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InfoWorld 2012 Media Kit

  2. 2. »2012 MEDIA KIT» AUDIENCEOur audience is modernizing enterprise IT. ũũInfoWorld reaches an audience with an averageWe help them find the right tools. annual IT purchase authorityNew foundation technologies and trends are changing the enterprise, of $298 million.*and our audience is leading the implementation. Cloud computing.Business intelligence solutions. Virtualization. Next-generation ũũInfoWorld is the leadingcollaboration tools. We put these transformational source of informationtechnologies and more on the radar and continue to cover on emerging enterprisethem from every angle until decision-makers have their technologies.questions answered.Our mission is to help our audience modernize IT and *Source: InfoWorld Site Profile Survey, IDG Research, 2011stay ahead of the curve.Because it’s never a good time to get left behind.And today, the enterprise is banking on IT to help drive recovery. According to a globalstudy by Forrester Research, 72% of business and IT executives say their organizations placegreater value on IT today than they did before the economic crisis, and most expect increases intechnology spending in the coming year.The need to modernize enterprise IT—to drive greater business efficiency, productivity, profitability—is ushering in a new cycle of IT growth, with emerging providers and veterans vying to position cutting-edge technologies or battle-tested solutions as essential tools in the IT enterprise toolkit.While you prepare to stake out or defend your share of this competitive market, consider this:As today’s leaders revamp enterprise IT, they are turning to us—as they have for more than 30 years—for information they can count on.This IT Makeover won’t be Do-It-Yourself.Make sure your brand has visibility.How will your brand get to the front of the IT provider pack in the new growth cycle?To reach decision-makers with purchase 76%power, connect with InfoWorld. Our Determine need 58% 87%audience participates in every phase Determine requirements 73%of the IT purchase process, from Evaluate 85% 81%determining needs and requirements to Recommend & select vendors 83% 64%recommending and selecting vendors Selling internally 38% 11%and approving purchases. And they turn Approve/authorize 44% IT management IT professional 19%to InfoWorld for insight to guide theirdecision-making. 0 20 40 60 80 100Source: Navigating IT: Objectives & Obstacles, InfoWorld, 2011 Page 2
  3. 3. »2012 MEDIA KIT» AUDIENCEInfoWorld is your market’s go-to resource. Closing the Sale InfoWorld visitors share how a vendorModernizing enterprise IT is our expertise. can close the sale—beyond justInfoWorld is the destination for modernizing enterprise IT and your best media choice for reaching those price—once they are on the short list:who set the technology agenda. “Credibility, good workingWith InfoWorld, decision-makers get information they trust, including reviews from real IT practitioners and relationships, competitive price,advice from authors who have actually built, deployed, and managed enterprise technology. realistic project plan.”They come for quality information and find a rich mix of innovative content and services. Video presentations, “Good past experience withonline forums, newsletters, virtual conferences, White Papers, blogs, face-to-face events: in short, all of the delivery, support, and returnsresources that today’s decision-makers like to tap when they need to research purchase options. when necessary.” Information Sources Used to Keep Up-To-Date with technology “Provide a solution that Technology publications 75% » Technology content sites 74% cost-effectively meets our » Peers 69% business requirements and » White papers 69% provides first-class support » Webcasts/webinars 60% Technology manufacturer sites 56% after the sale.” Third party research 50% Business publications 49% » Newsletters 48% » Online forums 46% » Executive conferences and events 41% Trade shows 41% Case studies 39% User groups 39% » Blogs/Wikis 34% » Virtual conference 32% » Web video/video clips/podcasts 32% Mobile feeds/updates 16% Source: Role Influence of the Technology Buyer, IDG Enterprise, 2011Partner with InfoWorld and get results!Together we’ll put you on the “A” team.We invite you to work with us to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for building awareness,developing client relationships, and driving sales.Choose InfoWorld and you:ũũ reach key decision-makers with purchase authorityũũ choose the brand that leaders turn to for IT intelligenceũũ link your brand to a trusted name with a 30-year track recordũũ connect with engaged and qualified buyersũũ lay the groundwork for building your brand and bottom line in a period of growing IT sales Page 3
  4. 4. »2012 MEDIA KIT» NEW MEDIA LANDSCAPEExplore marketing opportunities with the world’smost trusted source of IT intelligence. COMMUNITY CONTENTOur brand portfolio offers many options for engaging your prospects and customers, all building on an CONVERSIONapproach that leverages the 4Cs—content, community, conversation, and conversion—to showcase yoursolutions and accelerate your marketing results. CONVERSATIONAt the heart of this approach is an understanding of how our audience seeks information: Content Content Community Conversation Conversion • • InfoWorld Events • When IT professionals are • IDG’s audience can most • The IT professional • IT professionals are willing • InfoWorld Custom Solutions Group looking for technology often be classified as audience is using their to give up information in related information, they “Joiners” – leveraging networking power order to get information – • IDG Research Services are most often seeking the Internet to network to interact with and 91% would be willing to information on a specific with other professionals, influence others. In fact, register for some type Community technology topic/product maintaining profiles 64% of those with a of online content. • Virtual Events (89%) or browsing for on business or social profile on a networking • InfoWorld Events • 88% consider vendor- news and the latest networks, attending site have interacted with sponsored content • InfoWorld Custom Solutions Group developments (81%). virtual conferences or another company or brand such as white papers, • IT professionals are events, or creating avatars via a social or business webcasts and podcasts Conversation looking for sites that have on augmented reality sites networking site in the to be credible sources • IDG Strategic Marketing Services such as Second Life. past 6 months. • Event Engagement the expertise to organize of technology-related and synthesize IT-related • 87% find it valuable to • IT professionals information. • InfoWorld Custom Solutions Group information rather than reach out to peers with are listening to the • Content Threading just posting facts. similar job roles, in similar conversations around • Forum Management verticals, with similar them. In the past 30 days, • Social Subnets technology platforms for 71% have read comments advice when considering a posted by others, 61% • IDG Social Scout technology purchase. have read forum posts, and 52% have visited Conversion a Wiki. • Premium Lead Generation • LeadAccel • Lead Nurturing • New Ad Units • Content Optimization • Mobile Lead Generation • Analytics Consulting Page 4
  5. 5. »2012 MEDIA KIT» COMMUNITYWhere decision-makers get IT. CONTENT averages 3.9 million page views and 1.1 million unique visitors per month,* attractinga vast community of IT managers, tech professionals, and business leaders looking for technology informationand insight. CONVERSATIONOur content is researched and created by the most talented, experienced, and well-respected team of staffwriters, freelancers, columnists, and vendor companies in the industry. Because the majority of our writers Contentare former practitioners, they are exceptionally in-tune with our audience and adept at providing • Award winning articlesinformation on topics they need to understand—whether they are analyzing enterprise IT needs, weighing • Interactive toolspurchase options, rolling out a new product, or engaged in the continual and critical quest to keep up with • InfoWorld Channelswhat’s current in the dynamic IT visitors are active members of a vibrant online community. Visitors post comments to the Communitysite’s blogs and discussion boards, test their knowledge of technology news with online quizzes, register for • Virtual Eventsevents, sign up for newsletters, click on banner ads, and even enter to win coveted InfoWorld awards that • Facebook/Twitter/LinkedInrecognize success in areas such as open source software, green computing, and enterprise architecture. ConversationChannels on the site—Applications, Application Development, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Data • BlogsExplosion, Mobile Technology, Security, and Virtualization—address specific enterprise IT priorities. • Facebook/Twitter/LinkedInWithin any of these channels, websites in their own right, visitors can access channel-specific news, blogs,discussions, White Papers, and webcasts. We also provide “deep dive” pdfs that cover a specific program, Conversionwhich can be vendor sponsored. • New Ad Units • White paper ProgramsOther distinctive site features include:ũũ vendor-sponsored Deep Dives, published as downloadable PDFs, Shop Talk videos, Boot Camp newsletters and iGuides, presenting in-depth and editorially-independent coverage on specific topicsũũ the InfoWorld Test Center, producing the deepest and most accurate enterprise product reviews in tech publishing ũũ43% of visitors work forũũ the InfoWorld White Paper Library, organizations with more an active visitor destination with vendor- than 1,000 employees.** sponsored contentũũ InfoDeck, a series of slide ũũTech decision-makers come shows designed to educate IT to to learn professionals on selected topics how emerging technologies work and how to use them to drive business results.*Source: Omniture, 2011 **Source: InfoWorld Site Profile Survey, IDG Research, 2011 Page 5
  6. 6. »2012 MEDIA KIT» ONLINEChoosing as your online media partner gives you a unique opportunity to sponsor high- “I always get what I wantvalue, editorially-independent content while generating leads. [at]. After searchingBy helping us respond to our audience’s need for reliable, well-researched information they can use, you all the links from Google, I end upestablish your brand as a genuine thought-leader with a long-term interest in the industry—a distinction on this site. Now I’ve started to visitthat sets you apart from competitors who limit their marketing investment to self-serving sound bites. this site first and save my time.”And when a visitor downloads your sponsored content—a Deep Dive PDF, for example— you get the lead. JAVAWORLD.COM features, the leading independent source for JavaTM programmers andenterprise managers who want to learn more about Java programming language and related technologiesfrom trusted Java experts.Drawing 1.7 million page views and 574,000 unique visitors* monthly, reaches thecore audience of Java professionals who are planning, developing, deploying and integrating Java-basedsolutions on an enterprise serves as a power tool for Java developers, providing:ũũ how-to features and columns—including actual Java programs—written by Java expertsũũ examples of Java’s use in the real worldũũ news and new product informationũũ commentaryũũ Java tips and tricks, cut-and-paste code, live applets, and links to various Java resources on the Web*Source: Omniture, 2011 Page 6
  7. 7. »2012 MEDIA KIT» EVENTSInfoWorld Events COMMUNITYThe best marketing is face-to-face. CONTENT CONVERSIONWhat could be better than delivering your value message to interested IT managers and professionals directly?Sponsor an InfoWorld event for an opportunity to meet with your prospects and customers in person. CONVERSATIONIn a universe of noisy IT conferences and meetings, an InfoWorld event stands out as an unparalleledopportunity to communicate in a more intimate, collegial setting and to demonstrate your product orservice to an audience with an expressed interest in finding a solution. Content • Industry/Vendor PresentersInfoWorld produces two different event opportunities—Deep Dive Custom Events and Deep Dive Seminars— Communityproviding you access to a regional audience of IT leaders • Pre-qualified audiences ranginglooking to learn more about a specific technology and from 8 to 600 attendeesnetwork with peers and sponsor on best practices (depending on event format)and lessons learned. While the structure and levels ofparticipation varies with the different events, both are Conversationdesigned to provide value and take-aways for both • Face-to-face Event Engagementattendees and sponsors. • Networking Opportunities ConversionDeep Dive Custom Events • Networking OpportunitiesDemonstrate the value of your current product or solution while engaging in conversation with an intimate • Lead Retrievalgroup of 8 to 15 prospects and customers.At an InfoWorld Deep Dive Custom Event, your executiveshave the opportunity to participate in a 15 minutedemonstration showcasing how your product or servicealigns with the topic at hand, and then spend nearlythree hours talking to IT leaders with a vested interestin your solution.As the sole sponsor of this face-to-face event, you developrelationships with IT leaders who want to understand more about the topic, learn about your products andsolutions, and hear how they can use what they are learning to create business value within the enterprise.You set the date and location. We provide an eager audience.Participants have an established relationship with our organization and know that their time will be wellspent. Drawing from the InfoWorld database, we invite only individuals from organizations with 500+employees who have IT manager/professional titles and the authority to purchase your solutions. Page 7
  8. 8. »2012 MEDIA KIT» EVENTSInfoWorld’s Building the Modern Data Center Seminar ũũAudience ProfileJune 2012 • 50+ attendees8:00am – 4:00pm • IT managers and aboveNew York, New York • 14,262 average number of employees at company* • $157 million average ITThis is a time of transformation for IT. The old method of dedicating infrastructure and administrative budget*personnel to individual projects has proven unsustainable, yielding under utilized capacity, highadministrative overhead, and drawn-out project cycles that frustrate business management. The solution • $6.8 million averageis to pool compute, storage, and network resources in a private cloud—and, step-by-step, move IT toward annual revenue*more agile and efficient shared architectures. *Source: InfoWorld Enterprise Data Explosion Seminar,The agenda will cover the technologies June 2011that need to be considered when dealingwith this growing challenge: Trends inModernizing Data Centers, Private CloudCase Studies, Tips and Strategies onPartnering with Providers, and FindingNew Efficiencies with Modern Data Center Technologies. These topics will be the focus of the Deep Dive onEnterprise Data Explosion.As one of our event sponsors, you will generate leads as you:ũũ demonstrate your solutions and explain how they tackle the explosion in enterprise dataũũ network with decision-makers eager to hear how you can help them implement effective strategies to meet their data explosion challengesWe invite you to join us to showcase your thought leadership on this top-of-mind topic. Page 8
  9. 9. »2012 MEDIA KIT» CUSTOMCustom Solutions Group COMMUNITYStrategy • Quality • Dedication • Innovation CONTENT CONVERSIONInfoWorld’s Custom Solutions Group (CSG) is a standalone custom editorial operation specializing in expertdevelopment, production and consultative services exclusively serving the business-to-business technologymarketplace. Our services span from individual content products to a wide range of editorial services to end- CONVERSATIONto-end integrated marketing programs. We are fully resourced in all critical custom editorial competencieswith a staff of 19 employees encompassing over 325 years of collective editorial and production experience. Content • Article BundleUse CSG for: • Case Studiesũũ Research: Primary research, thought-leadership, education, demand generation • Technology Dossierũũ Microsite Services: Subject matter expertise, community engagements, thought-leadership, • White Paper demand generation • MarketPulseũũ Content: Education, positioning, best practices, thought-leadership, demand generation • QuickPulseũũ QA: Executive-level interviews, thought-leadership, positioning, education, demand generation • InfoBriefing Center • Product Certificationũũ Amplify/Social Media: Social media, community engagements, socialized advertising • Global Research Benchmarking Toolũũ Content Optimization: Sustained customer engagements, content auditing, lead nurturing, • And Many More! demand generation Community • Research Impact Program • Virtual Experience • Webcasts Conversation • InfoWorld Amplify • Community Threading –– Article Bundle –– Masters Of… Microsite –– Other programs include community threading as an upgrade option Conversion • Content Optimization • Lead Generation –– InfoWorld Amplify –– Global Research Benchmarking Tool –– Webcasts –– Virtual Experience –– And Many More! Page 9
  10. 10. »2012 MEDIA KIT» CONTACTSGet with the program.Reenergize your marketing—and help modernize IT—with InfoWorld.Ready to demonstrate how your products and services will help our audience modernize enterprise IT?Join the online conversation at—sponsoring content-rich InfoClipz, Boot Camp newsletters, Shop Talk videos,White Papers, webcasts, virtual conferences and more, or running banner ads that drive home your value message.Deliver thought leadership at InfoWorld events—sponsoring your own Deep Dive custom event or becoming a sponsor at theInfoWorld Deep Dive on Enterprise Data Explosion.Work with our Custom Solutions Group to generate leads—and accelerate sales.Contact us to get started.Sales ContactsSean Weglage, SVP Digital Publisher, 415.978.3314 / sean_weglage@infoworld.comFarrah Forbes, East/Central, 508.202.4468 / farrah_forbes@infoworld.comChris Rogers, New England/ IL/MI, 603.583.5044 /chris_rogers@infoworld.comBecky Bogart, West/Central, 949.713.5153 / becky_bogart@infoworld.comKristi Nelson, West Coast, 415.978.3313 / kristi_nelson@infoworld.comList Rental, 508.766.5633InfoWorld Media Group501 Second StreetSan Francisco, CA 94107
800.227.8365www.InfoWorld.comCopyright 2012 InfoWorld, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 10