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Is Synergy Spanish worth the money? How good is really this course? Synergy Spanish is usually a popular Language learning way for complete beginners.

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synergy spanish bola de nieve members

  1. 1. An Honest Synergy Spanish Review ‘I learned my Spanish by living it and that’s exactly what I will pass on to you, Spanish for you to use inthe real world today.’Marcus Santamaria’s quote above really sums up the way he feels about learning Spanish. What I mustadd to this is I have used Synergy Spanish since 2006 and absolutely love the way Marcus will get youspeaking instantly.Synergy Spanish is not a course steeped in Grammar which is why, If like me you want to converse andnot fight the grammar rules…this could very possibly be for you!!!Most of us, at some time in our life have to juggle a lot on our plate. If you’re trying to learn Spanishwhile looking after a busy family or career then learn from a master.Marcus Santamaria is a teacher of English as a second language. He learnt his Spanish in Mexico whilebringing up a young family so he is only too aware of the difficulties when fitting learning a new skillaround a busy family life.These are great qualifications which make him a force to be reckoned with in the Spanish learning niche.The Spanish he teaches is Mexican influenced but in a Spanish speaking world that is growing it can bean advantage to hear different dialects.From there he created Synergy Spanish.
  2. 2. So let’s take a look at his programmer.Synergy Spanish assumes no prior knowledge of Spanish as it starts at the very beginning and cleverlybuilds and continues to build Spanish words, in a logical pattern that can be used instantly.68 Synergy Spanish audio lessons can be downloaded instantly for immediate use. They are aninvaluable weapon and can be copied onto an ipod or disc for use in the car or when cooking or ironing.A bonus to this that I must share with you is that when used in this way thoe people around you willlearn too…ie, your children!I loved this approach because it allowed me to train my ear and concentration while doing other thingswhich is exactly how interacting with Spanish speakers will work. Sitting with your head in your handstrying to focus on the lesson is NOT the best way to learn Spanish.Spanish sounds rapid and will catch you unaware so try learning in an environment that requires you tojuggle.Ah… you’re still with me? Then let’s crack on….While Synergy Spanish makes no claim to teach to fluency, many of us just want to get by in Spanish andconverse. This course will achieve that but as always it will depend on how much time you are willing toput in.While there is no facility to interact with the audio, the gaps in the narrative are set so that you can copythe phrases out load, stop the CD whenever you want, replay for more practice or skip forward if needbe.Marcus has set out to use only useful Spanish words and phrases and he has done a fabulous job atisolating the sorts of problems and conversations that will come up. There is doubt that you will be ableto use what he teaches instantly because you will learn Spanish words in context and conversation withother Spanish words rather than learn them as a forgettable list.
  3. 3. Synergy Spanish is based on you learning and combining a mere 138 words to make thousands ofcompletely useful Spanish phrases.‘This is the most powerful secret for your successful communication in Spanish.’While his website is littered with testimonials there is an absence of a forum which is a shame as there isso much to share in the Spanish learning world that can be gained from chatting and sharing with oneanother.What People Are Saying“Excellent course–well worth the modest price! It proves that even this “senior citizen” can learn Spanish.Your course is well-thought-out, student-friendly, and it offered everything your advertisement stated!Me encanta!”“Marcus, Marcus, Marcus… you just never stop “GIVING”. You are a very special person who “truly” caresabout helping others to learn to speak Spanish. I feel very privileged to have found you in my journey tolearn to speak Spanish.”Conclusion  Grammar is not high on the agenda which avoids the pitfalls that stop so many people achieving their dream and gets you talking straight away.  Being able to email Marcus for a quick response is a great touch, although I found few questions came up, the course is self-explanatory.  60 day money back guarantee. $67, Instant access.  After experiencing great results from Synergy Spanish I award the programme a well-deserved 4.5 Star review. Don’t delay, enough procrastinating! Kick start your new hobby with one single Click‘It Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are, Or What Experience You Have Had With Spanish, NowCommunicating In Spanish Is Possible For Everyone’Synergy Spanish has been around for a long time and the creator Marcus Santamaria is one of the mostreputable people in the industry.