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  1. 1. 突破機構探索數碼出版之路Andrew Choi. Manager, Audio Visual & Digital Media蔡廉明. 影音及數碼媒體經理2010.10.8
  2. 2. May 2011, "Amazon.comSays Kindle E-Book SalesSurpass Printed Books forFirst Time" (It only took 4years!)"Amazon also says that2011 has had the fastestyear over year growth ratefor its U.S. books sales inover a decade, includingboth eBooks and print"
  3. 3. Safari Books Online• Subscription Model• HK$349.99 unlimited access to over 25,000 books
  4. 4. “Social News Magazine”• Mobile Internet + Apps• My favorites: “Reader” Apps • Flipboard • Zite • Pulse News • Yahoo Livestand
  5. 5. 7 Billion: How Your World Will Change
  6. 6. The most popular eBook formats:
  7. 7. ePub 3.0: Rich Media EnhancementsEPUB 3 is the next phase of ebook development,• Video and audio support• Audio can be synchronized with text• Embedded font support a baseline• Now based in HTML5 and CSS3• Better support for fonts, styling and languages• Javascript for interactivity• Greater ability for references and linking
  8. 8. Breakthrough e-Publishing Strategy1. Information Literacy • information overloaded > youth need information discernment, integration, and application2. Communication Quality and Communicator Character • generating content from web = quality information? • content depth + quality communication • fundamental character3. Dialogic Communication • communication + communion + community • dialogical
  9. 9. Breakthrough e-Publication on Mobile Device1. eBooks in “EPUB” format2. eBookstore • Partner with eBookstore App to distribute BT publications3. Appgazine • Breakazine in e-Magazine format4. App-Book: eBook with multimedia content and interactive function
  10. 10. ePublication on Mobile Device1. eBooks in “EPUB” format•Published eBook apps on iPhone platform, July 2010,HK Book Fair
  11. 11. eBook on iPhone (EPUB Format)
  12. 12. 2. eBooks in eBookstorePartner with首尚文化書店(HandheldCulture) BT eBooks in partner’s eBookstore
  13. 13. 2. eBooks in eBookstore•All newly publishbooks on 2012HK Bookfairhave eBookversion in“HandheldCulture” (首尚文化) eBookstore
  14. 14. Purchase eBook and download to multiple devices iPhone iPad Android Phones
  15. 15. 3. Appgazine: Breakazine in eMagazine format• Develop Breakazine in digital format on iOS and Android platform• Produce Repackage content from all Breakazine issues, allow readers to access, search and download past issue content• Use as a Marketing tool to promote and reach out to more potential users
  16. 16. BlogApps Facebook Web site with Video
  17. 17. Breakazine!AppgazineAppInterface• “Library page”• Show alldownload issues
  18. 18. Breakazine!Appgazine“Store”Interface• “In AppPurchase”function• Free + US
  19. 19. Breakazine!AppgazineApp Interface• IncludeMultimediacontent• “Repack”content fromBreakazine• “Text Reader”
  20. 20. 4. App Books: Newly published books only in eFormat Two Pilot Projects a. Issue Based: DreamLife DIY b. Character Based: Life Journal of Josephine So
  21. 21. a. DreamLife DIY • “DreamLife DIY” is an App-book to facilitate readers to seek their life-long vocations. • It is an integrated selection of both new and classic articles from various Breakthrough publications including “Breakazine!”, “Breakthrough” magazine and independent book titles Breakazine! Books Classic Magazines
  22. 22. b. Life Journal of Josephine So死亡,別狂傲 (復刻本) 蘇恩佩紀念網誌
  23. 23. Future plans• Continue to work with different partners• Start in house development and production• Publish up to 100 ebooks in upcoming year• Target to have all titles to have e-version in 3 years• Develop full interactive version of Breakazine!
  24. 24. Production Requirement!1. Hardware & Software • Upgrade digital publishing applications : Adobe Creative Suite 6.0 Design Premium, to develop the latest standard format of e-books and e- magazines, as well as web technology like HTML5. • To deploy a new Content Management System (CMS) to simplify the publications into e-books, e- magazines, websites and mobile devices.
  25. 25. Production Requirement!2. Human-ware + Training: • Training on Design Team, Editorial Team, Web Producer, IT Team • Form special task force work on pilot projects • Allocate special budget for outsource existing projects
  26. 26. Production Requirement!3. Partnership • To closely work with external technology partners in delivering this project, especially in the content management system and mobile technology area
  27. 27. Some Tools For You…
  28. 28. Some Tools For You… • • Free digital publishing platform for magazines, catalogues, newspaper… • • Drag & drop editing tools that are super powerful and easy-to-use to build beautiful web sites • Adobe TV • Learn about CS6.0 and other Adobe products
  29. 29. Thank You Andrew ChoiEmail/Facebook: