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Plessy v ferguson

A project by Christian Horton for EDUC 203-106 of the fall 2012 semester at Towson University

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Plessy v ferguson

  1. 1. What I Will Discuss• How and when did it begin?• What issue emerged?• What was the case’s path to Supreme Court?• What Constitutional issue was involved?• What was the Court’s decision?• When did the Court render its decision?• What rationale did each side offer for its position?• What has been some fallout of this decision?
  2. 2. Separate Car Act Homer A. Plessy 1/8 African 7/8 Caucasian Judge John H. Ferguson
  3. 3. CanIs Louisiana’s law of “Separate but Equal” constitutional?
  4. 4. What was decided?
  5. 5. Separate but equal?
  6. 6. Plessy v Ferguson was overruled by “”Brown v Board”In 1954
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