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Korean Adoptee Documentary Webseries


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Following popular YouTube musician Daniel Matthews as he travels to Korea to find his birth family and reconnect with his Korean roots

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Korean Adoptee Documentary Webseries

  1. 1. Korean Adoptee Documentary
  2. 2. OVERVIEWDANIEL MATTHEWS, Korean Adoptee and musician, embarks on ajourney to S. Korea to visit his orphanage, search for his birth mother,father and brother, reconnect with his ethnic roots and perform for thefirst time in his home country in front of hundreds of other adoptees atthe 2013 International Korean Adoptee Association (IKAA) Summit.This incredible journey will inspire Daniel’s next solo full-length musicalbum and act as a companion piece to the web-series.ABOUT DAN MATTHEWSDan’s birth father lost his job and then split with his birth mother, who shortly thereafter found out shewas pregnant. When Dan was born, the mother had lost contact with the father and as a single motherto a 3 year old already, couldn’t take care of 2 kids. Father and brother doesn’t know about Dan, but thisdocumentary will search for all of them as Dan reconnects with his birth family and his first fostermother.• Date of Birth: June 5, 1985 (Currently 27 years old), adopted at 8 months old• Parents: Lynne and Paul Matthews• College: San Diego State University, 2008• 5 years Programming & Public Relations for San Diego Asian Film Festival (Non-profit org)• Blogger/Host for Asian American Cable Network, MYXtv• Heavy Involvement in Korean American adoptee network (Video)• Currently Productions and Web Content Director for International Secret Agents (ISAtv),YouTubechannel and website started byWong Fu Productions and Far East Movement
  3. 3. PRODUCTION DETAILS• 10 episodes, 15 minutes each (100 minutes total footage)Episodes 1-2: Preparing for Korea trip, interviews withYouTube celebrities, co-workers, friends,adopted mother, and Asian celebrities; start search for birth motherEpisode 2-5: Arrive in Seoul, meet with Korean tour guide and other adoptees, visit IKAA office, visitKorean music shows, experience Korean food, drink, and cultureEpisode 5:Visit orphanageEpisode 6: Meet with Korean musicians from Korean music shows, go out and eat and drink andexperience Korea with Korean musiciansEpisode 7: Continuation of Episode 6, also start to prepare for performance at IKAAEpisode 8: 2013 International Korean Adoptee Association (IKAA) SummitEpisode 9: Meet Korean birth mother, or other family, with orphanage peopleEpisode 10: Conclusion, return toAmericaPRODUCTION SCHEDULEUSA Interviews with friends and family: July 2013KoreaTrip: July 20 - August 5, 2013Seoul and Pusan: July 20 - 24Visit Orphanage and Find Birth Mother: July 25 - 28IKAA Summit: July 29-August 4Departure: August 5
  4. 4. Video Collaborations:• Ryan Higa (TopTen Most Subscribed onYouTube, 7million+Subscribers)• Wong Fu Productions (Top Filmmakers onYouTube, 1.5million+ Subscribers)• David Choi (Top Musician onYouTube, 900K+ Subscribers)• Paul Kim (American IdolTopTen Contestant)• Jason Chen (Top Musician onYouTube, 600k+Subscribers)• AJ Rafael (Top Musician onYouTube, 400k+Subscribers)• JosephVincent (YouTube Partner, 330k+Subscribers)• Jennifer Chung (Top Musician onYouTube, 137k+Subscribers)• Paul Dateh (YouTube Partner, 75k+Subscribers)• Kevin Lien (YouTube Partner, 62K+Subscribers)• ScottYoshimoto (YouTube Partner, 40k+ Subscribers)• Arika Sato (YouTube Partner, 25k+Subscribers)• Dawen (YouTube Partner, 16K+Subscribers)• Daniel Seo (The Dreamlapse Project)• Toestah (YouTube Musician)• Geo and Chuck of Instant Noodles (America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6)DANIEL MATTHEWS’YOUTUBE SOCIAL CIRCLE
  5. 5. ABOUTTHE PRODUCTION COMPANY:Mayrok Media is a next-generation multimedia company focused on the production, distribution, andmanagement of content on digital platforms. Mayrok uniquely addresses the growing interest anddemand for Asian American pop culture and entertainment content across digital and traditionalplatforms.ABOUTTHE PRODUCTIONTEAM:Eugene Choi: Electus and HQ Productions• Executive Producer for K-TOWN, reality show funded byYouTube and Electus, $500k+ budget• Executive Producer for Roll Models, reality show funded byYouTube and Electus, $400k+ budgetJason Hwang: Far East Movement (2011-Present)• Producer, Asst. Director, Camera Operator, Editor for various music videos, short films, webisodes, and livebroadcasts ISATV (2011-Present)• Director of Photography, Camera Op, Editor for Alfie, It’s Complicated, ISAWeekly, Makeshift and Step-by-Step web-series MNET America (2011)• Beats Per Mnet: Camera Operator and MnetTV Spots: Director of Photography / Editor
  6. 6. RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)Distribution Strategy:• 10 episodes, 10-15 minutes each, on ISATV’sYouTube Channel• |• Subscribers: 100K+• Views: 5 Million+• Promotion by Dan Matthews’s social media network, hisYouTube collaborators (12-34age, highly educated, tech-savvy, passionateYouTube watching demographic)• Expected # of impressions: 20 million (average 1 million per episode, plus 10+ behind-the-scenes videos, music videos, and other videos)• Value: $400,000 (YouTube’s ~$20 CPM cost)Secondary and other Distribution Windows:• Edit into 90 min. documentary film• Submit to film festivals• Possible distribution in theatres• Possible distribution inTV• Possible distribution in Hulu, Netflix, etc.
  7. 7. • 30 total shooting days, 5 production crewmembers,$152,029 budget• Total production costs: $92,091• Total Airline/flight costs: $9,000• Total Hotel costs: $3,200• Total food/meals: $5,100• Totally post production/editing costs: $34,600PRODUCTION BUDGET OVERVIEW
  8. 8. Heritage Camps• Organization hosts annual camps for adoptive families• Performer and Workshop Presenter:Arts education seminars for parents andchildren (Video)Connect-A-Kid• Organization provides a mentorship program for young Korean Adoptees• Mentor and Big BrotherAKA SoCal Association of Korean Adoptees• Community organization that creates a forum for Adoptee discussions• MemberRainbowWorld• Organization that gives voice to international adoption community• Content Producer and Media ConsultantMinnesotaTransracial Film Festival• Annual film festival that deals with transracial issues including adoption• Performer and PresenterAffiliated Adoption Organizations