Do You Know Your Restaurants Online Marketing Strategy


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We are a company that offers internet marketing consulting services. We help businesses create custom marketing strategies to maximize their income. We will create your entire internet marketing strategy:
A WordPress site, A Mobile version of your site, A landing page to build a list of potential customers, A Social Media strategy, Facebook Fan Page and YouTube Channel. Get In Touch Today!

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Do You Know Your Restaurants Online Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Do you know your restaurant’s online marketing strategy?
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Who are we?• We are a company that • We offer: offers internet – Websites marketing consulting – Mobile Websites services – Mobile Landing Pages• We help businesses – Social Media campaigns create custom marketing • Facebook • YouTube strategies to maximize their income
  4. 4. WordPress
  5. 5. WordPress• Most website owners don’t have control over their website’s content and design• Being an expert with HTML, CSS and PHP is not necessary anymore• This means every time you want to change a menu, add a new offer or inform your clients, you don’t need to call your webmaster!
  6. 6. WordPress Is FREE!• WordPress is a slick free tool that’s easy to use• Only high quality themes cost money• Expenses are minimal after you get your theme and your site set up!
  7. 7. Setup• The problem is WordPress can be challenging to setup• Installing your handpicked theme often requires an expert
  8. 8. After The Setup• WordPress is very easy to use• No technical background necessary• Adding or editing content is easy as pie!
  9. 9. Boosts SEO• Search Engine • …and with the help of the Optimization means right plugins you will get ranking #1 in Google there in no time!• Ranking high is a must for restaurants• Google likes WordPress!• Just by having WordPress you will be more likely to get a better ranking!
  10. 10. Pick Your Theme• There are countless hot WordPress themes• Some can fit the style of your restaurant more than others• So pick and choose the right one for your restaurant!
  11. 11. Plugins• Using plugins will allow you to customize your WordPress site• The right plugins will save you time and money• An inexpensive and high quality way to build your website
  12. 12. Mobile Sites
  13. 13. Mobile Sites• Mobile is getting hotter by the day!• When people get hungry they search for you with their smartphones• Mobile websites convert potential customers into paying customers much more effectively
  14. 14. Crank Up Your Revenues• The mobile web is the fastest growing communication channel in history• According to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, the Mobile Web is growing 8 times faster than the original first wave of online Internet adoption• Soon it will be the Mobile Web that will be the #1 source of information in the world!
  15. 15. Crank Up Your Revenues• Not having a mobile website is as good as saying “I don’t want greater income”• People on the go and tourists frequently use their smartphones to find a place where they can eat• Having a mobile presence is not an option any more!
  16. 16. Customer Engagement • Be connected to your customers anywhere and anytime! • Customers can: – take advantage of your specials and coupons – opt-in for coupons or event information in your restaurant – make a reservation – and much much more!
  17. 17. Enhanced Experience• Modern customers want • Forward-thinking an easy experience restaurants are adding – In the restaurant diet and calorie – On the web information to their – From their smartphone online menus
  18. 18. Customers as brand advocates• 67% of mobile web viewers are more likely to recommend your restaurant than desktop viewers• Younger customers prefer the mobile version of your site
  19. 19. The Art Of Not Missing Out On Business • Mobile marketing represents a great opportunity to all restaurants • Your customers are on the move. – They might be just around the corner but will they know about you? • Get those last minute customers by going mobile!
  20. 20. The Art Of Not Missing Out On Business• Remember customers want to interact with you just as much as you want to interact with them• An optimized mobile version of your site is a must for any restaurant that cares about it’s customers…not having one is missed income• Even small businesses are going mobile!• So stay competitive!
  21. 21. MobileLandingPages
  22. 22. Mobile Landing Pages• Why a mobile landing • You need to capture the page when you can have contact information of a full-blown mobile these potential version of your website? customers• When customers are visiting your site they leave no trace – you can’t tell anyone was ever there
  23. 23. Contact Your Customers• Contacting your customers and informing them about your special events and offers increases revenue• Without customer contact information you can’t stay in touch• So how do you get their contact information?
  24. 24. Make A List Of Your Customers• A landing page is an • Give away freebies & effective and simple capture their info! way of gathering a potential customer’s contact information• Create a landing page with a special offer in exchange for an email or a phone number
  25. 25. Spread The Word• Now you have a list of your regular and potential customers!• Contact them with interesting offers and you will not be flagged as spam• Instead they will be happy to come back and will refer their friends to you!• Your revenues will keep on rising!
  26. 26. SocialMedia
  27. 27. Social Media• Social Media is here to • Social Media doesn’t stay cost money, only time• It is a relatively • Resistance to Social inexpensive marketing Media is futile! tool• Particularly useful for smaller businesses that cannot afford big marketing campaigns
  28. 28. Compete• Your competitors are already making it big in the Social Media world• If your business does not have a social media presence you will miss out on revenues• Your competitors are engaging customers using Social Media. It’s time to compete!
  29. 29. Get Involved• Social Media is not just about creating a Facebook Fan page• Active management is essential• Listen to your customers’ feedback• Converse with your customers• Build rapport
  30. 30. Be User Friendly • Link your Social Media pages with your site • Don’t depend on customers to hunt down your Social Media themselves – more than half are sure to give up! • Place links in the front and center so no one will miss them! • Make it easy for them to refer you (or like you)
  31. 31. Rewards• Reward all those that • Offer discounts, free take time to write you drinks or special positive referrals treatment like preferred• Rewards will seating to all those who incentivize others to recommend your join in! restaurant• Create a snowball effect with positive referrals and dominate your competitors!
  32. 32. Improve• Analyze both good and • It is impossible to reach bad feedback gathered perfection but there is from Social Media great success for those• Keep the good and fix who try! the bad • The customer’s point of view is important and their feedback may be invaluable!
  33. 33. Branding• Social Media is great for creating your brand!• Make your brand known to the whole world!• Attract not only locals but also people from other cities and countries!
  34. 34. Options• There are many social media platforms…too many in fact…• It might be overwhelming at first for restaurants that are just starting out with Social Media• Let us help you get connected!
  35. 35. acebook
  36. 36. Facebook Fan Pages• Facebook is the most popular social media platform• Facebook Fan Pages are a great way to collect feedback from your customers
  37. 37. Facebook Is Big• There are currently over 900 million users on Facebook• Nothing builds an even bigger crowd as an already established crowd• Facebook attracts everyone!
  38. 38. Spread The Word• Spread your brand!• Spread information about your special events and offers!• Facebook allows you to choose your target audience – Use that to effectively drive customers to your business
  39. 39. Reputation• Collect feedback from your customers and respond to their questions• Raise your responsiveness – improve your reputation!• Thousands of fans will provide you with the reputation and a promotional channel to boot!
  40. 40. Build Relationships • Facebook Fan Pages are an amazing opportunity to build relationships with your customers • Make your fan page less about you and more about your customers • Don’t spam – let your promotions be of value to others
  41. 41. YouTube
  42. 42. YouTube • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world • Having a YouTube Channel helps your SEO • Combine Facebook with YouTube to drive even more traffic
  43. 43. Turn It Into A Video• Turn your events and advertisements into a video!• Stream your cooks making food and show it to customers• Everybody likes videos – get your customers excited!
  44. 44. Google Owns YouTube• You might not be aware but Google bought YouTube• Creating a YouTube channel will instantaneously increase your SEO• Use video to score higher in Google’s search results!
  45. 45. Promotion & Branding• YouTube isn’t just for watching cute kittens• Every big company and most small businesses have a YouTube channel• You need to compete!• Do you want to lose to that Chinese restaurant across the street just because they have a YouTube channel and you don’t?
  46. 46. Your Own Broadcast• A good video gives a better impression than any photo• YouTube is like a personal TV station – broadcast your advertisements for free to the whole world!
  47. 47. Our WordPress Offer• We will install WordPress on your site!• We will install your handpicked theme!• We will insert your initial content!
  48. 48. Our Mobile Offer• We will make a full-blown mobile version of your website!• We will custom design unique graphics to suit your restaurant’s needs!
  49. 49. Our Landing Offer• We will create your mobile landing page for you!• Your mobile landing page will be designed to insure that it converts visitors to customers
  50. 50. Our Facebook offer• We will create your Facebook Fan Page for you!• We will help you create your Facebook marketing strategy!
  51. 51. Our YouTube Offer• We will create your YouTube channel for you!• We will help you integrate YouTube with your website!• We will work with you to create a custom clip designed with a call to action
  52. 52. Our Combined Offer• We will create your entire internet marketing strategy: – A WordPress site – A Mobile version of your site – A landing page to build a list of potential customers – A Social Media strategy • Facebook Fan Page • YouTube Channel
  53. 53. Get In Touch Today!• Email address: –• Phone number: – (587) 331-9288• Website: –