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Introducing the New Google Plus Local


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Google introduced of its very own social networking platform. How would it fare next to giants like Facebook and Twitter? Businesses finds that a Google Plus business page can pack a lot of punch when it comes to marketing, branding, and building a credible Internet presence. For More Information, Take advantage of everything Google Places has to offer by enlisting the help of competent professionals like us, SPANCEPT. Contact Us Today!

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Introducing the New Google Plus Local

  1. 1. Google introduced ofits very own socialnetworking platform: Businesses finds that a Google Google recently made Google Plus Plus business page can pack a lot business pages virtually mandatory of punch when it comes to for businesses concerned with marketing, branding, and maintaining the web status quo, with building a credible Internet the announcement that Google Plus presence. is completely absorbing Google Places, in the form of Google Plus Local.
  2. 2. enable real-time interaction between businesses andsend out direct their customersmessages to thempost regular updates both businesses and customers will be able to filter, search, and organize their contacts in Google + circles
  3. 3. Now, instead of displaying abusiness’ page in a list ofsearch engine results,Google will provide websurfers with more interactiveGoogle + Local pages by wayof several different avenues. In addition to Google.comsearch engine results pages,Google + Local listings willalso appear when userssearch Google Maps andGoogle Plus, and also whenthey make use of Googlemobile apps.
  4. 4. Whereas Google Places relied on a5-star scales to convey averageuser review ratings, the new Google+ format makes use of somethingcalled the Zagat score. The Zagatscore is more comprehensive –including marks for a number ofcategories related to each specifictype of business – and the 0 to 30range is therefore indicative of abusiness’ rating on a broad range offactors.