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Xtreme NO Muscle Builder


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Everyone who lifts weight in order to build muscle wants to know how to do it faster and easier. There's no magic bullet but if you know what to do to supplement your workouts, you can see results much faster than doing it without supplements.

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Xtreme NO Muscle Builder

  1. 1. March 17th, 2012 Published by: christaylor3Xtreme NO MuscleBuilder - Bulk WithoutFat • Explosive Muscle Mass Increase Experience Explosive Growth • Hardcore Stamina with Xtreme NO Muscle Builder • Amazing Strength In order to get the very best results from all your • Stunning Muscle Recovery hard work in the gym, you may need to include a bodybuilding supplement into your rountine. Of all the Do you think any of the typical lifting supplements can help bodybuilding supplements on the market, one of the you achieve those fitness goals that have been alluding you most effective is Xtreme NO. Find out why this is taking over the years? Could it be possible that finally, YOU, yes YOU, the bodybuilding community by storm and see if its will have the type of body that turns heads, the body that something that will help you to get to the next level. everyone else envies and talks about when you walk into the room? If you’re sick of all the genetically gifted guys getting all theProven Lifting Supplements for attention, all the glory and all the girls, then you need to payExplosive Growth close attention.By admin on March 17th, 2012 Your muscles need nutrients, they need water and they needMarch 17, 2012 oxygen. How do these things get to the muscles? Through the bloodstream. If you can increase the amount of blood pumpingAre your lifting supplements leaving you embarrassed to take to your muscles, you can get more of the things they need inyour shirt off around other people? order to grow – and grow big!Are you wasting your hard earned money on lifting You know how your muscles feel after an ultra intensivesupplements that do little more than give you gas? workout – when it feels like they are going to rip right throughAre some new zits the only “guaranteed results” you’ve gotten your shirt (like the Hulk)? If you’ve ever had that kind ofso far? “pump”, you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve never experienced that feeling, then you’ve never had enough bloodIf you’re tired of the same old crap from all the same old crappy pumping to those muscles. And that may not be your fault, whoproducts, then stick around. I think you may be pleasantly knows.surprised. We guys don’t work out because it’s cool or becausewe need to find something to do for an extra hour or two a day. So how do you get more blood flowing to the muscles?We work out to look good, to impress each other and, most of You relax the blood vessels in order for more blood to flowall, to be attractive to women. Am I wrong? I don’t think so. through them. One of my favorite lifting supplements is designed to do just that. Xtreme NO Muscle Builder is a nitricIf one of the lifting supplements could give us a buff body in a oxide supplement that contains the amino acid L-arginine. L-bottle, would any of us be in the gym? Doubt it. arginine turns into nitric oxide when it enters the body. SoWhat we’re looking for in lifting supplements is something what does that mean? The nitric oxide actually dilates thethat will give us an edge, to help us squeeze just a little more blood vessels, allowing more blood to pass through them. It’sout of our workouts. Anyone with half a brain knows that the same concept used in Viagra. More blood flow to “that”supplements simply give our bodies what it needs in order to muscle and you know the rest of the story. I’m sure Viagraworkout a little harder and a little longer, pound more weight probably has other stuff in it, too which is why you can only getand recover more quickly. That’s really all these supplements it by prescription, but a lot of guys say that taking a nitric oxidecan do – or is it? supplement for bodybuilding also gives them a little extra in the sack, but hey – I’m just saying.Lifting Supplements Wish ListWhat if there were lifting supplements that could help you get: 1
  2. 2. March 17th, 2012 Published by: christaylor3 Nitric oxide (NO) is a naturally occurring gas in the human body that basically controls the expansion of blood vessels and the overall flow of blood within the body. It knows to supply more when needed and less when you are resting. So we all have nitric oxide in our bodies – why would we need more of it and is it safe? Are there nitric oxide side effects we need to consider? Nitric oxide is not only used in bodybuilding, but also as a vasodilator for erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra and in heart patient medications such as Nitroglycerin. In each instance, it opens up the blood vessels in order to solve a particular problem. It’s no surprise that someone noticed thatTaking Xtreme NO as your main lifting supplements might just it was great for bodybuilding as the missing ingredient you’ve been looking for. I won’t gointo everything it does and why here but you can read all that But do the nitric oxide side effects outweigh any benefits youhere: . might get from it? Is it a relatively safe supplement to boost your workout efforts? Let’s take a look at that.You can buy Xtreme NO here: All of the nitric oxide bodybuilding supplements on the market Order XTREME NO Here have their own formulations and they all contain differentThe thing that’s really cool about Xtreme NO is that even ingredients. We’ll examine only the ingredients which affectthough it’s a performance enhancing lifting supplements, it’s your nitric oxide levels. Just be aware that a lot of the NOnot illegal. And it won’t wreak havoc on your health like those supplements on the market cram a bunch of other ingredientssteroids will. in which could adversely affect you with nitic oxide side effects. L-Arginine (AAKG – Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate) is theLifting Supplements – Conclusion active ingredient that when introduced into the body turns intoThis is definitely a lifting supplement you should try. It’s nitric oxide gas. L-Arginine is an amino acid and it’s the mainpretty cheap and it does an outstanding job. Just follow the ingredient that helps with getting more blood to the musclesinstructions and don’t take more than they suggest. In fact, I and attaining that incredible pumped up feeling that we strivealways start out with a little less than they say just to see how for when busting our butts in the will affect me. But that’s just how I do things. Though considered very safe to take, different people haveBest Lifting Supplements – Xtreme NO individual reactions to nitric oxide. The most common nitric oxide side effects are:Recommended Reading • DiarrheaNitric Oxide Side Effects • NauseaBy admin on March 17th, 2012 • Fluctuations in Blood PressureMarch 17, 2012 • Feeling LightheadedNitric Oxide Side Effects – Are They • Feeling DizzyWorth It? • Headaches One of the most common nitric oxide side effects is that some people get very jittery and need to eat in order to calm their stomach down. It really depends on how sensitive you are to such supplements. If your NO supplement also contains caffeine, you may also experience these side effects: • Jittery feelingOne of the most popular pre workout supplements today is • SleeplessnessNitric Oxide. You can find many variations of it, but bottomline, this is used to relax the blood vessels, sending massive If you are predisposed to heart conditions, nitric oxide sideamount of blood into your muscles. It’s one of the best ways effects can be particularly dangerous. Some of these nitricto deliver oxygen and nutrients into your muscles and more oxide side effects are:of these mean bigger, more pumped up muscles and increased • Severe Dips in Blood Pressurestrength and stamina. However, there are nitric oxide sideeffects you need to be aware of before you take it. • Arrhythmia (Irregular Heart Beat) • Hypertension 2
  3. 3. March 17th, 2012 Published by: christaylor3 • Hypoglycemia • Increased Strength • Increased StaminaWe do not recommend that anyone with heart problems evenconsider taking nitric oxide supplements. In fact, anyone who • Quicker Post Workout Recoveryconsiders taking any OTC product or supplement needs to • Increased Load Capacityconsult their doctor before making a decision. As you know, blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the body.How to Avoid Nitric Oxide Side When you increase blood flow to your muscles, you get moreEffects oxygen and nutrients and this will give you much better muscle gains. More oxygen and nutrients equals bigger muscles.For those who are healthy but are still suffering from nitric This is exactly why NO supplements have become increasingoxide side effects, here are some tips to help you. popular over the past year or so.Drink Water. Taking nitric oxide supplements can causedehydration so be sure to drink tons of water before, during Nitric Oxide Side Effects – Conclusionand after each workout. This will help you to avoid getting We feel that we had an obligation to post some of the nitricheadaches. In fact, most users of NO products say that staying oxide side effects. Even though we consider Nitric Oxidehydrated helps to eliminate headaches and some of the other supplements to be safe, there are always risks anytime younitric oxide side effects. introduce something new to your body. That’s why we stronglyA bonus in drinking water to alleviate your nitric oxide side urge you to consult your doctor first.effects is that water is an awesome “pre workout supplement” As we mentioned above, if you do decided to add an NOall in itself. Your muscles consist of over 70% water and they supplement to your training, check out Xtreme NO first. Wethrive on the stuff. Feed your muscles more water and watch highly recommend it because it doesn’t flood your system withyour results go through the roof. Be sure to use bottled or NO in a short period like the other NO supplements do. Youfiltered water. can check out our full review of it here:Stick to the recommended dosage. Never take more of any In addition to supplying a slow steady release of NO,nitric oxide supplement that is recommended on the label. In Xtreme NO also contains another important ingredient –fact, we recommend you start out with less and see how you Di-Potassium Phosphate. This is great for enhancing yourreact to it. If you don’t have any adverse reaction, you may performance because it helps to improve your endurancetry to increase your dosage until you get to the recommended and allows for much quicker recovery in between exercisesamount. Taking more than is recommended may cause serious and after your workout. It’s 100% natural. Di-Potassiumor fatal side effects. Phosphate is one of Xtreme NO’s secrets to great bodybuildingSince NO actually expands the blood vessels, you need to be success.very careful when taking it – especially if you want to do What we like about Xtreme NO is that it’s main focus isa heavy workout while doing so. If you do use nitric oxide maximizing the results you’re going to get with increased nitricsupplements, try to choose one that releases nitric oxide over oxide.the course of several hours instead of just one quick burst of it.The products that supply the one quick burst seem to be more Order XTREME NO Heredangerous because this is all happening very suddenly. Also, Choosing Xtreme NO may help you to achieve the results youyou will notice that your muscle pump deflates very quickly are looking for without the normal nitric oxide side effects.following your workout.Xtreme NO is a great example of a Nitric Oxide supplementthat provides for a steady, perpetual release into the body, Recommended Readingwhich should cut down significantly on nitric oxide sideeffects, such as a sudden drop in blood pressure. Also with thissteady release formula, you will notice that you maintain your Best Bodybuildingmuscle pump for hours after you finish your workouts. SupplementsEat before taking. If it makes your stomach feel funny or it By admin on March 17th, 2012makes you jittery, try eating something before you take it. That March 17, 2012way it will coat your stomach and you may not have the samesensitivity to it.Nitric Oxide BenefitsFor those in tip top physical condition, nitric oxide side effectsseem to not be as much of an issue. In fact, many reportphenomenal gains using these supplements. Some of the mostcommon benefits of using nitric oxide supplements are: • Muscle Gains 3
  4. 4. March 17th, 2012 Published by: christaylor3 you just hit the wall and you won’t be able to continue lifting.Best Bodybuilding Supplements – If you want to keep lifting weights with high intensity, thisWhich Ones Work Best? is going to help you. Creatine is found in red meat and fish, but most people can’t eat enough of those foods to keep going in a heavy workout. Creatine is considered a performance enhancing supplement and has been banned by professional sports, but is still legal in bodybuilding. Muscle Advance Creatine is our creatine of choice. It’s one of the most highly tested and regarded Creatine supplements on the market. You can read more about it here: Muscle Advance Creatine In order to build the body that you’ll be proud to show off, a strong foundation is necessary. That includes a clean diet,Each day we’re innundated by all the various ads touting hard work in the gym and lots of rest. If you eat fast food,the best bodybuilding supplements and the miracles they can slouch around in the gym and stay out all night, don’t expect toperform for you. Most of it is absolute garbage, but there are be the next Mr./Ms. Olympia. None of the best bodybuildingsupplements that can and will help you achieve your goals. supplements on the face of this earth that will help you if don’tSince it can get really confusing, we’re here to help you sort build a solid foundation first.through the hype and figure out what the best bodybuilding Another of the best bodybuilding supplements is Protein.supplements are and if they really will help you. Muscles require protein in order to grow and to repair yourBodybuilding is a process and not an overnight muscles after a workout so your diet should consist of a lot ofevent. Anyone who has labored for hours in the gym can protein, and the correct amount of calories. If you’re trying totell you that. It’s pure dedication and hard work that builds bulk up, you need to eat more. If you’re trying to slim downthe muscles – something that not even the best bodybuilding while building muscle, be careful not to cut your calories toosupplements can do. Unless you are genetically “special”, the drastically. Muscle requires protein and the more muscle youentire process involves diet, intensive weight training and build, the more calories your body will naturally burn. A lotrest. The best bodybuilding supplements on the market can’t of people think they can just go out and get a good proteinreplace those three things but they can help you realize results supplement and that will take care of their protein needsmuch faster. but that’s not the case. Protein supplements are just that –The best bodybuilding supplements essentially serve one supplements. They are not protein replacements. They are notpurpose – to supply the body with any nutrients it may be meal replacements. There is no substitute for real food.missing. And here’s something most people totally overlook when itOur favorite on the list of Best Bodybuilding Supplements comes to the best bodybuilding supplements – Water. Youris Nitric Oxide. Nitric oxide supplements provide more muscle tissue is comprised of over 73% water so drink a ton ofbloodflow to your muscles and give you more energy, stamina it. If you’ve hit a plateau in your workouts, try drinking a lot ofand quicker recovery. The energy and stamina obviously give water before, during and after your workouts and see what ayou the extra push you need to keep going. The increased difference it makes. When you workout and start sweating, itbloodflow provides more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. places additional stress on your cardiovascular system. First,More oxygen = bigger muscles. These supplements help you weigh in before you start working out. We suggest that youto get an incredible muscle pump. We suggest that you choose drink 16 ounces of water about two hours prior to working outone of the Nitri Oxide supplements that provide for a steady and 5 to 10 ounces every 20 minutes during your workouts.release of the Nitric Oxide instead of those that provide Then after you’re finished working out, drink 16 more ouncesone quick burst. You’ll find that the steady release of NO2 for every pound you lost during the workout through sweating.will make your workouts more intense and you won’t get Water is high up on the list of best bodybuilding supplementslightheaded or nausaus. Besides that, you’ll be amazed at even though you won’t find it in that section. If you disregardhow long your muscles will stay pumped up – for hours the importance of drinking water, you’ll be missing out onafter you finish working out. If you’re looking at Nitric Oxide some of the most powerful muscle building potential. Best ofsupplements, We highly recommend Xtreme NO as one of all – it’s readily available and it’s free (unless you’re buyingthe best bodybuilding supplements. For starters, it provides bottled water, of course). At the very least, it’s cheap. Drink itthe “perpetual release” that we feel is so important – both up – it’s good for you!for performance and for safety. You can read a more detailedarticle about it here: Xtreme NO Best Bodybuilding Supplements –Creatine is another of the best bodybuilding supplements that Conclusionwe recommend. The big mistake people make is choosing it Bottom line, you should eat plenty of protein, drink tons ofbecause they think Creatine will create huge buldging muscles water, workout like an animal and get at least 8 hours ofon its own. What it basically does is to increase production sleep each night in order for your body to function at it’sof ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate), the main energy source highest level. The use of one or more of the best bodybuildingfor your muscles. This is the high energy compound that the supplements to help you max out your workouts is absolutelymuscles need in order to keep contracting. If you workout to recommended. However, don’t make the mistake of thinkingthe point where your stored creatine runs out, you’ll feel like they will do the work for you. 4
  5. 5. March 17th, 2012 Published by: christaylor3As with any supplement, you should consult with your doctor nitric oxide supplement are created equally. There’s a hugeto see if any of the supplements mentioned in this article difference in how they are formulated and that will directlyare safe for you to take. Remember, the best bodybuilding affect your results.supplements are only designed to augment your workouts, notreplace them. Why is Xtreme NO the Best MuscleRecommended Reading Building Supplement? Why do we believe that Xtreme NO is the best of the Nitric Oxide supplements and the best muscle building supplementBest Muscle Building on the market? It’s the proprietary “Perpetual Release”Supplement forumla and Xtreme NO has developed that sets them apart from the competition.By admin on March 17th, 2012If you’re currently involved in an intense body building You see, most of the other nitric oxide formulas only provideroutine, you could absolutely benefit from the best muscle one sudden burst of nitric oxide into the body which canbuilding supplement. For those who are just starting out and lead to dizziness, vomiting, fainting, dangerous drop in bloodwant to get the most out of their time in the gym, this is for you, pressure, dry mouth, diarrhea, weakness and nausea, just totoo. Most of us don’t have the time, money or know-how to list a few.put together the perfect diet, supplement regimen and training Xtreme NO provides for a steady, perpetual release of nitricschedule to maximize our efforts. oxide into the body. This way, you can take advantage of theIf you happen to be a competitive bodybuilder or an athlete, good effects of nitric oxide without suffering the bad sideyou already know that your competitors are aready using the effects of too much at one time. You will see the full benefitbest muscle building supplement to get an edge over you. Can throughout your entire workout and then you can maintainyou compete without one? I doubt it. that “pumped” muscle look and feel for many hours after your workout has ended. We live for that pump because we knowWhat Can the Best Muscle Building that the muscle is actually responding to what we’re doing for it. It’s a great way to guage how hard we’ve worked. If you useSupplement Do For You? one of the other nitric oxide supplements, you’ll see that yourWe all know that we have to get to the gym and push around muscles start to deflate immediately after your workout.heavy weight in order to see muscle gains, but did you know So we’re not talking about steroids here or any of the otherthat taking advantage of the best muscle building supplement banned substances that will get you kicked out of sports orwill help you to see those muscle gains much faster? Not only bodybuilding organizations. We’re talking about using the bestwill you see the gains much faster, but you’ll more than likely muscle building supplement that gives you more of somethingget gains far beyond what you could do without the use of the that’s already in our bodies. Xtreme NO will help you tobest muscle building supplement. bulk up naturally to give us a bit of an advantage over ourI’m sure you’re dying to know what the best muscle building competitors. Let me explain what nitric oxide is and how itsupplement is. It’s Xtreme NO, a supplement that’s designed affects your boost your nitric oxide production. And higher nitric oxide Nitric Oxide (NO2) is actually a gas functioning like alevels mean: neurotransmitter telling your body to expand your blood vessels. The more blood pumping into your muscles makes • Increased and improved muscularity for bigger muscles. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your • Quicker recovery time muscles. More oxygen and nutrients means larger muscles. • Increased Strength NO2 supplements are performance enhancing supplements which help you to achieve your ideal body much quicker and • Increased Endurance with much better results. • Load capacity boost These NO2 supplements don’t actually have nitric oxide in them. They contain several of the amino acids (L-arginine ketolsocaproate, L-arginine hydrochloride, L-arginine alpha- ketoglutarate). The Arginine actually changes into nitric oxide inside the body. Using an NO2 supplement will not give you the “roid rage” associated with anabolic steroids. Some of the other bodybuilding supplements on the market leave you feeling anxious and moody. NO2 does not. The developers of Xtreme NO don’t just leave you high andYou only have to do a quick search online for “best dry. When you purchase one of their products, you will get,muscle building supplement” to see how many Nitric Oxide as a bonus at no charge to you, a lifetime membership intosupplements have hit the market. There’s a reason for that. their online fitness program where you will be given freeWhen they work – they work well. But be warned that not all tips regarding your diet and exercise routines. This ensures 5
  6. 6. March 17th, 2012 Published by: christaylor3that you will be getting full benefit from their product. It’sjust one more reason we consider it the best muscle building The Results are In – XTreme NOsupplement on the market today. Works!Best Muscle Building SupplementConclusion After having done much research on some of the mostI also like to remind bodybuilders of this. Remember that popular body building supplements, I am pleased to report thestaying hydrated will help you maximize your benefits. following about XTreme NO:Dehydration can hinder muscle development and even 1. First of all, XTreme NO did supply that extra boost of energybecome dangerous. Drink at least sixteen ounces of water that is so critical when you’re trying to push yourself a littletwo hours before and after a workout. If you’ve been doing harder in the gym to get those last reps in that have such a hugecardiovascular workouts, amp up your water intake even more impact on muscle growth. And that, of course, will give youto compensate for your sweating. an incredible pump all by itself. (I went into great detail aboutWe always recommend that you get a clean bill of health from exactly how the product worked on the home page so if youyour doctor before starting any exercise routine or taking any haven’t read that, you might want to click here: XTreme NO)OTC supplements. For people with low blood pressure, nitric 2. The “perpetual release” that the manufacturer added to thisoxide supplements are not the right choice for you. formula is AWESOME! It really does help you to keep thatI hope this information has been beneficial to those looking pump for much longer during the day and not just immediatelyfor a good supplement to their workouts. In our opinion, after you work out. In some situations, people have beenfor healthy people, Xtreme NO is the best muscle building assumed to be using steroids (even though they weren’t)supplement that you can buy – check it out today. because of the extended visible results. Dudes, you will not believe how people react to it. 3. The soreness that I typically feel the next day or two after a hard workout was much less noticeable. Though I have to admit that I wear that soreness like a badge of honor sometimes. It’s the way I measure just how hard I pushed myself. However, the downside to the soreness is that it holds me back in my next workout, until the soreness subsides a bit. Taking XTreme NO has made a huge difference in being able to bounce back strong the next day. 4. In my opinion, Xtreme NO is the best Nitric Oxide enhanced body building supplement currently available because of itsOrder XTREME NO Here advance delivery system of Nitric Oxide and oxygen. 5. XTreme NO - More Natural and I Believe It’s Safer Than Other Supplements. Because Xtreme NO is made with aminoRecommended Reading acids that are already found in your body, your body will not have to get used to the effects of a foreign substance. The mainXTreme NO Muscle Builder ingredient in Xtremeno is L-Arginine, an amino acid that is also used to treat heart disease and is know to boost staminaReview - How to Get Ripped In and aid in the body’s production of natural protein.Record Time There are a ton of nutrition and bodybuilding supplementsBy admin on March 17th, 2012 on the market to choose from and most of them are pure garbage. Everyone seems to want the same thing: to burnMarch 17, 2012 fat and gain muscle mass in an effective, fast way. In my opinion, what XtremeNo excels at is in helping you to reach your goals faster. You don’t have to use steroids that have such terrible side effects and can destroy your health (and your manhood). There are also many controversial natural 6
  7. 7. March 17th, 2012 Published by: christaylor3supplements that may cause adverse side effects as well. Thatis totally unnecessary. You don’t have to put up with that anylonger.Check out this before and after shot by a real customer – nota paid model:XTreme NO as a Supplement to YourWorkoutsI’m not going to sit here and tell you that you can take XtremeNO and get great results without working out. That’s just crazyto think it works that way. Body building takes effort – and alot of it. What I like about this product is that it greatly reducesthe time you have to spend in the gym getting those muscles. Italso speeds up the recovery and helps you to get results faster.For bodybuilders who want to have really shredded muscles,taking a supplement may help get you there. Xtreme NoMuscle Builder is a product that may help you become ahealthier, more confident person. It is natural, safe andeffective, so you can put your trust in it.To get more information and to place your order, please clickon the banner below or to see our current specials –Warning: If you are suffering with low blood pressure,you need toAVOID Nitric Oxide SupplementsRecommended Reading 7