Carbage SiCamp June 09


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My support presentation for Social Innovation Camp in June 2009.

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Carbage SiCamp June 09

  1. 1. Carbage Social Innovation Camp 2009 Submission support presentation
  2. 2. Meet Joe.
  3. 3. He’s heard ? about carbon footprints, and climate change.
  4. 4. But he’s totally ? confused by conflicting info about all of this stuff.
  5. 5. So he flies RyanAir, eats loads of red meat and drives around all day long.
  6. 6. But it’s okay.
  7. 7. Because he unplugs his phone charger when he isn’t using it.
  8. 8. This story keeps happening across the country.
  9. 9. See the thing is, none of us want to actively screw up this planet.
  10. 10. But we can’t easily measure the effects of the steps we take.
  11. 11. So most of us either ignore the problem...
  12. 12. ... or make quaint little token gestures.
  13. 13. We need a ? way to know if what we’re doing is actually helping.
  14. 14. Or at least if we did better today than yesterday.
  15. 15. Make it feel like a game
  16. 16. Make it feel like a game
  17. 17. Speed up feedback Give ownership over How do we carbon data do this? Make data portable and aggregate it
  18. 18. Smart meter What we Wifi box in building need for this: A phone or laptop for each person
  19. 19. The Uk government is putting They can measure smart power every 6 meters in seconds every house in the UK.
  20. 20. Phone Average of 2 ownership in UK is phones approaching per person 200% now!
  21. 21. All phones and laptops have unique ID’s you can listen for on a wireless network.
  22. 22. Wifi box detects Joe by his phone or laptop. Rough Wifi box talks to smart meter outline of how it would Wifi box turns smart meter figure to Co2 figure work. Wifi box shares data with Joe, while he is in the building
  23. 23. Sample scenario: Joe at work
  24. 24. At work Joe 24Kwh shares an recorded with office with two other meter people in office
  25. 25. So the power for 24Kwh each person between is about 8kwh. 3 people
  26. 26. We use Today: AMEE 25kilos to convert this... CO2 per person
  27. 27. Joes switches off Yesterday: lights in a 25 kg / person room they Today: don’t use. 20 kg / person
  28. 28. Joe and everyone Yesterday: else see how 25 kg / person much it Today: saves. 20 kg / person
  29. 29. Joe’s feeling awesome and green and all empowered and stuff!
  30. 30. This works at home and anywhere with wifi and smart meter
  31. 31. We suddenly have a target to aim it!
  32. 32. take out He’s starting to... the carbage.
  33. 33. Please help us find a new name... (sorry)
  34. 34. Thanks! Follow us on twitter! Chris Adams @chris_d_adams James Gardner @thejimmyg