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VRoom Technology Investor Brief - Feb 2018


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About VRoom Technology LLC
VRoom is a mixed reality digital asset management and advertising distribution platform. Our proprietary technology leverages blockchain infrastructure and OTT streaming protocols to deliver flawless multi-channel, on-demand playback of branded AR/VR content across a growing network of hyper secure, highly interactive and geo-targeted display. We’re bringing Increased transaction security, decisive business analytics, streamline workflow new sources of revenue to a growing enterprise customer base and at a global scale.

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VRoom Technology Investor Brief - Feb 2018

  1. 1. VRoom Technology LLC Investor Brief Primary Contact: Christopher Berno, Founder & CEO VRoom FACTS Founded:​ 2016 Industry: ​Media Technology Sub-Industry:​ AR/VR, Cloud, Broadcast, OTT Distribution USA LOCATION: Pompano Beach, FL USA WEB PROPERTIES immersive+ arvr+ MANAGEMENT: Christopher J. Berno Founder & CEO Andrew Cahill Vice President, Finance 2 ENTERPRISE MARKETS: 1 - Global / National Brands Seeking Enterprise AR/VR Asset Management & Distribution. 2 - Media Agencies, Digital Out of Home, Stadium Venues, Digital Kiosk Providers, Media Buyers, Publishers SALES 2018 YTD: $130,000 (Booked) SALES PIPELINE Growing enterprise sales pipeline with >$900K in active bids as of 2/24/2018 >$200K GRANT FUNDING: Blockchain Powered Digital Asset Management For Commercial AR/VR Content - ​VRoom Technology LLC is strategically positioned at the intersection of today’s hottest markets, AR/VR and Blockchain technologies. VRoom has developed scalable, cloud-based platform solutions that take digital asset management (DAM) to the next level and provides both Publishers and Broadcasters with unprecedented digital asset security and new paths to sustainable, high margin revenue. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are rapidly making their way into the mainstream media ecosystem and changing the way brands connect with and engage their target audiences. However, a global lack of 3D content and burdensome AR/VR content development and distribution tools remain a constraining factor that prevents many Publishers and Advertisers from launching immersive Brand experiences. This creates massive opportunity to serve rapidly growing, enterprise addressable markets with tools and services that eliminate the barriers to entry and fast track brands into the world of immersive advertising and interactive audience experiences. VRoom addresses the demand for secure immersive content services with it’s blockchain powered ARVR+ digital asset management platform that makes 3D modelling, indexing and on-demand distribution of Branded immersive experiences easy, secure and cost effective. ARVR+ will allow 3D/360° to be optimized and indexed into our immersive content library and queued for playback on-demand across a global content delivery network. By incorporating blockchain smart contract nodes and proprietary compression algorithms, VRoom’s ARVR+ ensures secure and highly trackable distributed network services to any device and the best possible audience experience anytime, anywhere from any device. How Does VRoom’s ARVR+ Platform Work? ARVR+ leverages it’s blockchain infrastructure to create opportunity for Brands, Publishers and Advertisers, to transact (license and sell) next generation content that delights audiences with immersive experiences that can be consumed from any connected device. Our decentralized asset ledger system facilitates a frictionless exchange of AR/VR assets between rights owners (Brands, Producers, etc) and Broadcasters and Publishers who wish to deploy those assets across a wide range of immersive content experiences. ARVR+ is being built on smart contract protocols and deployed via the Ethereum blockchain. The platform is engineered for rapid deployment and ease of asset distribution in a hyper secure, ledger based framework that facilitates trust and revenue growth at every touch point. Instant Value Creation - Agencies, Broadcasters and Publishers can pay for the right to use 3D/360° assets from the ARVR+ library as a stand-alone option to enhance their current media offering or can select from an evergreen collection of ready to deploy immersive marketing experiences that can be easily customized and tailored to a specific venue, geographic location or business use case scenarios. The ARVR+ smart-contract infrastructure ensures that all parties are billed and/or credited only for the assets delivered per the established terms of use and provides accurate and real-time tracking analytics settlement reports to all parties. The ARVR+ marketplace and content distribution network will encourage Brands, Producers and Artists to create top quality 3D/360° assets that can be used by publishers for profit while simultaneously driving brand awareness and activation in a whole new way. A Powerful Tech Stack, No 3rd Party Apps Required - ​In conjunction with our engineering cloud sponsor Google, VRoom developed a proprietary technology stack that makes the management, distribution and end-user consumption of AR/VR content possible directly on any modern mobile browser. This means AR/VR content can be consumed without having to download any kind of application from the app store and greatly increases consumer connect, dwell and conversion rates. While other AR/VR content firms are racing to congested app marketplaces, VRoom leverages the incredible and overlooked power of mobile browsers that run natively in over 213 million mobile devices in North America alone, providing VRoom with a massive strategic advantage. The Industry’s Best End User Experience - ​In conjunction with our media distribution sponsor Amazon, VRoom engineered ARVR+ to steam AR/VR content across 4G networks at a minimum of 60fps creating smooth transitions, lightening fast startup time and virtually no lag time of buffering. Our unrelenting drive to deliver the best possible immersive experiences for the consumer is rapidly positioning VRoom as an authority in the AR/VR industry and setting industry benchmarks for acceptable performance standards.
  2. 2. VRoom Technology LLC Investor Brief Primary Contact: Christopher Berno, Founder & CEO PATENT LAW FIRM Pending FUNDING SOUGHT Up to $2 Million USE OF FUNDS ● Secure Patent Protection ● Platform Consolidation ● Expand Engineering Team ● API Expansion ● Stadium Scale Demo Production ● Global Marketing ● Business Development ● Working Capital The VRoom Business Model: ​Access to VRoom’s ARVR+ platform is controlled for both the Asset Owner and Broadcaster customer types via enterprise packages that are tailored to meet the needs of each customer type and to scale as their needs grow. Enterprise package sales will generate a baseline recurring revenue stream of durable, high-margin and pre-paid gross profits to VRoom each month. In addition to the durable monthly recurring revenue earned from package sales, a number of customizable add-ons will activated that add value and extend ARVR+ functionality. Examples include interactivity add ons that allow consumers to connect form their phones and engage even deeper with the assets and experiences being streamed from our server, tiered consumption reporting that provides deeper insight and monthly analytics reporting are also examples of add-on services from which VRoom will derive revenue. Detailed revenue generation models and forecasts are published in our full business plan and listed in our product road map. VRoom’s cloud architecture ensures that it only pays for network services used and has clearly defined margins that define how we markup our wholesale costs and bill our enterprise customers for streaming and playback distribution services. Below is an ARVR+ transaction workflow example: The VRoom Opportunity: ​Advances in AR/VR hardware, in conjunction Blockchain and the rollout of nationwide 5G presents the opportunity for us to approach the media distribution and digital advertising markets and their current storage, delivery and security challenges from an new, solutions focused perspective. VRoom and it’s ARVR+ platform not only creates new value in media and ad buying markets, but also offers new security protocols designed to address the widely unmet needs of all the players in the media distribution ecosystem. With a focus on creating new transactional efficiencies and delighting consumers with easy to consume and valuable content we see an opportunity to replace today’s clunky and ineffective media buying landscape with a new M.O. manifested between buyers and sellers through smart contracts. Through these and other innovations, we see an exciting future for our next generation media distribution model, supported by a protocol that will be able to handle millions of transactions per second in highly secure, distributed cloud network. We look forward to working with big thinking investors and our current and new technical and content partners in this space to push both AR/VR as a medium and blockchain beyond their current nascent state towards a more efficient, distributed and trusted way of doing business that delivers an entirely new kind of media experience to a rapidly growing global audience. Our Journey: