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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Teaching & LearningPersonal Development, Health& Physical Education (PDHPE) in Primary Schools
  2. 2. WHAT IS PDHPE?PDHPE is one of six key learningareas (KLAs) in the primarycurriculum. It covers a largenumber of topics including safeliving, nutrition, growth anddevelopment, games, sportsand how to lead an activelifestyle.
  3. 3. WHY TEACH PDHPE? PDHPE is an all all-rounded subject that focuses ondeveloping many skills, valuesand attitudes needed in order to lead a healthy lifestyle beneficial for now and the future.
  4. 4. HOW IS PDHPE TAUGHT? with•Each PDHPE lesson has a purposea focus on syllabus aims andobjectives.•PDHPE lessons also incorporate otherKLAs (Eg: literacy and numeracy skills).•PDHPE follows the game senseand fair play approach whichencourages the participation of allstudents.
  5. 5. Most importantly, lessons are planned to be FUN,ENGAGING, informative and INSPIRING!