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Mot rules and regulations


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Understanding MOT (Ministry of Transportation) Rules and Regulations.

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Mot rules and regulations

  1. 1. MOTMinistry of Transport
  2. 2. Understanding MOT (Ministry of Transportation)Rules and RegulationsThe MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is the yearly test of vehicle safety,exhaust emissions and road-worthiness of the car above three years oldin the UK. When buying the Preowned car, you can check the internet toobserve if the certificate of MOT test is valid and find out the MOT testdates for the car.
  3. 3. How to Check a Car that Has MOTGet the MOT test certificate from thecurrent seller or owner, even if the carpreviously passed the MOT test. Obtain therefusal certificate if the car failed an MOTtest. You will require the numbers oncertificates to get the MOT information anddetails online. Ensure that the documentsmatch the car. Also, you will require thelicense plate number.Check the information online. Check thelast MOT test date, expire date of the testand mileage at that time. You shouldconsider many vital points before buying theused car.
  4. 4. When Does a New Car Need MOTMOT test is a car inspection that determines if your vehicle ismechanically safe to drive on roads. The passing inspection is verifiedwith the MOT certificate.
  5. 5. How to Check a Car that Has MOTTest regularlyThe cars above 3 years old have to be brought to the certified garage foran MOT test. You will require your registration certificate/document forthe first check up. After the first inspection, your car has to undergo thetest annually.Tested FeaturesYour car is checked for almost every component and part that you useevery day while driving, such as suspension, steering wheel, horn,wipers, mirrors, the seats and seat belts. The fuel system and emissionsare checked before you get the certificate.The MOT CertificateWhen you get MOT certificate of compliance, the car has met theminimum VOSA safety and environmental needs at the testing time. Itdoes not mean that your vehicle can be driven on a road for thecomplete year.
  6. 6. MOT Tyre Wear RulesThe tyre wear rules are directed/governed by the MOT (Ministry ofTransportation). Knowing that driving around on the damaged tyres is notsafe. MOT sets rules for suitable protection limits for the tyres. Everytime your car is checked for licensing, MOT performs the examination,which involves tyres. If your tyres aren’t in compliance, you will need toget a good set of tyres.
  7. 7. MOT Tyre Wear RulesOverall ConditionThe tyre cannot have any severe scraping and cuts along the side andthe wheel side bulges. The valve stems condition is inspected, for anyscraping or cutting. In short, the complete condition of the tyre ischecked.
  8. 8. MOT Tyre Wear RulesTread WearMOT checks the tyres for the tread wear on the tyres, utilising the gauge.The treads have to be above the minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimeters.This has to be for the continuous band around tyres. If your vehicle tyreshave the flat spot with the tread less than 1.6mm deep, then it will failMOT test. Moreover, the suitable and right tread depth has to beminimum ¾ outside as well as inside the tyre. It is necessary for thealignment of your car wheels.See the lines
  9. 9. MOT Tyre Wear RulesCar FoulingThe aftermarket tyres can rub on the inner fenders of the car. The MOTinspector will inspect this. Signs of the cutting or scraping on the tyre arechecked and determined if the tyre is suitable to use on your car. Thetyre size and inner fenders are inspected. If any issues exist, then yourcar will fail its MOT test.
  10. 10. Windscreen Chip LawThe chip law of the windscreen is part of the MOT test for the car above3 years old. The complete windscreen of your car is inspected for thecracks and chips. An MOT test is governed at the testing centres toexamine the car for the road safety. They also check whether it meetsthe emissions standards of environment or not. The chips and cracks onthe windscreen of your car can result in the MOT test failure. This meansthat the repair has to take place before driving your car on the road.
  11. 11. Windscreen Chip LawWindscreenThe chip law of the windscreen separates the car windshield into twodifferent zones. Zone A is 11.5 inches on the driver area of the carcentred on a steering wheel. The other area of the windscreen isdependent on less stringent chip regulations of the windscreen.SizeWindscreen chips of 04 inches or more than in zone A of the windscreenwill cause the failure of the MOT test. Thus, it has to be repaired beforeMOT test. Another area of the windshield cracks and chips of 1.6 inchesor more cause the failure of the MOT test.The car owners should understand how vital it is to get their car servicedand how vital the MOT test is. It is also important to get the best carserviced before the MOT test to pass this test. You should have tocarefully read the instruction before examining your car.
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