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Choice Foods Bacon Presentation

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Choice Foods Bacon Detail

  1. 1. tI h t |: ffiil ,r il&d.l 3! -. x$pgr ,l,ii,f t.E:,1, "n *f,- *.$ .&ffi: #ffg g;;- ,;ilo ,q ,.. ".i ,+t:,u $$j$$* ffid *fl*F &;x ffiry- ffif .$. T ; :,r:, r ] i::i -&* {l*: .fPu $$ L_-
  2. 2. * .-"|,""" bt i I t B CURRHNT tf ..*...L.--.--*- 6 PRCBLHMS "Va,cuum turnhling" of, bacon to rncrease weight by 15*20% thrcugh water absorption This artif;cial weight gain means customers are pa1,tng as much as 180 Baht/kg + for 30o/a water# Massive weight lcss: post cooking cost as high as 375 Baht/kg
  3. 3. CURRHNT. F3ROBLHNfiSs* Source of pork supply for many hacon producers are wet markets no hygr*ile, reliability regulationtr Widespread use of grawth hormones) steroids &. antihiotics in pig farming for quick returils, producing stressed &, inferior tasting pork$ hdany pigs useC are old sows with high fat content
  4. 4. pffiffiffieJffiHm ffiAffiffih{&,{ass prcdr-lccd hacfin takes mnXy a ftw hours tmpnelduccIt cmntains fiavor enhancers such as }iquid smoke ASrvell as cotror enhancers to give & "smoked"appflarance
  5. 5. HVXASS PKffiMq-JffiffiK} ffi&&ffiffiFd h,{ess produced hacffin usnshigh concentraticms c;f phosphates to "}:ind" rvatcr tt; the m*&t, }e;rving $nappetizing white resicluc after c*oki*gi: Also uscs high concentrations of SoCium Hrythorbate anetr S*ctrium l.irrite to presnrvc the rnf,at.
  6. 6. THH AUALITY : #l: li.r .,t li s$[*uTr{}r{. ;.i:l+-$ ffi Choice fnods has the SOtuTIOhl introducing authentic British style hacon in Thaitranrj Our bacon contains only i*ported natural ingredients. No artif,cial colorings or flavorings are r,lse d
  7. 7. DTPARTMEHT OF LIVtSTSCK OTVELOPMENT Mlfrtl$TRY SF AGRICULTURE AllD THAILAI.IO CO 0FERATIVES ,.": i .". !;, " THE AUALITY SOLUTION ir-....1 1,.,: ,_- ." OFfICIAL f XPORT TSTA6TISHIUEIIT CERTIFICATT i L .il" .i: 1 i.1. : : .1 :l ,,. ., i:::. ]n.].1] : ji1 4r:" t*frril rg#rrlw Afu source our pork from one of a fcw licensed Pork export facilities in Thailands Our hacon slices are rindless, meaning less wastage& We can slice rashers to your desired thickness
  8. 8. il&ea;ic* e?]#q*s k);e{:{}}} is gra;ne-$e: r,rsIn tJ ff r{"{"{T}ry:{ fh t at&emvc sar*t r:hffiffiffitrd isr ffivtrr j" ffi{} vtrrarsf,}exx- €:a**xa is prrue$ffiL:*d hv Lwlr {.}&/x? &,.$nstry,r &*;bilil}K.aLtL?r*s: fr*xxe K--msec-ash{rc. $lngiaffie{ ruv{t$: #ffi vtrfrrs $f xt_]flr}{} & trx{_-fi.
  9. 9. TRANTTTONAL NIFFHRHNCHOur premiun: hacon undergoes old fashioned wetcuring for a minimum of Ll daysChoice foods bacon is 100% hand macle, with nomechanical curingFram start to finish our bacon takes 2 weeks toproduce (3 hours for mass produced) @
  10. 10. AUALITY FoRKChoice Foodspork source is GMP & HACCPcertifie dOur Pork is raised with no antibiotics, steroicls orhorrnones on farms operated hy the processor
  11. 11. AUALxT.Y psRK- Bloclctr &, urine salrlples ere tcsteC f,rom eech animal hefore slaughter &, kept on fitre for fu}l traceahitrityl:ii {r.ross*brffeding clf Landrace} Large White &. I}uroc breeds cnsurn optimum rneat tn fat railas,i:r Lean }:acon provicles a healthy alternative fur your guests
  12. 12. gOOKHT} YTHLN g$hRFSARtSSF{{tr; Each brand was haked et 20tl degrees C for 12 mins * post cooki*g results as follows: Competitor ?{ product yiel & - 42 % of uncooked weight c6B) Cornpetitor Praduct rrield - 4B% of uncooked rneight Choice Foods Product yield - 56a/a of uncooked weight - a difference of B- l4o/o Less wastage = lowerend."-@
  13. 13. SLJR ffi&JffiYffirv$ ffireffiii $heratmn Grerude Lmgtenfr. Fhuket,: Aleenta Rcsqlrt Phukctii Thc ffiulls F{eaC put} Bang}qok:.i The Interc*ntinentetr hmtel Bangk*k:.. SanamiWllage 4@
  14. 14. YffiffiYKfuXffiruK&K*ffirn4 expeyi#e&## &ree*.ge*ag &s;rc& *fs.e fd#s*es qflfft.ep*es*. Wrl.**v* f,3aem?d #se1eru*eryr,ea&epa.sf *fue Ch*iin Food.s &mcslre f aercxs w#sp *rxcsfe#" &. &repe*g&* &rsc& we#trye#a"ee-sqf **jry*:a*fp3, wxad 3*.a.3l wsasi*espers.seerre ryf";*eee&eeag *pa u{# sfpfe ff*agdes& &sacosa.#* *d*,iwge*;fur" &Fn*ffirsf *em*e, af axrmspexs/- #{/r"e f&.r*,segeierd *:fd rdcr3rs ssmd xwd*fx u##{}C er$*f/ws$asd}ecsddfee fsssfe ** s*ft.mtcfu. *&es wxemam*"ess cm*aw1$*e;d*rag &*&*fs rn, f&cd X trvelp crepelS" f,&sc$s* *&e e*.,*xy af rx,qe#** fsrsde xxsif,k # sewsyi**"-ffima#rks.ztw ps"r* #se.s.dfrsfs#,€ pps *.s** k"#,#,wq,swdereg *&.ss wxviryxa* *er"sfa*ag pr*r&aa**. " *Kx*cxx*&s,e frfueff K,es$6e S*r*pxaac$n * KrE*ercslxs*f;.mexn*a3 X{q}*eK ffimmg$e*$a .--d#s#tTeddd:T Lr " . xdff
  15. 15. THSTIKTffiNXAX*S Choice Foods Bacon is excellent quulity with afull traditional horne curedfl.aaour. The blend af the cure spices cowtplevnent the taste af the Pailr,, zahieh has a lowerfat eontent thnn I have see?r, with other bacort. Whew cool*ed, this prodwct daesnt lase water and weight like other brands do. The priee is reasanable and the produet is good aal,ue. I endorse this praduct to anyone laokingfar & quelity dffirence.Executive Chef Nick l{allo $ala Sarrrui
  16. 16. FAA}g- What art: the }:ene{rts of Chaice }bocls bacon? 100% traditional curing techniques; less weight loss during cooking; safe I lean porh. traceabil;iU of grorluct; rindless bacon; great original taste; lower cookedSield csst.-, fmqorted ingredients, premium qualiry Pork, bacon produced b2 our master bacon curer- What varieties of bacon does Choice Foods produce?* We produce both Streafutt bacan {d Back (loin) bacon, and soon we will produce dry cured bacon - a mnre tims intensiue;tet higher quahry end result method of curing