Gamification in life


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Gamification in life

  1. 1. Game design in life GD
  2. 2. What is Gamification? • Customers concentrate service of corporation through game mechanism. • Used service repeatedly. • Increase participation and involvement
  3. 3. MDA framework • In game design the Mechanics-Dynamics-Aesthetics (MDA) framework is a tool used to analyze games. Mechanics Designer • • • • Dynamics Aesthetics Player Mechanics - base components of the game, rules, algorithms and data structures in the game engine etc. Dynamics – interaction mechanics and players. Aesthetics - emotional responses of players Mechanics of MDA framework is very important in game design.
  4. 4. Elements of Mechanics • • • • • • • Point – to obtain something in game. Levels – to indicate player growth Leaderboards – showing competition name, score etc. Badges – showing the status Challenges & Quests – direction for what to do Onboarding - tutorial Engagement loops - Enthusiasm
  5. 5. Game mechanics point • • • • If players answer the questions… You give a point also known as ‘내공’ Points are used in the level up. If you have questions you use points to get the answers.
  6. 6. Game mechanics levels & badges • to indicate player growth status • Players want to reach master level also known as ‘태양신’ • Badges shows players Points, rank, scores.
  7. 7. Game mechanics leaderboards • To show competitor names, levels, scores. • If players show leaderboards, they have a sense of rivalry to other players and they try to get a more points.
  8. 8. Game mechanics Challenges & Quests • System operator gives a quest to players.
  9. 9. Game mechanics Challenges & Quests • If player achieves a quest… • System operator give a rewards.
  10. 10. Game mechanics Engagement loops • If you answer the questions, you will get a points and your knowledge rank raise up. • Point use to questions or level up. • If you raise your level, ‘지식in’ operator gives some reward.
  11. 11. Conclusion • During the homework, I know that game mechanics take up many part of real life Even QnA website like naver-’지식in’. • If difficult thing add a game mechanics, it is funny and attract a lot of people. • In 21C, Gamfication play an important role in many areas and it will be more important role.
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