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Laughter and its beneficial effects on human health.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Laughter is the bestm e d i c i n e. PRESENTED BYMOHAMMAD SHAHADAT HOSSAIN
  3. 3. Benefits of Laughter• Effects Laughter moves lymph and oxygenates our organs .• on cardiovascular.• Immune function.• Stress and natural killer cell activity.• Muscle Relaxation.• Pain Reduction .• Social Benefits of Laughter.
  4. 4. Oxygenation• Laughter moves lymph and oxygenates your organs, thereby help in- immune system function and helps clear out old, - Dead waste products from organs and tissues. _ cancer
  5. 5. Effects oncardiovascular• release of beta-endorphins - high affinity for mu3 opiate receptors .• positive emotions lead to the direct release of NO, thereby lowers blood pressure and associated biological consequences. 
  6. 6. Immune function• boosts immune function by raising levels of infection- fighting T-cells, disease-fighting proteins called Gamma- interferon and B-cells, which produce disease-destroying antibodies. Boosts immune function! Just laugh
  7. 7. Stress and natural killercell activity.• Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline), dopamine and growth hormone .• Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins, the bodys natural painkillers, and produces a general sense of well-being. stress! Just smile
  8. 8. Muscle Relaxation -- Belly laugh results in muscle relaxation. While we laugh, the muscles that do not - participate in the belly laugh, relaxes- Laughing is aerobic, providing a workout for the diaphragm and increasing the bodys ability to use oxygen. Relax
  9. 9. Pain Reduction• Humor allows a person to "forget" about pains such as aches, arthritis, etc Oh. aches! Gets Oh. aches! Gets free medicine
  10. 10. Social Benefits ofLaughter• Laughter connects us with others. Also, laughter is contagious, so if we bring more laughter into our life, we can most likely help others around us to laugh more, and realize these benefits as well.• By elevating the mood of those around us, you can reduce their stress levels, and perhaps improve the quality of social interaction we experience with them, reducing our stress level even more! Social beings! laugh