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Brandsclub case study


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When BrandsClub came to Abraham Harrison LLC the reputation of the private sales club in Brazil and Latin America was in trouble online because BrandsClub did not have the staff or experience on how to engage negative and frustrated tweets, blog posts, and Facebook as well as Orkut. And, all of these blogger and social media engagements were in Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish. We turned the reputation around and were able to turn BrandsClub into a highly responsible and respected company, online.

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Brandsclub case study

  1. 1. Abraham Harrison LLC – Case StudyBrandsClub: Brand Jujitsu Taking aCompany from Loathed to LovedJuly 2011
  2. 2. Abraham Harrison LLC: Case Study – BrandsClub Challenge: Brandsclub, a private online fashion buying club, was having difficulties with its delivery processes. This was leading to large amounts negative sentiment toward the company spreading across social networking sites and the blogosphere, seriously undermining the companys brand, their growth, and their customer retention. Abraham Harrison’s challenge was three-fold: turn negative sentiment into positive, drive new users to the Brandsclub website, and provide ROI though higher customer satisfaction, retention, and activity. Brandsclub, now the leading private sales club in Brazil, operates 100% online and a strong, positive presence on the internet is pivotal for the company’s success. Abraham Harrison took a daily deluge of public complaints and turned it into a chorus of enthusiastic praise and loyal championing of the clients brand.
  3. 3. Abraham Harrison LLC: Case Study – BrandsClub Strategy/Tactics: Leverage blogger influence to increase awareness and good sentiment, and constantly support customers on social networks by taking a position of transparency and willingness. The team at Abraham Harrison implemented a comprehensive, multi-staged and highly targeted blogger outreach campaign to encourage bloggers to share information about Brandsclub. Over 5,000 bloggers were contacted during 8 outreach efforts. Every response was personally followed up by a member of the AH team. On social networking sites, thorough research of the competition was conducted, daily monitoring of conversations took place, and thoughtful strategies for content generation were put in place to gain and capture internet users attention longer Sample of AHLLC profile management
  4. 4. Abraham Harrison LLC: Case Study – BrandsClub Results: Drastically increased brand awareness via online mentions and strengthened presence in social media. 100,000+ followers on the Twitter handles created by Abraham Harrison and over 50,000 “Likes” on their Facebook page. In addition to the initial followers and “Likes”, there were tens of thousands of fans interacting with the brand on the various handles. Generating thousands of impressions daily. On average the Brandsclub handle was seeing 200 fan interactions daily.
  5. 5. Abraham Harrison LLC: Case Study – BrandsClub Testimonial: “Abraham & Harrison has been doing a terrific job for brandsclub. Not only have they created and managed our twitter account, that has the most followers in the world for our business model, their outreaches have gotten us tons of responses. Last but not least they are always coming up with great suggestions and worldwide contacts for any crazy idea you might come up with. I would recommend them to anyone!” - Olivier Grinda, Co-Founder and CMO, BrandsClub
  6. 6. Further Questions?We look forward to speaking with you again soon!Mark HarrisonCEO Abraham