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Ai Powerpt Ck


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Ai Powerpt Ck

  1. 1. Your next Partner Assemb lers Inc.
  2. 2. •Our entireorganization existsto providevalue-added services focusing on assembly, packaging and fulfillment. •Wearea privately held company committed to each employee’s personal accountability per project. •Wehavea solid financial organization. •Over 35 yearsof experience. Assemb lers Overview
  3. 3. Our Experience •Primary and Secondary Packaging of food items •Building of Display Unit Loads •Corrugated Display Shippers •Shrink Wrapping •Bagging •Blister Packaging •Club Packs •Re-cartoning •Counter Displays •Power Wings •Shrink Bundling •Vacuum Packing •Vert/Horz Form Fill Seal •Filling •Kitting •Mailers •Promo Packs
  4. 4.   :Our DISTRIBUTION & FULFILLMENTservices include •Multiplelocations •Customdisplay set up •Pack-out of product •Computerized drop shipment & distribution •Temperatureand humidity controlled environments •EDI •WMS Systems We service the following PRODUCTCATEGORIES:
  5. 5.    We plan to CUSTOMIZEour resources based on your needs: •Your account will beassigned dedicated personnel. •Specificfunctionscreated and documented based on detailed project discussions. •Wecoordinatefor any timezone. EMPLOYEEINFORMATION •Weemploy 200 permanent employees •All supervisory positionsarefully trained and experienced employees •Maximumcapacity of our day labor forceisapproximately 1200. •Training programsfor Leadership, Sanitation and ESL
  6. 6. 486,000 TOTALSQUAREFOOTAGE •100,000 sq. ft. Pack Out Area •65,000 Squarefoot Cool Room Designed for theprimary and secondary packaging of confections •Storagearea is317,000 sq. ft. (40,000 sq. ft. of which isracked). •Our facility isfully enclosed, abovegrade, & fully protected by ESFRsprinkler systems. •18 inbound/outbound dock doors. •AIBSuperior rating
  7. 7. • 30Capacity for approximately lines • , , ,We also provide price sticker printing promotional sticker printing sticker application shrink .wrapping multiple units • , 28 .Central Station security system video cameras & key card controlled access facility   POLYBAG& SHRINKWRAP EQUIPMENT •FlowWrappers •Tray Wrappers •Over Wrappers •Shrink Wrappers •Heat Tunnels •Manuel L-Bar Sealing Machines •Pack-All I Sealers •Pyramid Drop Sealers/Auto-Bagger   GLUING& WAXINGEQUIPMENT Hot Melt Gluers Wax Dip Tank Spot Litho Lamination Equipment   AUTOMATICPACKINGEQUIPMENT •MultiVacR140 Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal •Ilapak Vegatronic1000 Vertical F/F/S •ZED ‘Pulse’Blister Sealer •Langen B-1 Cartoning System •SSVolumetricFilling Machine •LabelAire2300 •AutomaticInterpack CaseTapers •InterlakeHeavy Duty Stitcher •Rivet/Grommet Machine •Industrial Sewing Machine •DynaricHigh Speed Strapper •Pneumaticpump filling line •Other Equipment available •Will Purchaseor Leaseadditional Equipment •Based on Project
  8. 8. Come see for yourself….
  9. 9. We are ready for you…..
  10. 10. Whatever your packaging needs may be…
  11. 11. Thank you for the Opportunity