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Postal: SiCamp Nov 2008 Submission Presentation


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My submission presentation for Social Innovation Camp in December.

Feedback welcome, but volunteers to help build this if it gets accepted are even more welcome.

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Postal: SiCamp Nov 2008 Submission Presentation

  1. Social Innovation Camp Nov 2008 Submission support presentation
  2. Meet Joe.
  3. ? He oen gets post he doesn’t really want.
  4. But not enough to call companies, and ask them to stop sending it.
  5. So he throws it away.
  6. He knows it’s wasteful. But hey. He’s busy and he has a life to live.
  7. This story keeps happening across the country.
  8. The Result?
  9. Sixteen billion items 16,000,000,000! of junk mail each year.
  10. More than 137 million tonnes of 137,000,000! junk mail waste each year
  11. 25% of household TWENTY FIVE paper waste PERCENT - oh, you get the idea. is junk mail
  12. Won’t someone think of the children trees?
  13. (ahem) It’s enough to make you to go... Postal
  14. Postal is an app designed to stop this Postal story happening.
  15. Here’s how the new story is now Postal different...
  16. Joe gets direct mail from NiceCorp. He doesn’t really want it.
  17. He can’t be bothered to stay on hold with an 0845 line.
  18. He’s too lazy to sign up with the UK Mail Preference Service
  19. But he can just about be bothered to send a text message to a SMS shortcode. (i.e.68604)
  20. Whenever Joe gets 3G Carrier Name Th 04/17/2008 mail he POSTAL NICECORP NOKIA N95 240 X 320 doesn’t Soft Button Soft Button want, he texts Postal [company name] (thanks twitter!)
  21. Postal sends a polite email on his behalf asking for no more junkmail. (thanks,!)
  22. Postal follows up each week for Joe... (thanks mySociety!)
  23. ...until he gets confirmation that he has been removed.
  24. Postal tells CO2 saved Paper saved him how (tonnes) (tonnes) much paper Just you 0.5 0.15 and CO2 he You and and other everyone else on 5670 3000 users are Postal saving by doing this. (thanks AMEE!)
  25. Postal also Nicecorp NastyCorp lists publicly Response 4 days 26 days how time responsive CO2 used (tonnes) 400k 1.8bn the company Paper is, and its used (tonnes) 150 45,000 impact. (thanks!)
  26. He feels smart, green (and slightly smug).
  27. Doing this gives other benefits.
  28. When he moves house, updating his address with Postal updates it everywhere. (thanks openid!)
  29. Postal provides a dashboard for his postal mail - he can switch mail on and off at will. (thanks oAuth!)
  30. Why would NiceCorp play ball?
  31. Carrots, not sticks.
  32. Joe may not want direct mail form NiceCorp...
  33. ...but he might up for .ical for switching to their podcast, email newsletter, rss feed etc.
  34. Postal gives Joe a way to control how .ical he hears from NiceCorp in ways that suit him best.
  35. This means he’s more .ical likely to actually care about what he’s sent, and act on it.
  36. Old and busted:
  37. .ical Brand new hotness.
  38. Go Don’t let junk mail drive you mad. Postal
  39. Feedback? Say hi on twitter: See you on chris_d_adams the 19th! derfred willustration kiran255