How to make IT interview successful


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How to make IT interview successful

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How to make IT interview successful

  1. 1. THE SUCCESSFUL IT INTERVIEWHelpful tips to help prepare for the interview, from apparel to responding to difficult questions…
  2. 2. ▸ How to get your profile short listed▸ How to make your profile Unique▸ How to convince Job Recruiter▸ Questions To Ask Before The Interview▸ Before the Interview▸ How to prepare for the Interview▸ Where to prepare for Interview▸ How to start with Interviewer▸ 5 Best Practices for any interview▸ What To Do After The Interview
  3. 3. How to get your profile shortlisted Recruiter hardly spends not more 15 seconds – Somake sure to highlight your strengths in bullet points asProfessional summary on top of page not more than 5-6points. Recruiter Search for the right profile using SearchTerms – Make sure your profile Roles, Experience,summary should consist those search terms. Ex:Experience in banking Industry, 2 Implementations etc., Explain your previous Roles, Experience in very simple &Clear.
  4. 4. How to make your profile Unique▸ Your CV Should not more than 5 pages▸ List your profile highlights as professional summary column to understand quickly.▸ Highlight sentences which are profile highlights.▸ Your CV should represents WHAT YOU ARE▸ Avoid unnecessary colors & keep it as simple as you can.▸ Avoid repeating of same sentence or meaning
  5. 5. How to convince Job Recruiter Job Recruiter is the first gateway – Give enough informationas you can. Recruiter should convinced that you’re the right fit for theexpected job. Explain him/her why you are right to the given job – all thetimes recruiter may not be from same area where you are in. Give relevant information which gives waitage to yourprofile.
  6. 6. Questions to ask before Interview▸ Make sure to ask for a Job requirement from the recruiter.▸ Make sure those are listed in your profile, if not add those and send updated one.▸ Add relevant experience if you have on those areas.▸ Highlight & explain your experience & experty specific to those areas.
  7. 7. Before the Interview Research The Company Ask Some Questions How many people will be interviewing me?Will I be the only one interviewed during this time? What kind of questions will be asked? How can I best prepare for the interview? What are the names of my interviewers?
  8. 8. How to prepare for the Interview▸ 90% of questions are asked only from your CV▸ Analyze/review what your experience, roles & Responsibilities▸ Prepare a small note with points which you want to cover during the interview.▸ Prepare well about your previous project Business Scenario▸ Be confident – Whether you say correct or wrong.▸ Never ever nervous – 75% of interviews fails just because of this reason.▸ Interview’s intention is to know how perfect you are for their job, not how proficient you are.
  9. 9. Where to prepare for the interview Help document is the bible for any IT professional.Know where you get that, that is the only way to make you expert for newfunctionality. Google various case studies, which gives you live experience, how it theydelivered.
  10. 10. How to start with Interviewer▸ Be pleasant & cool▸ Introduce yourself as simple as clear▸ Create a friendly & casual discussion environment.▸ Don’t try to impress the interviewer rather try proving that you are the best fit for their role.▸ Golden Rule – Always try to give real time job Examples than a definition.▸ First 20 minutes or first 5 Technical Questions mostly decides your success.▸ Try correct answers to at least 70% of questions for a positive feedback▸ Remember most of the interview questions are asked from your CV since you got shortlisted because of your roles, experience.
  11. 11. 5 Best Practices for Interview▸ Always relay on HELP Document for learning.▸ Know what you mentioned in your CV.▸ Rehearsal as many times as you can to keep yourself comfortable.▸ Answer with examples but not with definitions.▸ Show any testimonials/Feedbacks you received with respect to job.
  12. 12. What to do after Interview Always Keep note of Interview Questions. Identify & Analyze your mistakes. Forget if you got failed & Plan for better attempt.
  13. 13. To schedule an appointment with the Career Counselor e-mail us. Choodamani Infotech Ltd, UK & India /