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Habit 6 Synergize (Ashwin's)


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Habit 6

Published in: Self Improvement
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Habit 6 Synergize (Ashwin's)

  1. 1. By: Orawin, Nattanai, Ashwin HABIT 6: SYNERGIZE
  2. 2. - Synergy is everywhere. - Many plants and animals live together in symbiotic relationships. - We can attain greater success if we work together. INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. Level 1: Shun diversity - People who shun others are afraid of differences. It disturbs them that someone may have a different skin color, worship a different God, or wear a different brand of jeans than they do, because they are convinced their way of life is the “best” or “right”, or “only way.” THREE APPROACHES TO DIVERSITY
  4. 4. Level 2: Tolerate diversity – Tolerators believe that everyone has the right to be different. They don’t shun diversity but don’t embrace it either. “Don’t bother me and I won’t bother you” attitude. THREE APPROACHES TO DIVERSITY
  5. 5. Level 3: Celebrate diversity - Celebrators value differences. We should celebrate differences. To celebrate diversity on every issue is actually hard for most people. THREE APPROACHES TO DIVERSITY
  6. 6. We need to realize that diversity isn’t just an external thing, it’s also internal. Although we may be alike in so many ways, we are also so different. WE ARE ALL A MINORITY
  7. 7. We should celebrate our own differences. We need to identify roadblocks to celebrating diversity: ignorance, cliques, & prejudice. WE ARE ALL A MINORITY
  8. 8. We have different learning styles and intelligences – we learn best through our dominant intelligence. The various intelligences identified are: o Linguistic – learn through reading, writing, telling stories o Logical – Mathematical – learn through logic, patterns, categories, relationships WAYS WE DIFFER ON THE INSIDE
  9. 9. Bodily-Kinesthetic – learn through bodily sensations, touching Spatial – learn through images and pictures Musical – learn through sound and rhythm WAYS WE DIFFER ON THE INSIDE
  10. 10. o Interpersonal – learn through interaction and communication with others o Intrapersonal – learn through their own feelings WAYS WE DIFFER ON THE INSIDE
  11. 11. We see differently – Everyone sees the world differently and has different views about themselves, others, and life in general. WAYS WE DIFFER ON THE INSIDE
  12. 12. An action plan could be a type of strategy to synergize. It could be considered important. Getting to Synergy – Action Plan for working together WAYS WE DIFFER ON THE INSIDE
  13. 13. ° First – come up with a problem Try to think of a problem to solve or try to solve your situations that you are having a hard time with. WAYS WE DIFFER ON THE INSIDE
  14. 14. Second – try to see the problem from another’s perspective You should try to imagine that you are in someone’s shoes and think what they think. WAYS WE DIFFER ON THE INSIDE
  15. 15. Third – Share you ideas and listen to other’s ideas Come up with ideas and try to listen to other people’s ideas so you could have a lot of choices. WAYS WE DIFFER ON THE INSIDE
  16. 16. Forth – Brainstorm – create new ideas and options Make up ideas together and analyze the problem. WAYS WE DIFFER ON THE INSIDE
  17. 17. Fifth – High Way – find the best solution. Find the solution that can solve your problems. Choose the best solution and agree with the other people. WAYS WE DIFFER ON THE INSIDE
  18. 18. THANK YOU