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Opening Remarks from Gomio

  1. 1. Welcome to2011 World Hostel Conference Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
  2. 2. Opening Remarks:• Our conference partners• Participant information• Overview of the conference•Celebrating 10 years of hostelconferences
  3. 3. Opening Remarks:• Welcome• Introductions to GoMio team – Dani, Matthias and Chris• Lunch
  4. 4. Our Conference Partners:
  5. 5. Participant information:Total number of participants: 157 peopleCountries represented : 15Participation by continent:− North America: 121 (54 Canada, 66 USA, & 1 Mexico)− Europe: 26− Asia : 7− Australia: 3
  6. 6. Countries represented at the conference: 1. Australia 9. Italy 2. Belgium 10. Mexico 3. Canada 11. Russia 4. England 12. Singapore 5. France 13. Spain 6. Germany 14. Taiwan 7. Ireland 15. United States 8. Israel 16. Vietnam
  7. 7. Cities represented at the conference:Alexandria Denman Island Minneapolis San FranciscoAmbleside Dublin Moscow SeattleAnchorage Eastsound Nevada City SevillaAustin, Texas Edmonton New York Silver SpringBanff Ephrata Ontario SingaporeBarcelona Galway Paris SnohomishBellingham Grosse Pointe Park Philadelphia SomervilleBoston Hanoi Phoenix SurreyBoxborough Jerusalem Port Coquitlam TofinoBurnaby, BC Kelowna Portland TorontoCalgary Key West Prince Rupert UnterhachingCanmore Las Vegas Pymble VancouverCharleston London Rome VictoriaChattanooga Madrid Saint Petersburg CancunChicago Marina del Rey San Diego
  8. 8. Overview of the conferenceWhy are we here?Empowering the hostel industry by doing the following:1. Fostering the development of the hostel industry! Worked to organize presentations and discussions related to operations, marketing, technology, and regulations.
  9. 9. Overview of the conferenceWhy are we here?Empowering the hostel industry by doing the following:2. Connecting people - Tried to bring together people from the industry together.
  10. 10. Overview of the conferenceWhy are we here?Empowering the hostel industry by doing the following:3. Continuing the sense of community – Organized events that allow us all to interact and get to know each other.
  11. 11. Goals from the conference:1. Connect with your peers in the Hostel industry2. Meet and discuss important matters related to the Hostel industry3. Listen to updates on the Hostel scene in cities and countries around the world from hostel owners and managers4. Learn and discuss the latest technology for hostels
  12. 12. Goals from the conference:5. Learn and discuss how to use social media to benefit your hostel6. Learn and discuss the trends and innovations in online travel7. Visit and experience the sights and sounds of Vancouver8. Leave the conference believing that hostel owners and managers have learned something
  13. 13. 10 years of conferences for the hostel industry 2001 - 2010Bruges – Prague – Rome – Krakow – Interlaken – Barcelona – Dresden - New York City and 2011: Vancouver