Betty bets


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  • Vendre est idée représente un défi. Il consiste d'abord à obtenir l'accord de vos auditeurs sur votre message et ensuite à les inciter à agir. Utilisez la « Formule Motivante » mise en évidence par Dale Carnegie Training® pour que vos présentations incitent à une action : Preuve - Action - Bienfait.
  • Commencez votre présentation en relatant un événement qui suscite l'attention. Choisissez un événement qui concerne l'assistance. L'événement est la preuve qui vient appuyer l'action et qui prouve ses bienfaits. En commençant par un événement motivant, vous préparez votre assistance à l'action qui va suivre.
  • Énoncez l'action. Elle doit être spécifique, claire et brève. Assurez-vous que vous pouvez visualiser l'assistance exécutant l'action. Si vous ne le pouvez, l'assistance ne le pourra pas non plus. Parlez avec confiance de l'action pour mieux motiver l'assistance pour agir.
  • Pour compléter la formule Preuve - Action - Bienfait de Dale Carnegie Training®, faites suivre l'énoncé de l'action des bienfaits qu'elle apportera. Tenez compte des intérêts, besoins et préférences de l'assistance. Crédibilisez les bienfaits par des preuves, par exemple, des statistiques, démonstrations, témoignages qualifiés, événements ou aides visuelles (objets, photos et documents).
  • Pour conclure, rappelez l'action que vous recommandez et terminez par ses bienfaits. Parlez avec conviction et confiance pour vendre votre idée.
  • Betty bets

    1. 1. 29/01/15 1 The joke that brings you luck! Copyright 1996-99 © Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.
    2. 2. 29/01/15 2 One day, an old lady went to the Bank of Canada with a large bag full of money. The old lady insisted on speaking to the president of the Bank in order to open a savings account because, she said, she had a lot of money.
    3. 3. 29/01/15 3 After much discussion an employee took her to the office of the president. The president of the Bank asked her how much she wanted to deposit. She said $165,000.
    4. 4. 29/01/15 4 Curious, he asked her how she had saved such a large sum of money. The old lady said she made bets. The president, quite surprised, asked: “Which kind of bets?” The old lady said: “For example, I bet you $25,000 that your testicles are square”.
    5. 5. 29/01/15 5 The president started to laugh and pointed out that this kind of bet was impossible to win! The old lady replied: “Would you like to make a bet?” “Certainly”, answered the president, “I can guarantee you that my testicles are not square”.
    6. 6. 29/01/15 6 The old lady said to him: “Given the size of the bet, I’ll come back tomorrow at 10 AM with my lawyer as a witness, if it’s alright with you”. “No problem” said the president.
    7. 7. 29/01/15 7 That evening, the president became very nervous about the bet and spent a long time in front of his mirror examining his testicles, turning them in all directions, again and again, in order to make sure that his testicles could not be seen as square and therefore be sure to win this bet.
    8. 8. 29/01/15 8 On the next day, 10 AM sharp, the old lady arrived with her lawyer at the office of the president.
    9. 9. 29/01/15 9 The president then dropped his trousers so that she and her lawyer could see everything. The old lady came closer and asked him if she could touch them.
    10. 10. 29/01/15 10 “Of course please do!”, said the president, given the fact that there was so much money involved, “you must be 100% sure.”
    11. 11. 29/01/15 11 The lady, smiling, started to do so..
    12. 12. 29/01/15 12 The president looked up to see the lawyer banging his head against the wall. He asked the old lady “What is he doing?”
    13. 13. 29/01/15 13 She answered: “It’s probably because I bet him $100,000 that around 10 AM today, I would be holding the testicles of the president of the Bank of Canada in my hands!”
    14. 14. 29/01/15 14 The origin of this Canadian story is unknown, but it brings luck to all those who receive it. The person who breaks the chain will certainly be quite unlucky. Do not keep this joke. Send it to five of your friends who you wish luck. You will see that something good will happen in the next four days. Besides, this will make everybody laugh, so share it! If you send this joke to more than 5 people: you will have luck during the 5 next years, in addition to the luck that will come to you within 4 days.