Dancing Into the Future with Head, Heart and Hands


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It's a story with three hearts. It has a scaffold with three legs. It is a story told for the ears, the eyes and the heart. Join me as we explore how we got to this crazy time of "social media" and what it means for our learning with and from each other, how we can do it the best we are able to in a rapidly changing and often tension-filled context, and consider together what kind of future we want to build going forward.

At the end of the session participants were able to:
• understand how the intersection of technology and group forms impact our learning together online
• identify ways to work generatively with the tension of many opportunities and a scarcity of time (hey, what can we STOP doing?)
• identify steps to prepare to move forward positively in a time of rapid change.

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  • I decided I did not want to march. I wanted to DANCE! Here are my slides and a few notes and artifacts from an online presentation I did with the Australian Flexible Learning Framework in June of 2011. There is more on my blog at http://www.fullcirc.com
  • The event was held in Elluminate. I turned on my webcam to say “hello.” My hosts put up an intro slide and people immediately gifted me with images of chocolate. We are collaborating before it even begins. I’m ecstatic!
  • I do my quick self introduction… and the path that brought me here. Our paths have significance!
  • 1. Section 1 - a story of where we've been and what stands out as lessons for me. I used these hand drawn images to illustrate this to start bringing in the visual side of things. --- proliferation of platforms has changed what it means to be together --- the dawn of community technology stewardship --- the increased tension between broad and often shallow interaction across platforms and networks and the focused but often closed spaces of single platform interactions.
  • Tech stewards – those folks who are bridging the gap; the importance of their role, how under recognized it is. Is there power in that lack of formalization?
  • New forms that ask us to rethink some of our past assumptions. Tech changes what it means to be together. Broad and shallow interaction
  • First Interaction Point - others shared their lessons in chat room and we pull out some patterns. What do you notice has changed in your practice?
  • Here is what happened when I asked…. This does not include the responses in the chat room. The group is on fire!
  • 2. The tension of Attention (I suspect this will be on everyone's mind) - some strategies for now -- multimodality (including drawing, visualization, audio, video and the rythm of bringing these things together in learning and working contexts) -- living creatively with tension - with some specific attention to openness/control issues which often challenge us from organizational and government contexts (I'm thinking triangulation here and really can riff a bit off the Knowledge Tree article because the theme that emerged there for me still is present!) -- what we can stop doing
  • Second interaction point: brainstorm what we should stop doing as a key, practical strategy
  • And here is how they answered the question (plus unseen chat notes)
  • 3. Looking forward - how do we prepare ourselves for in the end, the person we can change is ourselves -- what do we do as practitioners and learners -- learn to work creatively with tensions rather than resolve them -- strategically pick and choose group forms and technology contexts -- find time to reflect, share, and keep learning
  • Third interaction point What is one thing that you've picked up either in this hour or though the whole event that you can and will start applying in the next 48 hours..
  • And here are our reflections at the end! One chat note really blew me away. Something to the effect that the person did not touch her email once during the hour – and that being a rarity for her in online events! They rocked!
  • Dancing Into the Future with Head, Heart and Hands

    1. 1. Marching Dancing Into the Future With Head, Heart and Hands Nancy White Full Circle Associates Across the globe and right with you at the Australian Flexible Learning Framework eRealities Online Conference June 2011 http://networksevents.flexiblelearning.net.au
    2. 7. What is your story?
    3. 11. What should we stop doing? Start doing?