Salesforce Libraries Overview (May 2012)


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Salesforce Libraries Overview (May 2012)

  1. 1. Enterprise Content Management Libraries Chris Cranis Sr. Account Executive 415.830.4129
  2. 2. Enterprise Content and Collaboration Tools of Yesterday Windows Explorer Shared Drives
  3. 3. The Consumer Web Has Shown a Better Way Search with Keywords Preview Before Download Tag Content Filter Search Results Rate and Review Create Custom Alerts
  4. 4. Libraries Salesforce Libraries Includes: •Secure, web-based interface (access anywhere) •Public and private workspaces for storing content •Commentary, ratings, subscriptions •Version control •Delivery and tracking •Full indexed search, online previews •Presentation and assembly
  5. 5. Store and manage all enterprise content in a central repository Libraries Find Relevant Content Faster • Share Any Content Instantly • Find The Best Content Every Time • Always Stay Up To Date • Collaborate with peers on content • Track and report on deliveries
  6. 6. Libraries Screen Tour
  7. 7. Library Dashboard
  8. 8. Workspace Security (Locked down by profile or role)
  9. 9. Library Workspaces
  10. 10. Who are the active content contributors?
  11. 11. Indexed Content Search
  12. 12. Content Search Filters (by File type)
  13. 13. Filter by Internal vs. External approved content
  14. 14. Select a file to view more information
  15. 15. Content View
  16. 16. Content View Content Properties: -Tags associated - Author of content - Version # - Featured Content Status - Size of file - Content Workspace
  17. 17. Content View Content Preview Pane
  18. 18. Content View Content Commentary – Open dialog surrounding the content or context
  19. 19. Content View Version Control and comments around what has changed within each version
  20. 20. Content View List of which users have downloaded this particular piece of content
  21. 21. Content View List of which users are subscribed to this piece of content. Any changes to the document and the end user will receive an autoalert email of the change
  22. 22. Content View Use Delivery feature to send content to customers from
  23. 23. Click on Deliver Content > Deliver this content
  24. 24. Delivery Page Options Options: -Name Content - Delivery Method(s) - Settings and Content Access Control - Relate Content to SF Object
  25. 25. Delivery Page Options Salesforce creates a private & secure web site to send to a customer or prospect for content delivery
  26. 26. Content Page Preview URL can be shared via email or turned into a custom short-link via URL Shortner Content is available to view through a browser or can be downloaded to the desktop in whichever form was selected as an option
  27. 27. Content Packs – Selecting/Sending Multiple Documents
  28. 28. Drag and Drop Selected Pieces of Content to the Pack
  29. 29. Publish New Content Pack to Workspace
  30. 30. Review/Deliver Content Pack to Customer/Prospect Content Pack preview allows you to navigate through all content in a single view
  31. 31. Content Analytics and Dashboards
  32. 32. Libraries Simple.