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Tiyatien Health


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Tiyatien Health

  1. 1. GROUP 1 Done By : Derek Brennick Yi Song Dmitri Ernest
  2. 2. • What is it? Last Mile Health is a social justice organization partnering with rural communities and the Liberian government to advance in healthcare. • Targeted in Liberia • Trains people in Liberia as frontline doctors
  3. 3. • In March 2007, Raj Panjabi and fellow Liberian refugees in Zwedru partnered with the Liberian government and American health professionals to launch Last Mile Health. Members: Rajesh Panjabi, Executive Director Joshua Albert, Country Director Benjamin Grant, Director of Operations Peter Luckow, Chief Operating Officer Lisha McCormick, Director of Partnerships & Development Jean Bosco Niyonzima, Medical Director
  4. 4. • Helped lives of women and children in remote villages by giving the healthcare workers there the training that they need. • Tackling the top five diseases that cause preventable deaths in mothers and children. • Brings the doctors right to the doorsteps of the villagers
  5. 5. • By 2017, Last Mile Health and its partners will expand to deliver high-quality, dignified care to 150,000 Liberians in last mile villages.
  6. 6. • Over 250,000 women a year in Africa die during childbirth; a woman in Kenya is 100 times more likely to die while giving birth than her cousin in Europe. •Why? • They die at home and in unequipped facilities — from post-partum bleeding, infections, and botched abortions by back-street doctors.
  7. 7. HISTORY • Founded by Nick Pearson in Kenya in 2010 Nick was working for Acumen Fund investing in businesses in Kenya and had seen both the dramatic need for better healthcare and the opportunity to improve health systems in low-resource setting. He quit his original Job at Global Venture Fund Acumen after hearing a story from his wife and founded the organization. So he set out to launch Jacaranda Health and bring business savvy and scalability to maternal health. Mission: Working to improve maternal and newborn health in East Africa
  8. 8. • Involve patients in design, and draw from proven global clinical interventions • Train midwives for clinical excellence and patient respect • Build trust with prenatal care via mobile vans and community partners • Communicate with patients and help them save for delivery with mobile phones; track referrals and complications with electronic medical records. • Deliver safe maternity and obstetric services in small, comfortable clinics.
  9. 9. health.html m/jacaranda-health