How to Study! Learn Study Techniques?


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We all know someone who needs better Study Habits. Our spouses, kids, friends. The list goes on and on.There are so many different study habits and techniques. Which ones are the best? Is there a best one? I think the best study habits are the ones that work for you.. For more information, go to

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How to Study! Learn Study Techniques?

  1. 1. ***********************************************************************Learn Great Study Techniques! Make better Grades!*********************************************************************** Study Techniques for Students – A Guide to Be Undertaken to Pass School Needless to say, one way of dealing with this is to study even before the final examsdates. If you keep on putting it off reasoning out that it is still too early to study, then you findyourself cramming and deluge with a lot of reading and studying to do. And you know verywell that one night is not sufficient for this. Having this habit will lead you nowhere but tobeing expelled. Procrastination is one attitude that you should not have as a student. Get some self-discipline in managing your time for studies, home and relaxing. To be in school is not just forthe sake of being there and meeting people. You need to have the eagerness to learn and theaim to pass your subjects. Set your priorities and apply the possible study techniques forstudents which you can make use of. Make studying an enjoyable one. Do not look at studying as a hard thing. Studying must not be taken as a pain in theneck. As a matter of fact, you can make it enjoyable and entertaining. You can have a studygroup that includes friends who are keen on passing their subjects. Select a conducive area forstudying. It can be in a garden, a park, in a zoo as long as your attention will not be diverted toother things. Sometimes, studying in these areas can be of help as it breaks the monotony ofstillness. You can also have some music at the background while studying. Make a diary for studying. One of the study techniques for students is to keep a study schedule will guide you toobserve and manage your time. Distractions such as extracurricular activities, partying and ballgames can be well managed. You only need to check your schedule if it will affect orcomplicate your study hours. Make use of the SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review) Survey pertains to your assessing the chapters incorporated in the lessons. This willgive you a plan as to what can be assimilated. Pinpoint the difficult areas, make questions andcombine the answers taken from your study group. You can do additional readings just so youcan check whether you fully understand the topic. Then do a review of the items that you havediscussed or studied and put yourself to test.
  2. 2. The survey, question, read, recites and review or SQ3R plus appropriate management oftime are the fundamentals of the studying techniques for students. As I have said, studyingneed not be a stressing thing because if it is, all the more will you find it hard. Remember thatyour brain will function better if it is relax and that will lead to a better understanding of yourlessons. Putting together these three suggestions are the surest best ways to study for a test.Nonetheless, you need to have a good deal of determination in pursuing these techniques so asto pass school with flying colors. Memory test software is now available for students which also serve as a notebook andflash cards. As soon as the needed information have been documented and classified, questionsare being created by the software based on the classifications. Answers are then evaluated andthe students weak points are established. Employing study techniques for students is a tool which every learner should adopt.Exams will never be a distressing thing anymore once you stick to these methods.Study techniques for students: study techniques for students & straight A student.Article Source:***********************************************************************Learn Great Study Techniques! Make better Grades!***********************************************************************