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Research paper jamie


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Research paper jamie

  1. 1. Jamie Anderson<br />Ms. Archey<br />English Literature<br />1 April 2011<br />The Harlem Renaissance<br />There was nothing more exciting as Harlem in the 1920’s. During this time, “The streets were crowded. The nightclubs were hopping. The theaters were packed to the rafters,” and was just crazy and fun(Giovainni book source 5) Harlem Renaissance was the time black African Americans began a vast creative period where many produced various works in art, music and literature. The Harlem Renaissance aided in the birth of the African American author and poet and allowed self expression to flow through music writing and the arts. The Harlem Renaissance began in the 1920 in New York this was the new time of living for an African American. <br /> In the early part the twentieth century the black start moving for the south to north before they march to the north it did not matter to them what price they might have to pay but move they did the move to St. Louis, Chicago, and Harlem looking for peace, prosperity and freedom. This stared the great migration this movement brought numerous African American to Harlem. <br /> To make their living easy over time African American started making music art and poetry. They made a big change in the living of the U.S mina people look at this as the start of a new way of living and the way of the African American this made mina new ideas and thing in the north stats Harlem became a symbol of pride and achievement, and also a place of opportunity and fantasy. The music like jazz, cabarets, and Prohibion-era speakeasies brought numerous white to Harlem many fascinated with African American.<br /> There were many factors that led to the Harlem Renaissance over time<br />The end of slaver over time that is one of the many reasons that the Harlem Renaissance came to. The great migration was a another reason why the Harlem Renaissance came so fast to the northern parts of states it was only a matter of time before African American businesses, church, and other communal organizations moved to Harlem. With the lack of readily available urban transportation discouraged residents from moving to some areas of Harlem.<br />Harlem the Mecca of New Negro<br />“Though it served as a creative stimulus of sorts, this external interest in Harlem represents only one aspect of the period; it also the era of the new Negro” (Harlem Renaissance). The words new Negro comes from epitomize the quest for self-identity and desire to move beyond the stereotypes that remained from the era of slavery. “In 1925, Alain Locke leading African American philosopher and cultural critic polished an important anthology-The New Negro.<br />In the new negro included essays discussing art, music, and literature” (Wills Scott, New Negro). During the Harlem Renaissance Harlem served as a big important cultural and literary place so a lot of people like the life style that was in Harlem and the places was so much fun and fill with new life thing and sound that made white and black very easy with each other .it help make new jobs and more work for mina people most lei blacks. “During the Harlem renaissance a new and importance and emphasis was give to displaying African American achievements and contributions to American history”. (Harlem Renaissance)<br />The freedom gained through the abolition of slavery gave African American people a new down of creativity. The end of world war1 stared an unprecedented period of black creativity. There was a lot of art and new pictures in the new world of the galleys in Harlem doing the after math of the war mina new faces shoed up after the war and new black art was all over the face of thing like on the side of billings in on the corners of the Harlem stores. The sound off blacks and white together in one place it was making a big thing at the time you saw little art and sound from black be for the war and the war stop a lot of black for filling free even thou they was in the north a lot still did not fill like they was free from the white who help them.<br /> African American were published and laid the foundation for mina more black to pick up more work .This was one the mina thing that help the black grow as a big move mint that put out new thing that they can make work out of like selling their art and music that led to more work for each other like the blacks that cud make music art poetry and books that help make life easier. The black that had the skills but cud not get work in white stores and places if they had skills to make something out of nothing the black with their owned stores was happy to help them with work and other thing they cud do for them. But there Literature that up lifted African American .Now the work was on for the black’s .Blacks for all walks of life was doing thing to help with each other In Harlem they made books and other thing like poetry in make plays. Langston Hughes said it best in his poet “Dark Tower”.<br /> We have tomorrow<br />Bright before us<br />Like a flame<br />Yeserday, a night-gone thing <br />A sun-down name.<br />And Dawn Today <br />Broad arch about the road we came<br />We March!<br />Literature that Demonstrate how little they defiant from white .They did not show much defiant for white people with their style of Literature and spelling in their books, songs, and poetry. This is one of the was the black showed how much saints they had doing the move mint in how they was doing thing that made the white look at the in the same way they look at other white at this time. The way they did thing and showed their talents was what they considered as high art in the African American way. They had much more to offer to the white in Harlem doing this time prated the black like to make more than just good poetry and books, and grate art, and Literature. The sound and new music the walk in Harlem with was just the thing that was missing from Harlem streets and nightclubs .The black Renaissance begin the jazz age. The Party was on, and Harlem was at the center of what (F.Scott Fitzgerald) come to call “The Jazz Age”. This music was the thing that made people come to the streets and dance and hop around feeling good about the new time that was going on this what all store owner want the more people moved around the more money they make off there drinks and food to make their day. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />