Memes and other thoughts


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Using memetics to better understand unstructured data. In particular replication, trends and influence.

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Memes and other thoughts

  1. 1. getting the best information from unstructured dataMEMES AND OTHER THOUGHTS
  2. 2. DEFINITIONS - MEME Mimeme (or Meme) is a unit of cultural transmission, or imitation and replication and analogous to genes in that it requires humans to replicate. Memes can be subject to change through variation, mutation, competition and or inheritance. Examples: tunes, ideas, catch-phrases, clothes fashion, ways of making pots or building arches (Richard Dawkins) Complex Meme - set of connected memes that carry a single thought object – somewhat akin to German language constructions – Autobahnraststätte = car-road-rest-station or highway service station
  3. 3. NEW DEFINITION - MEME Mimeme (or Meme) - a unit of thought that can be acquired through acute observation (rare) or cultural transmission (education, publication, broadcast). Like genes and alleles memes require a complementary unit (alleme) for replication. Replication can be simple imitation or depending on the alleme(s) a mutation, variation, redefinition or augmentation of the original meme or meme complex. Meme Storage Life – Humans can store 1,000,000s of memes and the associated complementary units in memory, depending on strength and use of mental muscle. It is possible that less exercised brain remembers alleme over meme.
  4. 4. NEW DEFINITIONS - ALLEME Alleme – similar to alleles in genetics, memes need partner(s) to build a chromosomal pair for transmission. Allemes provide the cultural and mutable information that helps make memes consumable. Can be direct or indirect (ie intended/unintended) Examples – Tone, color, cultural disposition, time, source pedigree, freshness Complex Alleme - set of connected allemes that carry multiple inferences that can be applied to single of complex memes Examples – LMAO, fundamentalist, groovy (compare your parent saying this versus Austin Powers)
  5. 5. PENCIL - A MEMETIC ILLUSTRATION The word “pencil” appears every other second on Twitter Cumberland and Pencil skirt Lakeland top UK brand Steinbeck Pen – from Yellow Cumbrian and Dahl Latin Penna pencils top “Pencil thin” products = only write in = a feather US brand high quality pencil Yellow UK + DE Pencil Grey Knotts Pen-cil or ban export “Pencil in” = represents sketch or mine in UK Bleistift = of pencils to make an Austrian notes = only solid Lead Pen France appointment flag/ orient rough copy deposit (Napoleonic war) Originally Austrian Graphite Graphite called Kohinor from Greek Cedar thought to plumbago pencil = v grapho to provides best contain lead Latin: lead high quality draw/write casing Round pencils Graphite Graphite Needs casing Graphite clay Ubiquitous Revisable with easy tomakes marks breaks easily as protection compound writing eraser tip sharpen Memes Allemes
  6. 6. INNOVATION AND MEMESInnovation occurs when a Peanut Chocolate Buttermeme or complex meme isimproved either through Peanutevolution (one plus-ing ) or by Butterits juxtaposition to new and Smoothcomplementary meme(s) Peanut ButterInnovation occurs similarly So simplewith allemes. Did the a caveman caveman invent fire? can do it. Can GeicoInnovation of Meme/Alleme save youhybrids occurs on evolving 15% on car Did little insurance?structures, but new meme piggy cry Geico commercials “wee weecomplexes may need new wee’ all the 2009-2012 way home?alleme companions. Memes Allemes
  7. 7. NEW DEFINITIONS – CONTINUED Anallemic – the closest description to pure thought (e.g. the smallest particle of matter is an atom – Democritus 700 BC) Anallemic memes are devoid of the color and cultural spin of allemes. These memes may also be regarded as principles or fundamental truths. Oballemic – memes that are fully obscured by allemes, e.g. sugar water – Pepsi offers free song downloads on Twitter or the medium is the message. Marshall McLuhan also said, “A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding”.
  8. 8. NEW DEFINITIONS - INFLUENCE Influence – an alleme or set of allemes that excite the replication and transmission of memes/allemes positively or negatively. Influence Graph – the degree of influence the transmitter contributes to the replication and retransmission of memes. The degree depends on pedigree (i.e. bloodline of authority), as well as tone, context and timing . However a strong influencer in the replication chain enables non-influencers to experience vicarious authority. Influence Factors - authority is just one factor, other allemic factors include celebrity, humor, sensationalism, gossip, partisanship ……