LSIS Technology for Efficiency


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My presentation for the LSIS Technology for Efficiency event, June 14 2011.

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  • Short presentation\n\nA little of our web site development story\n\nI won’t tell you everything, but ask me afterward if you want to know more\n
  • Start of 2009: proprietary web site, homegrown, single developer\n\nCheck out the Way Back Machine for a peek; how we have moved on!\n\nBig risk: limited support, no clear direction\n\nUser experience: poor, confused, not enthused, not involved\n
  • Content: We had loads of content, but it was complex to manage\nChanges: cumbersome, originated from many sources\nConsistency?: just about, but challenging given our many content sources\n
  • Open source: it’s nearly free, but you must watch out\nInvestment: you need to understand the challenge\nSkills: you need to maintain the right skills in house\nRisk: if you have already accounted for the new skills needed, your biggest risk is in the life of the product you choose\n
  • Recognize these? A few years ago you might not have done\nCMS: we had a CMS, but it wasn’t clearly structured\nStructure: these CMS tools provide the structured foundations\nDevelopment: typically, you are working less with code and more with the front end\nDevelopers: developer costs have the potential to be lower with an OSS CMS\n
  • Our ambition was to do less more often - in other words, produce more content without so much effort\nWe’ve almost achieved this, but not without problems; our processes are not perfect\nWe were putting so much time and effort into our old site, but making little difference\nOur new site means that it takes far less time to do anything, and therefore we can do much more of it!\n
  • It’s important to recognise that our users have matured\nThey are more skilled than they ever have been\nWord and Excel are still king, but staff are capable of much more\nDon’t limit them to a narrow tool set\nGive them responsibility\nGive them a chance to show what they can do\n
  • We’ve worked closely with our Marketing team\nThey benefitted immensely from this, as did IT from establishing a close partnership\nNew collaboration opportunities continue to emerge as new contributors take interest\n
  • Our intended end result was achieving a sense of flow:\n - Jobs should follow a clear process\n - Content should appear swiftly\n - The role of the web site should be clear\n
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  • LSIS Technology for Efficiency

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