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Christopher Brown's Portfolio


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Multi disciplinary portfolio

Published in: Technology, Business
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Christopher Brown's Portfolio

  1. 1. Christopher Brown’s Portfolio Elements Included: -Graphic Basics & Concept Plans -Site Plans, Elevations, & Transects -Analysis’ & Conclusions -Interconnected Wasatch -Charrette Results -SketchUp Modeling -Permit Drawings -Freehand & CAD Drawings -Photography All Graphics included are Drawn/Created By Christopher Brown, scanned to digital and scaled down for spatial reasons. Originals and additional work available upon request. My freehand pencil drawing of M.C. Escher’s “Eye”
  2. 2. Graphic Basics & Concept Plans
  3. 3. Site Plans, Elevations & Transects
  4. 4. Analysis’ & Conclusions 2000 1500 1000 500 0 500 1000 1500 2000 Under 5 10-14 years 20-24 years 35-44 years 55-59 years 65-74 years 85+ years Female 49% Male 51% Other analysis’: -Site analysis and proposal -CPTED analysis -Demographic & pop. analysis’ -Analysis’ and critique of master plans -Analysis’ on current development projects -Redevelopment analysis -More Park City Population Pyramid Recycling for Crestview
  5. 5. Interconnected Wasatch A project in reducing our footprint in our realm of pleasure. Components: -Practical overview for three spheres -Mapped plans -Off-grid self sustained development -Energy need calculations for all lifts -Suggested wind turbine size -Descriptions of all connections Blue- Ski Trail to Lift Orange- Existing Important Lifts Tacks-Important Spots Yellow- Shuttle Connections Red- New Lifts
  6. 6. Charrette Results
  7. 7. Arc GIS
  8. 8. SketchUp Modeling
  9. 9. Permitting Drawings for Dennis Buckman Builders
  10. 10. Freehand & CAD Drawings
  11. 11. Photography* *More photography samples @; m/ChrisBrown/
  12. 12. Personal Inspiration -Frank Gehry -Frank Lloyd Wright -Sustainable Communities -Our Ecological Footprint -Ecocities