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HEA UK Centre for Bioscience OER Pilot Project Overview


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A brief outline of our UKOER phase 1 pilot project.

Published in: Education, Technology
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HEA UK Centre for Bioscience OER Pilot Project Overview

  1. 1. Finding, adopting and adapting resources to support practical work can be difficult. Many projects produce outputs that may be suitable for use in other institutions in similar (or even quite different) situations but for some reason fail to get adopted as widely as they might be. Open Educational Resources in the Biosciences Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Laboratory and Fieldwork Resources The project has culminated in a large number of high quality, proven teaching resources being released under a Creative Commons Share-Alike licence. These are available from a freely accessible JISC-supported central repository, JorumOpen, from which resources are easy to discover and download. Further details and links to all our available resources can be found at : Resources A range of formats, including: •Interactive laboratory simulations •Scenario-based learning packages •PowerPoint presentations •Video and Image collections •Pre-lab demonstrations/exercises •Flash-based tutorials •Articulate/Engage activities •Hosted, service-based case studies The UK Centre for Bioscience led a programme across ten institutions to enable the preparation and sharing of open educational resources relating to laboratory and fieldwork teaching, to build an ‘Interactive Laboratory and Fieldwork Manual for the Biosciences’ Benefits Access to high quality teaching and learning resources with accompanying documentation offering guidance on re-using for your own teaching, and information on producing and uploading your own OERs.