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Fresh Air Fund case study


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Abraham Harrison LLC has been working with the New York-based, Northeast-centric non profit organization, Fresh Air Fund for years and we have generally earned over 1,800 posts or more per year as well as manning their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Our outreaches included pleas for host families, donations, for camp counselors, and for other more specific events and promotions.

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Fresh Air Fund case study

  1. 1. Abraham Harrison LLC – Case Study forFresh Air FundJune 2011
  2. 2. Abraham Harrison LLC: Case Study – Fresh Air FundChallenge:Help strengthen brand awareness, expand existing FreshAir Fund community, and increase donations.The Fresh Air Fund has been a recognized and highly-regarded organization for over 135 years, with excellentpresence in New York’s top publications. As the 21st-century dawned a younger generation of counselors,parents, and donors emerged with a dropping interest inpaper print and a growing interest in online media. TheFresh Air Fund had virtually no social media presencebefore mid- 2008 when Abraham Harrison LLC took onthe task of designing an integrating social media strategyto strengthen brand awareness, expand existingcommunities and increase support of the organization.Abraham Harrison LLC focused on three goals for theFresh Air Fund Campaign: recruiting hosts, recruitingcounselors, and increasing donations.
  3. 3. Abraham Harrison LLC: Case Study – Fresh Air FundStrategy/Tactics:Employ an integrated social media strategyusing blogger outreach, Facebook, Twitter,and YouTube to increase exposure.Abraham Harrison launched 11 separateblogger outreach campaigns on behalf ofFresh Air Fund. Each campaign wasintroduced with a topic specific social medianews release (i.e. hosts, counselors, etc.) totarget bloggers who would share theinformation with their readers.Abraham Harrison’s blogger outreachstrategy also included a number of novelcampaigns including a “Thank You” outreachand a dollar for dollar donation matchcampaign.In addition to blogger outreach, AbrahamHarrison also helped develop profiles forFresh Air Fund on Facebook, Twitter, and Sample of AHLLC’s work for Fresh Air FundYouTube.
  4. 4. Abraham Harrison LLC: Case Study – Fresh Air FundResults:Drastically increased brand awareness via online mentionsand strengthened presence in social media.In the days following each blogger outreach campaign,social media monitoring showed consistent spikes in onlineconversations, with the largest spike occurring as a result ofthe dollar for dollar outreach in June 2009.Over the course of a year Abraham Harrison helped drivethe number of online mentions about Fresh Air Fund from4,000 to 65,000 mentions. Our social media efforts garneredapproximately 11 million impressions.Their Facebook profile grew from 400 to over 3,050 andtheir Twitter handle grew from 229 to over 8,000 followers.Their efforts in social media also boosted their Google SEOresults an order of magnitude, making them easier to findand more accessible to parents, counselors and donors.
  5. 5. Abraham Harrison LLC: Case Study – Fresh Air Fund Testimonial: "Abraham-Harrison tackled an extremely time-sensitive project for us and got up to speed quickly. We were impressed with their expertise in the industry, ability to execute a plan successfully and willingness to listen to our needs and goals. Their work has made an impact on our programs already and has given a tremendous boost to our awareness efforts.” - Jenny Morgenthau, Executive Director, The Fresh Air Fund
  6. 6. Further Questions?We look forward to speaking with you again soon!Mark HarrisonCEO Abraham