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From concept to cloud (cf opentour india)


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Keynote for Cloud Foundry Open Tour India 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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From concept to cloud (cf opentour india)

  1. 1. From concept to cloud Chris Richardson Author of POJOs in Action Founder of the original @crichardson
  2. 2. About Chris
  3. 3. (About Chris)
  4. 4. About Chris()
  5. 5. About Chris
  6. 6. About Chris
  7. 7. vmc push About-Chris Developer Advocate for CloudFoundry.comSignup at Promo code: cfopentour2012
  8. 8. Dreams of my childhood
  9. 9. Dreams of my childhood Published in 1968
  10. 10. The vision HAL 9000 .... is an artificial intelligence became operational on 12 January 1992.....
  11. 11. It’s 2012!So how are we doing?
  12. 12. Computer hardwarehas come a long way
  13. 13. 1956 - Hard drive2010 3.7 Mbit2000 Weighed over a ton19901980 Designed to fit1970 through a door19601950
  14. 14. 1966 - IC-based Computer2010200019901980197019601950 2,800 ICs Magnetic core memory1940
  15. 15. 1971 - microprocessor2010 4 bit20001990 108-740 kHz1980 2,300 transistors19701960
  16. 16. The power of Moore’s law
  17. 17. In my career 1982 RM 380Z 4 Mhz 8-bit Z80 32K RAM 100K floppy2012MacBookPro2.5 Ghz Quad core 64 bit Intel i7256K/core + 8M cache,16G RAM512G SSD drive
  19. 19. The reality Floor cleaning robot
  20. 20. The reality cluster of ninety IBM Power 750 servers with a total of 2880 POWER7 processor cores and 16 Terabytes of RAM.
  21. 21. We still have a long way to go before we can build HAL
  22. 22. One major problem isdeveloper productivity
  23. 23. Software productivity: 4x improvementCompared to 1,000,000x hardware improvement
  24. 24. Programming languages have barely evolved
  25. 25. 1958 - Lisp2010 (defun factorial (n) garbage collection2000 (if (<= n 1) dynamic typing1990 1 self-hosting compiler1980 (* n (factorial (- n 1))))) tree data structures197019601950 Lisp_(programming_language)1940
  26. 26. 1960 - Algol 60 procedure Absmax(a) Size:(n, m) Result:(y) Subscripts:(i, k);2010 value n, m; Many array a; integer n, m, i, k; real y;2000 begin integer p, q; languages y := 0; i := k := 1; for p:=1 step 1 until n do including Java1990 for q:=1 step 1 until m do are derived if abs(a[p, q]) > y then1980 begin y := abs(a[p, q]); from Algol i := p; k := q1970 end end Absmax1960
  27. 27. 1967 - Simula20102000 class-based object-1990 oriented programming198019701960
  28. 28. So what have programming language designers been doing since then?
  29. 29. 1995 - Java Not innovative BUT201020001990 Brought garbage collection, object- oriented programming, exception1980 handling, safety ... to mainstream1970 developers19601950 Gosling “Java is a blue collar google “Gosling the feel of Java” language”1940
  30. 30. But despite that....
  31. 31. Today, a small team can easily build an application that’s used by millions of people world-wide system-of-the-world-for-it.html
  32. 32. 30+ million users, 2 backend engineers, acquired for $1B
  33. 33. Endpoints everywhere
  34. 34. The web
  35. 35. Cloud Computing
  36. 36. WhyPlatform-as-a-Service?
  37. 37. Let’s imagine that you want to deploy an app...• Do you know how much hardware to buy?• Can you afford it?• How long does it take to approve, buy and install?• Who is going to set it up?• Can you handle a 10x increase in traffic?• Can you afford a test lab?
  38. 38. Cloud computing empowers us to dealwith these challenges...
  39. 39. Cloud computing defined IT delivered as a service Over the internet Self-service Pay per use
  40. 40. The three layers of cloud computingSaaS PaaS IaaS
  41. 41. Wednesday October 18, 2006....AWS evangelist .... spoke at the Oakland JUG
  42. 42. Sign up and deploy yourapplication a few minutes later • Login using your existing Amazon account • Select the web services you want to use • Only takes a few minutes
  43. 43. Benefits of IaaS• Agility• Pay per use• Elasticity
  44. 44. But you still need to configure and maintain• Operating systems• Application servers• Databases• ...
  45. 45. Who survived the April2011 AWS meltdown?
  46. 46. Companies that builttheir own distributed platform
  47. 47. Need to move up the stack SaaS PaaS IaaS
  48. 48. PaaS =Application deployment and management + Service provisioning
  49. 49. Overview of Cloud Foundry
  50. 50. The Open Platform as a Service Deploy and scale applications in seconds,without locking yourself into a single cloud Flex ible, pen, le, O lable Simp Sca
  51. 51. OSS community vFabricPostgres Ap Private   Clouds   p Data Services lica o n  S vFabric Public erv RabbitMQTM ice Msg Services Clouds  In ter fac Micro e Other Services Clouds Additional partners services …
  52. 52. CloudFoundry.COM - Multi-tenant PaaS operated by VMware CloudFoundry.COM (beta) Services Runtimes & Frameworks vCenter / vSphere Infrastructure
  53. 53. Micro Cloud Foundry – Industry first TM downloadable PaaS Micro Cloud Foundry Services Runtimes & Frameworks Your Laptop/PC Single VM instance of Cloud Foundry that runs on a developer’s MAC or PC
  54. 54. CloudFoundry.ORG - Community open-source project Apache2 license CloudFoundry.ORG Your Infrastructure Download Setup Deploy Behind Code Environment BOSH Firewall
  55. 55. Vibrant open-source ecosystem One week after Cloud Foundry was open-sourced!
  56. 56. Vibrant open-source ecosystem• • Community lead for PHP • Public PaaS• Joyent • Community lead for Node.js• ActiveState • Community lead for Python • Stackato private PaaS
  57. 57. Cloud Foundry: you can trade-off effort vs flexibility Less Less Public PaaS .... .COM Private PaaSEffort .... Flexibility Custom Private PaaS git clone git:// More More
  58. 58. Cloud Foundry = no lock-in TS N• Standard applications E EV• Standard services PR• Choice of cloud providers "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave."
  59. 59. Using Cloud Foundry
  60. 60. Example vmc commands$ vmc target <any cloud>$ vmc login <credentials>$ vmc push <my-app> > bind services? Yes$ vmc update <my-app>$ vmc instances <my-app> +100
  61. 61. Sinatra + Redisrequire sinatrarequire redis Connect to Redisconfigure do $r = =>, :port => 6379) if !$rendget / do "Hello World! " + $r.incr("hitcounter").to_send Increment hit counter
  62. 62. Final thoughts
  63. 63. Software development has a long way to go BUTThe cloud enables anyone with a good idea to create an application that touches the lives of millions of people
  64. 64. Cloud Foundry is a remarkably easy way to deploy your applications
  65. 65. Cloud Foundry gives you choice of languages,frameworks, services, clouds
  66. 66. Thank you! Chris Richardson Author of POJOs in ActionFounder of the original @crichardson Signup for Promo code: cfopentour2012