John Deere ISG Agile Update


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Here is the latest status of our agile adoption.

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  • world’s population is projected to climb from approximately 7 billion today to more than 9 billion by 2050.To put it bluntly, our world has a problem. We must double the food supply – double what we produce today in the next 40 years, and do so in a sustainable manner if we are to feed tomorrow's global citizens.Consider that by the time I finish my remarks this morning, about 4,500 people will have joined the ranks of the global population. That's 9,000 new inhabitants of the earth every hour!
  • 30 percent more mouths to feed
  • we must double output with basically the same amount of land, water and other inputs such as fertilizer.Agriculture will be called on to produce more food than in the previous 10,000 years, with little or no increase in resources.Many people don't realize that much of the world's productive agricultural land is already in use. While incremental acreage can be brought into production, it tends to be less fertile, more costly to farm, and often less suitable for sustainable agriculture.
  • Clean water is also becoming increasingly scarce – both for urban and industrial needs, as well as for agriculture irrigation. Water scarcity already affects a significant portion of the population on every continent. Expanding industrialization and urbanization further increases the competition with agriculture for available fresh water.
  • For example, you might be surprised to learn that today's large John Deere tractors have more lines of software code than early space shuttles!In fact, our GPS technology can guide a tractor and implement in the field with near-perfect precision. This means less overlap in tillage and chemical application, saving time and money and minimizing environmental impacts.
  • R&A 2.2% -> 1.7%Time to Product Decrease 20%Employee Engagement 71% -> 78%
  • John Deere ISG Agile Update

    1. 1. Agile @ a BIG Company
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    3. 3. 9,000,000,000
    4. 4. Source: Simmons (2009)
    5. 5. September 20, 2010 - All In
    6. 6. Scrum Training 100+EPDP & Agile | February 2010 14
    7. 7. Release Planning 800+
    8. 8. 18
    9. 9.
    10. 10. Epic Feature Story Task Product Product Define / Product Line Manager Owner Build /Management Team Test Team
    11. 11. Release
    12. 12. Epic 1Epic 2Epic 3Epic 4Epic 5Epic 6 Epic 7
    13. 13. If the decision were solely up to you, would your team continue using Scaled Agile? 2% 128 surveyed 97% Yes No
    14. 14. #WINNINGField Issue Resolution Time 42% Warranty Expenses 50% Time to Production 20% First to Market 20% Employee Engagement 9.8% (71->78)
    15. 15. • Commitments• Quality• System Integration• Technical Debt• Technical Practices• Small Releases
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