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AWS DynamoDB Streams - A quick introduction


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A brief introduction to the recently announced AWS DynamoDB streams

Published in: Software

AWS DynamoDB Streams - A quick introduction

  1. 1. AWS DynamoDB Streams A quick introduction Chris Richardson Author of POJOs in Action Founder of the original @crichardson @crichardson
  2. 2. @crichardson What is a DynamoDB Stream? An ordered sequence of changes to items in a DynamoDB table: Puts, updates, and deletes performed in last 24 hours Sharded for scalability Kinda like: message queue or Kafka topic Similar to Kinesis streams Subscribe to a stream to track the changes made to a table Real time analytics Cross region replication Maintain materialized view tables ...
  3. 3. Creating a table with a stream KEYS, OLD_IMAGE and/or NEW_IMAGE @crichardson
  4. 4. @crichardson Getting the stream id
  5. 5. Getting the shards in a stream @crichardson
  6. 6. @crichardson Reading change records
  7. 7. @crichardson Change records
  8. 8. @crichardson
  9. 9. @crichardson Kinesis adapter Scalable, fault tolerant programming model for stream processing
  10. 10. @crichardson Lambda integration
  11. 11. @crichardson @crichardson