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Blogger for Teachers


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This presentation was created to help schools and teachers implement Digital Online Portfolios through Blogger.

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Blogger for Teachers

  1. 1. Digital Online Portfolios Publishing Student Work – Chris Mutter
  2. 2. Goals and Measurable Objectives 1st Quarter: Each student in a Technology Elective Classroom will create a Digital Online Portfolio. 2nd Quarter: English and History classrooms will publish to Digital Online Portfolios 3rd Quarter: Math and Science classrooms will publish to Digital Online Portfolios 4th Quarter: Every classroom on campus will publish to Digital Online Portfolios
  3. 3. Content Area Focus  Each Department will work together to develop projects that:  Will be posted to Digital Online Portfolios  Demonstrate student understanding of standards  Curriculum Standards  ISTE NETS Technology Standards  Encourage student communication and critique through Digital Online Portfolios
  4. 4. How it Effects Students  Digital Online Portfolios provide a space for:  Displaying Work  Student Reflections  Peer Critiques  Parent Involvement
  5. 5. How it Effects Teachers Digital Online Portfolios can assist teachers in:  Creating an Online learning environment that:  Increases student engagement  Creates a social network for learning  Providing timely and meaningful feedback  Demonstrating student acquisition of standards
  6. 6. Needs Assessment Survey  Please take the online Survey at:  QJRBZQ  Take your time and complete the survey
  7. 7. Professional Development Learning Objective Teachers will learn how to effectively integrate Digital Online Portfolios into their classrooms and will demonstrate their knowledge by creating their own Digital Online Portfolio to show their students as an example.
  8. 8. Research and Resources  Research Blog  mutterannotatedbibliography.  Web Resources   ngtoday/educationupclose.pht ml/47  external_content/untrusted_dl cp/ ucators/activities/pdfs_GTA/C ribSheet.Blogger3.pdf
  9. 9. Evaluation Plan Measureable Goals  Students have posted on their blog in each class  Each post has:  Student reflection  Teacher feedback End of Year Student Survey End of Year Teacher Survey End of Year Parent Survey(Survey results will direct Digital Online Portfolio curriculum for next year)