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Buschow, Schneider & Ueberheide - Tweeting Television: Exploring communication activities on Twitter while watching TV - ICA 2013


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Buschow, C., Schneider, B. & Ueberheide, S. (2013, June). Tweeting Television: Exploring communication activities on Twitter while watching TV. Paper presented at 63th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, June 19 2013, London, UK.

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Buschow, Schneider & Ueberheide - Tweeting Television: Exploring communication activities on Twitter while watching TV - ICA 2013

  1. 1. TWEETING TELEVISION: EXPLORINGCOMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES ONTWITTER WHILE WATCHING TVChristopher BuschowBeate SchneiderSimon UeberheideInternational Communication Association Annual Conference,Communication and Technology Unit, London, June 19, 2013
  2. 2. http://www.ijk.hmtm-hannover.deSocial TV…… is simultaneous communication on specific TV programs duringbroadcast… takes place e.g. on the social media platform TwitterRQ1: What kind of communication activities do Twitter users engagein while watching TV?RQ2: How do different TV programs influence the communicationactivities of Twitter users?Tweeting Television(Cesar & Chorianopoulos, 2008; Chorianopoulos & Lekakos, 2008; Research and Markets, 2010)2
  3. 3. http://www.ijk.hmtm-hannover.deMethodContent analysis of communication activities on Twitter aboutspecific TV programs while broadcastingThe sample consisted of 31.398 tweets relating to 7 differentGerman TV programsCodebook with items regarding formal aspects, the style ofexpression and comments with reference to the program (e.g.judgements of actors, stories) or to the communityTweeting Television 3
  4. 4. http://www.ijk.hmtm-hannover.deSelection of TV genres and programsTweeting TelevisionGenre Program Channel HashtagCasting showDeutschland sucht denSuperstar (Pop Idol)RTL* #dsdsThe Voice of Germany Pro7* / Sat.1* #voiceIch bin ein Star, holt mich hierraus! (I’m a Celebrity, Get MeOut of Here)RTL* #ibesTV eventSchlag den Raab (Beat the Star) Pro7* #sdrTatort (Crime series) ARD** #tatortTalk show / DebateMaybritt Illner (Political talk) ZDF** #illnerGünter Jauch (Political talk) ARD** #jauchSource: own research; *private broadcastng **public service broadcasting4
  5. 5. http://www.ijk.hmtm-hannover.deRQ1: communication activitiesCluster no. Cluster N %1 Debate about the program 14142 45.12 Fandom 1686 5.43 Critique 1548 4.94 Insult 1143 3.65 Retweet 8294 26.46 Contacting the community 3088 9.87 Discourse 1487 4.731388 99.9*Tweeting TelevisionFocusontheprogramFocusonthecommunity*differences due to rounding errors5
  6. 6. http://www.ijk.hmtm-hannover.deRQ2: different TV programsTweeting TelevisionTV EventsCastingshowsInsultsFandomDebate aboutthe programCritiqueCastingshowsCastingshowsTV EventsCastingshowsRetweetsPolitical TalkCastingshowsDiscoursePolitical TalkTV EventsContacting the CommunityCastingshowsTV Eventsillustration based onStandardized residuals6
  7. 7. http://www.ijk.hmtm-hannover.deDiscussionSocial TV on Twitter is mainly characterized by exchangingcomments on linear television content…… but also used for contacting the community and not necessarilytextually connected to the programDifferent TV programs evoke different styles of communication.This holds true for those German programs researchers expectedas having the highest relevance for Social TV.Tweeting Television 7
  8. 8. Contact:Department of Journalism and Communication ResearchHanover University of Music, Drama and MediaExpo Plaza 1230539 HannoverTelefon +49 (0) 511 31-00-473Telefax +49 (0) 511 31-00-400E-Mail Christopher.Buschow@ijk.hmtm-hannover.deWWW: www.ijk.hmtm-hannover.deTweeting Television