your data is automatically backed up • Your account is managed by an account manager and support team
  7. 7. If I have a problem • Call the freephone number provided and speak to an IT adviser (08.00 – 18.00) • Providing you are connected to the internet, your problem can be fixed remotely – you can watch, talk to our adviser or get a cup of tea! • If the problem cannot be fixed in an hour (or prevents internet connection) then the problem is likely to be hardware related and we arrange a courier collection of your device for back to base repair. You pay only for parts (if required).
  8. 8. Data Back Up • Your data is backed up automatically as you work (when connected to the internet) • If you lose your data or buy a new PC we will arrange (again remotely) the transfer of your data or if repaired e.g. hard drive failure we will load you data before returning your device
  9. 9. iBizetc • iBizetc is a IT communications company founded to service small businesses • “Support” is the first product package, 24/7 support, website packages and telephony are planned to follow… • Based in Christchurch
  10. 10. Do not take my word for it… What Do People Say About Us? I'll be the first to admit I'm not great with computers, however I work from home and I'd be lost without it. I had a major problem recently, if I couldn't solve it quickly I would have lost a £10,000 booking. Dave was able to take over my computer remotely, fix it for me and within 30 minutes I was working again. Fantastic! SHARON B. - NOT JUST TRAVEL
  11. 11. What is NOT covered • Computers running Windows XP or older – we’ll always try and help with these but we can’t guarantee support as Microsoft no longer provides any support materials for these operating systems as they consider them too old • Internet connection issues where we have not supplied the internet connection • Repair of PCs under warranty – unless supplied by us as manufacturers insist you use their registered repairers • Likewise Apple devices have to be repaired by Apple; we cannot purchase parts
  12. 12. IT Support • Every Package Includes: * 12 months support contract * 1 hour guaranteed fix * Remote desktop support * Free collect, fix and return service * Unlimited calls * No call-out fees * Free IT advice and support line Plus we also include for every PC: * Unlimited data back-up for each PC * Award Winning Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware protection
  13. 13. *Enter your invitation code CP02 at checkout to receive a discount Membership Package Options • 1 PC - £49pm • Perfect for the home business or solo trader. We support your PC and you in the running of your business. Everything is included as standard. You simply focus on your business. • 3 PCs - £74pm • Ideal for the small office or home office. Protects up to 3 PCs and laptops at once. Gives discount compared to adding more PCs later. Maximum protection for minimum investment. • 5 PCs - £99pm • Designed for the growing business. Includes support for PCs and laptops, even those which are on the move. Make sure you focus on your business and let us look after your computers. • Extra PC’s - £15pm each • Do you have more than 5 PCs? Not a problem. As you go through the ordering process, simply add on as many PC’s as you like, they cost just £15 per PC. You can also add more later after you have signed up.
  14. 14. iBizetc – Computer Support • Designed for small businesses • Simple to use, simple to budget • A “virtual IT Manager” for your office
  15. 15. Your computers work – you make money Your computers do not work – we lose money fixing them! OUR incentive is to keep your computers working for you!
  16. 16. Simple solution for IT support 01280 735016