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Edu352 finished


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Edu352 finished

  1. 1. My will shall shape the future.Whether I fail or succeed shallbe no man’s doing but my own.I am the force. I can clear anyobstacle before me or can belost in the maze. Mychoice, my responsibility. Winor lose, only I hold the key tomy destiny. Elaine Maxwell
  2. 2. Courage is as oftenthe outcome ofdespair as hope; inthe one case wehave nothing tolose, in theother, all to gain. Diane DePoiters
  3. 3. Use your talent (everybody has one) in anywayyou can. Dont keep it for yourself like a miser -spend it like a millionaire! Lucy MacDonald
  4. 4. You’ve done it before andyou can do it now. Seethe positive possibilities.Redirect the substantialenergy of your frustrationand turn it intopositive, effective, unstoppable determination. Ralph Marston
  5. 5. And finally, I want toacknowledge that makingchanges in your life is never aneasy task. The key, however, isnot to get caught up in thedistance you have to go to get towhere you want to be. Norshould you despair over theamount of control you have overyour circumstances. Progress ismade in the small, intentionalsteps, and chances are, you havemore power than you think. Byfocusing on little steps you cantake every day, the progress youmake will motivate you tocontinue your journey, andeventually, you can go whereveryou want to go. The importantthing is simply to begin. Stephen Cherniske