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Tsmm tsm media kit 020615 us


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Tsmm tsm media kit 020615 us

  1. 1. 2015 MEDIA KIT
  2. 2. 2015 MEDIA KIT Our  Content  Sites  
  3. 3. MISSION & METHODOLOGY Our  Mission:                    To  be  the  most  respected  voice  within  the  social  media  and  startup                  technology  communi7es,  period.     Our  Methodology:                                                      To  approach  and  interact  with  our  clients  toward  crea7ng  a  win-­‐win                                                      scenario.  Our  long-­‐term  success  is  dependent  upon  the  long-­‐term                                                      success  of  our  clients.  Our  approach  is  to  learn  and  understand  the                                                                  marke7ng  goals  of  the  client,  and  assess  whether  our  offerings  can                                                      help  achieve  those  goals.    
  4. 4. SPRING 2015 REALTIME MARKETING LAB TOUR Announcing!     The  Spring  2015  Real?me  Marke?ng  Lab  Tour     •  Mon.  April  27th  –  Washington,  DC       •  Wed.  April  29th  –  New  York  City   •  Fri.  May  1st  –  Boston   •  Mon.  May  4th  –  Chicago   •  Wed.  May  6th  –  SeaRle   •  Fri.  May  8th  –  San  Francisco   •  Mon.  May  11th  –  Los  Angeles   •  Wed.  May  13th  –  Miami   •  Fri.  May  15th  –  Atlanta       •  Wine  Tas?ng  /  Cheese  Event   •  Events  will  run  from  2pm-­‐8pm   •  Maximum  of  20  exhibitors/city   •  Min.  of  300  aRendees  per  event   •  Pricing  for  a  standard  10’x10’  space  per   city    -­‐  Booths  #1-­‐#5  @  $1000.00    -­‐  Booths  #6-­‐#10  @  $1500.00    -­‐  Booths  #11-­‐#20  @  $2000.00  
  5. 5. SPRING 2015 REALTIME MARKETING LAB TOUR Announcing!     The  Spring  2015  Social  Media  Monthly  Job  Fair   In  co-­‐promo?on  w/     Co-­‐Located  w/  The  Real?me  Marke?ng  Lab  Tour  (see  page  4)         •  Events  will  run  from  2pm-­‐8pm   •  Maximum  of  10  recruiter  companies/city   •  Organic  traffic  from  co-­‐located  event   •  Includes  Job  Package  B  ($750  value)  –  page  11   •  Pricing  for  a  standard  6’  table  per  city    -­‐Tables  #1-­‐#5  @  $1000.00    -­‐Tables  #6-­‐#10  @  $1500.00       •  Mon.  April  27th  –  Washington,  DC     •  Wed.  April  29th  –  New  York  City   •  Fri.  May  1st  –  Boston   •  Mon.  May  4th  –  Chicago   •  Wed.  May  6th  –  SeaRle   •  Fri.  May  8th  –  San  Francisco   •  Mon.  May  11th  –  Los  Angeles   •  Wed.  May  13th  –  Miami   •  Fri.  May  15th  –  Atlanta    
  6. 6. OFFERINGS Offerings     •  E-­‐newsle@er  ad  spots  (21K+  subs  3x/week)   •  Website  ad  spots  (30K+  uniques/month)   •  Sponsored  web  content   •  White  paper  distribu7on  (sign-­‐ups)   •  Promo7onal  contests/giveaways   •  Dedicated  email  blast   •  Readership  survey   •  Sponsored  posts  on  social  channels   •  Branded  informa7onal  webinar   •  Long  Tail  Blogger  Outreach   •  Job  Lis7ng  and  Promo7on    
  7. 7. KEY NUMBERS Key  Numbers     E-newsletter Circulation: Minimum 21,000+ distribution Website Traffic: 30,000+ Uniques/month Facebook Page: 15,300+ Likes Twitter Followers: 143,800+ followers Shares Per Post: 200+ shares / post  
  8. 8. E-NEWSLETTER ADVERTISING Adver?sing  in  our  E-­‐newsleRer     Circulation: Minimum 21,000+ distribution Rate: $500 Per Banner Listing Per E-newsletter $1000 Per Dedicated Email Blast  
  9. 9. WEBINAR PRODUCTION Webinar  Produc?on   Rate: $2500 Per Webinar Includes: •  Production/Planning Support •  (2) Practice Runs •  Pre/Post Survey Capabilities •  Live Polling Option •  Promotional Support •  Average of 100 signups per webinar  
  10. 10. WEBSITE AD PLACEMENT Website  Ad  Placement     Web Traffic: 30,000+ uniques/month 40,000+ pageviews/month Rates: $2000/month – Dedicated Top Leaderboard $750/month – Rotated Top Leaderboard $1500/month – Dedicated 300x250 Right Side $500/month – Rotated 300x250 Right Side  
  11. 11. JOB LISTING AD RATES Job  Lis?ng  Ad  Rates   PACKAGE A - $1000 Job listing in (5) e-newsletters, 30-day sidebar listing on TSM/TSMM website, 60-day listing on, promotion on all social media channels PACKAGE B - $750 Job listing in (5) e-newsletters, 60-day listing on, promotion on all social media channels PACKAGE C - $500 Job listing in (3) e-newsletters, 30-day listing on, promotion on all social media channels PACKAGE D - $300 Job listing in (1) e-newsletters, 30-day listing on, promotion on all social media channels  
  12. 12. LONG TAIL BLOGGER OUTREACH Long  Tail  Blogger  Outreach   Implement  a  long  tail  blogger  outreach  campaign,  also  known  as  deep  impact  blogger  outreach.  These  are  typically   campaigns  that  are  generally  over  a  total  of  6  to  8  weeks,  reaching  out  to  upward  of  4,000  bloggers  via  personal   emails.       •  The  ini7al  goal  is  to  secure  earned  media  men7ons  on  hundreds  of  blogs,  online  media  outlets,  Twi@er,   Facebook,  Google+,  etc.       •  A  secondary  effect  of  long  tail  blogger  outreach  is  being  able  to  touch  thousands  of  people  in  both  your  current   market  space  as  well  as  aspira7onal  markets  for  current  and  future  growth-­‐-­‐even  if  they  decide  not  to  post,   you’ve  branded  them.       •  The  ter7ary  effect  is  true  white  hat  SEO,  powerfully  effec7ve  even  post  Panda  and  Penguin  Google  algorithms.       Clients Include:  
  15. 15. ADVERTISE  IN  OUR  E-­‐NEWSLETTER   REACH  20,000+  WHEN  YOU  ADVERTISE  IN  OUR  E-­‐NEWSLETTER   WEEKLY E-NEWSLETTER Our FREE e-newsletter arrives in our customers, readers, fans and followers inboxes regularly. The TSMM E-Newsletter provides these active enthusiasts insight into the rapidly changing world of social media. It is information they need to make the most of their social media efforts and experience. HIGH VISIBILITY The TSMM E-Newsletter is different and unique to the category. A full 100% of the editorial content is created for the e- letter by our editors, authors and contributors. Providing timely, insightful, entertaining and valuable content – not found anywhere else – making it a highly valued - and highly opened – message. Readers are quick to recognize the value of the dedicated content and look forward to not only opening but consuming the content. HIGHLY TARGETED AUDIENCE OF SOCIA MEDIA DECISION MAKERS Our e-letter list is made up of some of the industry’s most influential decision makers. Our readers make hardware and soft- ware purchasing decisions, app design and development, web site design and development; actively sought after partners and the best methods for utilizing social media. READERS REPRESENT A VAST ARRAY OF BUSINESS CATEGORIES •  Technology: Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, Sony, Dell, Amazon •  Content providers and distributors: Turner, The Washington Post, Dow Jones, Nielsen, Clear Channel, USPS, Conde Nast •  Product marketers: Merck, Kraft, Lacoste, and Harrahs CIRCULATION   The program is currently serving a list of 20,000+ names and growing daily. As a sponsor of an individual e-letter, your message will be front and center. We will work with the sponsor to make the most of the e-letter format. The combination of highly qualified names and unique content result in high open rates and click throughs. SPECIFICATIONS   Circulation: Minimum 20,000+ distribution Rate: $500 Per Banner Listing Per E-Newsletter $1000 Per Dedicated Email Blast $750 Per Dedicated Email Blast When Purchasing 4 or More
  16. 16. WHO’S  ADVERTISED   WHO’S  ADVERTISED  WITH  THE  SOCIAL  MEDIA  MONTHLY   Adev Arrae Creative BTSocial CareerArc Group Cheekd CTIA ERD GSMI KatisKupcakes Life Design Modern Media O’Reilly Media Paramount Comm. PlayMoolah Seattle Interactive SidelineInc. Social Fresh StreetFightingMag TwiDisplays Vablet Walls360 Xenla Twitpages Innoloft Green Buzz Agency Business Insider Grablet Freeze Crowd Alphyn Beacon Consulting BTwoDesign Catch The Cloud Customers Rock! ExpandSocialMed IDGA KikScore McGraw-Hill Nationbuilder PostPost SheBlogs SmallBizMakeover Social Media Plus Tech Cocktail UserInsight Visible Tech ZenTaraTea ioStudio Latinvision PostPost Mugtuk IQPC Exchange Angie’s List BrainZooming Buzz Manager CEA Community Offers eAcademy eEducation Institute JESS3 Laws Communications Meltwater Noodletron Palgrave Macmillan Pink Ribbon Army Quotegine Shelfluv Social Crush Spiral16 TweetMyJobs V3IM Vizzeco Web Media Expert Brazen Careerist Surge Forward Achilles Media Episcopal Relief Xzam Corp. Glo Gaming TechWeek
  17. 17. CONTACT  US   Robert Fine Email: Social Media Insider, LLC 2100 M. Street NW Suite #170-242 Washington, DC 20037, USA Tel: +1-202-684-6207 012715US