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Drawing Together Online


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Some slides I'm using for an online event on January 16 for FLNW o8 (Elluminate URL

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos

Drawing Together Online

  1. 1. Drawing Together Online what if… FLNW 08 Nancy White and YOU!
  2. 2. We screw up communicating together online all the time….
  3. 3. We connect in amazing ways online…
  4. 4. In doing F2F graphic work, new worlds have been opened up to me. What would they look like online?
  5. 5. What would a wall-sized graphic be if we did it online?
  6. 7. Could we “write on the table” together online?
  7. 8. Can we use images to help us establish context, make meaning and create memories to continue our experience?
  8. 9. Well, it can’t quite be as sensual as eating together, eh?
  9. 10. There is something powerful about making our mark…
  10. 12. A simple visual practice can help us “see” each other in new ways…
  11. 13. Visually, what happens when we organize our words visually?
  12. 15. Organize our thoughts?
  13. 18. Share our stories?
  14. 20. What do visual remixes look like? Collaborative collage online?
  15. 22. uh oh, the inner censor
  16. 23. Just fricken DO IT!
  17. 24. Practice… letters, straight lines…. or use an electronic tool!
  18. 25. Look at other people’s icons, images and drawings. Collect ideas…
  19. 28. OK, let’s do it <ul><li>Either on the white board here in Elluminate, on a piece of paper at your desk (armed with either a digital camera or a scanner), or on some electronic drawing tool, draw about… X (we’ll decide) </li></ul><ul><li>In 10 minutes either upload your image here or post it someplace online, like and bring back the url. </li></ul><ul><li>Then lets talk about what happened! </li></ul>